Security Configuration Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile.

At MEDC 2006 this year, I had a chance to give an instructor led lab regarding Windows Mobile Security. At the lab we unveiled a tool that allows you to understand the security configuration on your device a little better.

The Security Configuration Manager allows you to:

  • See the current security configuration on your connected device (including certificates)

  • See the policies and certificates for standard security configurations.

  • Check the signature on a file.

  • Provision the development certificates or a standard security configuration to your connected device. (If you have the rights to do so)

You can download the Powertoy from


Luis E. Cabrera
SDE - Microsoft

Comments (34)

  1. Felix says:

    Thanks!! I was there at MEDC 2006 when you used it…it’s a great tool.

  2. Henrik Bach says:

    Great!!!! Just the other I was cursing that there was no easy way to see what security configuration my smartphone had, while reading up on mobile security.

    Unfortunately it seems that SCM does not support f.ex. SmartPhone 2003 – what a pity!

  3. Bob Weisman says:

    Just curious before I authoriize the purchase of the Motorola Q with your software to 100 of my employees when there might be an upgrade to 5.0?  I understand that there have been some complaints about too many frustrating "clicks" to get simple things done compared to Blackberry’s software.


  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Bob Weisman: The Moto Q already comes with Windows Mobile 5.0. There may be upgrades for other features in the future, but if it’s WM 5.0 you’re after, no upgrade is required for the Moto Q. If you have concerns about usability, drop me an email and we can discuss it offline. I can get you in touch with the right people to compare it with BlackBerry.

    -Mel Sampat

    melsam (at)

  5. Greg Smith says:

    After installation, I’m getting an immediate "Security Configuration Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close."

    Clicking "What data does this error report contain?" the Error signature includes "system.badimageformatexception"

    Running on XP64

  6. LuisCa says:


    The Security Configuration Manager has been tested only on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Service Pack 2. I have got it to work on Windows Vista as well (given that a device has been connected to Vista previously).  

    Unfortunately XP64 is not really "supported" by the Security Configuration Manager.

    Thanks Greg,


  7. Dan says:

    Hi Luis

    We have developed an application for a customer that targets a set of windows mobile5 devices.

    At this stage we want to avoid signing our assemblies with a mobile to market certificate.  

    All the devices are configured to have the one-tier security model with the prompt enabled as seen in the Security Configuration Manager (SCM) (which is very cool by the way).

    We have a desktop installer process that we want to add functionality to change the device configuration and remove the prompt.

    We can provision the device successfully using the SCM but ideally we would like to do this in via code (i.e. an executable run during the install that employs RAPI to adjust the device security) or possibly some other method during installation via our desktop installer.

    Could you please give us some advice on how to achieve these objectives?

    Thanks for your help


  8. LuisCa says:


    You could create an executable that does any kind of configuration you want it to do. (it could use DMProcessConfigXML)

    You can then copy it to the device using CeCopyFile and then start the executable you just copied using CeCreateProcess.

    Notice that the process cannot be completely automated, as the user will still have to respond to the prompt on the one tier device to change the device configuration.  (Unless you can sign the original executable with a certificate in the privileged execution store).

    I hope this helps.



  9. Dan says:

    Thanks Luis,

    the approach you suggested did the trick for us.


  10. Nino.Mobile says:


    Software / Hardware 

    Interesting.  TechFaith Wireless is shows off SLVR and i320…

  11. Andre says:

    I’m trying to use this app with no luck so far.

    The connected device does not seem to be recognized.

    It doesn’t progress past "Querying device information" in the status bar.

    Any tips?

  12. LuisCa says:


    What OS are you using? What device are you connecting to?



  13. LuisCa says:

    I would like to point out the following link regarding the Mobile2Market has been updated recently.


    -Luis E. Cabrera

  14. Vino says:


    We have an application which works fine against PPC2003. But when it comes to WM5, it shows the message of ‘unknown publisher’. Is it programatically possible to turn off the security  in the device, install the cab file and then restore the security level ?

    Would appreciate your thoughts.



