Setting up GPS on Windows Mobile 5

Ever have trouble setting up a GPS device on Windows Mobile 5?  Ever wonder what that GPS control panel really does?  Well, wonder no more...

Windows Mobile 5 introduced a new feature called the GPS Intermediate Driver which allows multiple apps to share one GPS device.  In the past, if one app had the GPS COM port open, no other app could use it.  But the Intermediate Driver creates a virtual COM port that multiplexes the real GPS port, and can handle multiple client apps simultaneously.

Windows Mobile 5 also introduced a GPS control panel to allow you to configure the Intermediate Driver.  The control panel lets you set the Hardware Port, which is the real port the GPS device is actually on, and the Program Port, which is the virtual COM port the Intermediate Driver exposes.  It is called the Program Port because it is the COM port that GPS programs talk to.  (They no longer talk directly to the Hardware Port, so it can be shared.)

Unfortunately, there are two complications.  First, only Pocket PC has this control panel.  Smartphone does not, which makes the GPS Intermediate Driver unusable on Smartphone.  We hope to announce a solution to this very soon.  Second, some Pocket PC OEMs hid the GPS control panel.  However, it can be unhidden by going into the registry and deleting any "Redirect" or "Hide" keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\GPS Settings.

The Program Port can be any unused COM port.  But you may be wondering how you know what the Hardware Port is.  Well, if your device has a built-in GPS, then it is on a fixed port, and you need to figure out what that port number is.  There are any number of ways to do this; I usually just do a web search on for the model name, "port", and "GPS".

If you have a Bluetooth GPS, you need to set up the Hardware Port yourself (regardless of whether you are using the Intermediate Driver or not).  Since this process can be a bit confusing, here are the step-by-step instructions:

For Smartphone:

Make sure Bluetooth is set to "On".
Select your GPS device from the list and press Next.
Enter the passkey for the Bluetooth GPS.  For example, 12345678.
You should get a message box saying "Your Smartphone has connected".
Check the "Serial port" checkbox.
Menu/COM Ports
Select your GPS.
Menu/New Outgoing Port.
Select your device and press Select.
You will see a COM port that has been chosen for your GPS.  For example, COM6.
Now your GPS is set up on COM6.  Start your GPS app and configure it to use COM6.

For Pocket PC:

Check the "Turn on Bluetooth" checkbox.
Press the Device tab.
Press "Add new device..."
select your GPS device and press Next.
Check the "Serial Port" checkbox and press Finish.
Press the COM Ports tab.
Press "New outgoing port..."
Select your device and press Next.
You will see a COM port that has been chosen for your GPS.  For example, COM0.
Press Finish.
Now your GPS is set up on COM0.  If you do not want to use the Intermediate Driver to share the GPS port, just start your GPS app and configure it to use COM0.  If you do want to use the Intermediate Driver:

Start/Settings/System/GPS. (If you do not see GPS listed, see the registry hack above.)
Set the "GPS Program Port" to any unused COM port, for example, COM9.
Press the Hardware tab.
Set the Hardware Port to COM0.
Set the baud rate to the baud rate of your Bluetooth GPS (usually 4800, or 9600).
Press OK.
Start your GPS app and configure it to use COM9.


- Jason Fuller

Comments (215)

  1. Bukovansky Richard says:

    GPS Driver is great, but one issue is when you are using it. It’s not possible to use it with one GPS software, you need to always run 2 GPS apps or change the settings of the GPS software you want use. That’s useless… 🙁

  2. It works perfectly fine with a single application.

    It opens the hardware port when the first application opens the program port, broadcast the GPS data to all applications connected to the program port – even if that is a single application, and closes the hardware port when the last application closed the software port.

  3. Sven Johannsen says:

    I’ve used it just fine with a single app or multiple apps. Actually just two at a time. However, I have found some apps that just don’t seem to like to work with it, regardless if they are the only app or sharing.

  4. Duke Box says:

    The idea of a layer between hardware and the applications ( NT kernel rings a bell ;P ) is ok, but for a non technical person the whole in/out com port story is not easy to understand.

    Since you’re not required to use it it’s a great feature though.

  5. John McNamara says:

    I have an issue with this applet, I would like to use it but can’t.  The problem is that my bluetooth GPS uses a weird COM port speed setting of 38400 and is not changable, the applet will only allow 33600 or 57600 and as yet I have not been able to connect a program through it.

    Is there any way to specify a different speed?