  15. ertan says:


    "Security configuratio manager" app coulnd’t pass the "Querying device configuration".

    device is hp6915 windows mobile 5.0

    pc is XP Pro SP-2 ActiveSync 4.2 installed

    Thanks for any advice

  16. Sébastien Mouren says:

    The SCM seems to require Administrators rights on the PC that executes it. Is it true ?

  17. LuisCa says:

    True. It does need Administrator rights.

  18. JakubOleksy says:

    You can get it to work on a 64bit OS by forcing the binary to be 32bit. Try using corflags.exe /32BIT+.

  19. A few months ago I wrote a blog post showing the Security Configuration Manager Powertoy.

  20. A few months ago I wrote a blog post showing the Security Configuration Manager Powertoy.

  21. Keerthi says:

    The connected device does not seem to be recognized.

    It doesn’t progress past "Querying device information" in the status bar.

    The device I use is imatsp3, OS on device is winCE4,2

    OS on desktop is Xp.

    Any help pointers would be really appreciated


  22. draynum says:

    Can you please tell me why, when I run the configuration manager, it does not connect to my Mobile 5 iPAQ, even though the device is connected (ie ActivSync is running)?

    Thank You.

  23. Ulric says:


    A lot of people can’t seem to get past the "Querying device information" step, including myself.

    Could you please help us all?



  24. LuisCa says:

    I am not sure what is causing you not to be able to query the device configuration.

    Things to verify:

    – If there is a prompt on your device while querying the device configuration, make sure to allow the CAB to install on the device.

    – The app needs Administrator rights to work.

    – Make sure ActiveSync is working properly for you. (i.e. you can sync data between your device and the computer).

    – The app was written for Windows Mobile Devices not Windows CE devices.

    – As I mentioned above, the tool does not support 64 bit environments.



  25. Forester says:

    Is there already a new Version of this tool supporting Windows mobile 6 ?



  26. zebrum says:

    DOES NOT WORK ON WM6. Gets stuck at querying device. Could a Microsoft person please fix this, thank yoooooooou.

  27. Justin says:

    So the official line is that this tool does not support Windows Mobile 6 devices?

    I have heard that Visual Studio 2008 now includes the features of this powertoy.  But which version?

    I need to be able to provision a Windows Mobile 6 device, but do not wish to pay for Visual Studio 2008 just to be able to do this small task.  (I’ll likely upgrade sometime, but I’m not in a rush)

    Do any of the Express versions of Visual Studio 2008 support this feature?

    If not – are there any plans to make this powertoy work with Windows Mobile 6?

    Thanks in advance


  28. Drew Boshwa says:

    Is it possible to build a tool with using the VS2K8 functions that you speak of and just release that? Man o’ man. Or better yet, lets just export all of our daily MS headaches to our phones. What fun!

  29. Frank says:

    A LOT of people can’t seem to get past the ‘Querying the device’ msg including  myself. Could our phones be ‘locked’ somehow by our providers to prevent SCM from working ? (WM6 and XP SP2)

  30. David Venner says:

    Getting a "Security Configuration Manager has encountered a problem" error message after installing the software.  Using a newly built laptop with Windows XP (SP2) 32-bit version.

  31. elz says:

    I’m using WM6 and I manage to connect to the Security Configuration Manager once. But after that I changed the configuration to "locked" and I’m not able to go pass the "querying device configuration" stage anymore.

    Is there a way to undo that lock, which I believe could be the problem?

  32. Aaron says:

    I also am getting the ‘program has stopped working" error upon running the SCM app, and have never been able to open the program after downloading and installing from the MS website.  Is the file corrupt?  I tried it on Vista 64 and XP…nothing worked.  Anyone know how to fix this??

  33. schoudhary says:

    "program has stopped working" this error the error i am getting every time ,whenever i use Windows Mobile device center or any utils came with VS200 to connect with device or emulator .

    I am using vista Businees + SP2 , VS2008 + SP1 and WMDC latest version.

    Before vista SP2 and VS2008 SP1 it was working fine….

    But not Now….!

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