  6. Bukovansky Richard says:

    Phillippe, then you are lucky, but my GPS apps (to be specific: TomTom Navigator, GPS Tuner) refuse to connect on software COM port when they are alone, I have to always reconfigure them to use hardware port…

    Am I doing anything wrong?

  7. Ken Lewis says:

    I am using 4.21 and I can’t get the IPAQ 3715 to recognize the Arkon GPS docking cradle.  Is there a 4.21 procedure?

  8. Bukovansky Richard: I don’t use TomTom, but by the number of people having problems with TomTom replacing built-in drivers by their "betterest" drivers that works only with TomTom, I wouldn’t be suprised if they tried to be too smart and "help" you find the GPS device even though you selected another one.

  9. David Griffiths says:

    I have found that unticking the Serial Port box in BT Set Up and then setting a new Outgoing Port to Comm 6 works everytime.  Before I had Serial Port ticked and I had to re-pair the PPC and GPS before the GPS would start in TomTom.  I didn’t have to get involved with any reg hacks at all for TomTom Nav 5 to work on my Qtek9100 running WM5 with AKU2.

  10. weatheryoko says:

    I’ve tried this NUMEROUS times on my HTC Universal (with AKU2.0) and had ZERO luck getting TT v5.21 to work.

    @ David Griffiths,

    I will try your recommendation, but I think I can use COM0, COM4, and COM8.

    Anyone have success getting this to work on a Universal and with TomTom?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Jerry Spohn says:

    I discovered this yesterday, when I was trying to configure WiFiFoFum to use my I-Blue bluetooth GPS.  I enabled the COM port and I was up and running without issue.  I have Pocket Streets also working, both together at the same time, and with just one running and not the other.  No issues what so ever.  

  12. Joe User says:

    GPS in 100 steps.  Would your grandmother be able to setup GPS on her WM5 device?

  13. sheureka says:

    Wow – I really want to be able to use this – I’m so tired of GPS Gate being so touchy – but I suspect this is some variant of that – and just as touchy. Sometimes it seems to work perfectly – other times it doesn’t work at all! And as far as I can see there are no particular variables that allow it to work or not.

    I’d love to hear from someone for whom it works consistently with exactly the steps you’re using each time you want to use it.

    TIA – sheureka

  14. Tami says:

    I’d like to write my own managed app (in C#) that would communicate with the GPS. I’ve read somewhere that you are working on exposing the GPS interface in managed code. Could you give us some timeframe? When could we expect to be able to communicate with GPS using managed code?



  15. Kevin says:

    I also have some problems with the intermediate driver.  Using a Pharos iGPS-360 and have both the BT module and the CF module.   I can get it to work with the BT module (although it seems touchy) and cannot get it to work when using CF module.   I’ve tried Ostia and GPS Tuner with the CF module and both fail so I don’t think it’s Ostia or Pharos at fault.  (Both work if I go directly to the hardware port)   Funny that this DOES work when I use it with the BT module…. any suggestins?

  16. sheureka says:

    I think I may have figured out what my problem was – I don’t think it will work at all if GPSGate is installed – even if GPSGate is not running. Anybody else see that behavior? – sheureka

  17. sheureka says:

    Oh well – just tried it again (GPSGate still uninstalled) and now it’s not working again – so nevermind – sheureka

  18. sheureka says:

    Wow – I’m going nuts with this. Maybe one out of ever 10 times it works. I’ve even started writing down every step and can’t figure out what I’m doing any differently when it works and when it doesn’t work. No help at all out there? – sheureka

  19. Kevin says:

    sheureka, sure doesn’t seem to be any WM people on the blog….

  20. Len says:

    I’m having issues with the Audiovox xv6700 (Verizon) and a GlobalSat BT-338.

    I went ahead and created a "New Partnership" (the GPS is listed in tehe device list) and created a new "Outgoing Port" (Com 8 shows up in the list).  I start up my mapping software and connect to the GPS.  The software works great, but when I disconnect, I notice that my Calendar now says it’s December in 2088.

    Is the GPS data stream affecting my system clock?

  21. AlexK says:

    Hello All

    This driver in WM5 is realy amazing.

    I was interated it into WinCe420 platforms and fixed few origin Msft bugs in gpsid.dll that realy may cause some famous applications to fail working via program port. Replay for geting the details.

    I was encountered the problem in WM5 to replace existed gpsapi.dll file in image to another one, develeped and extended by me.

    Do somebody know is it possible to replace gpsapi.dll in image?

    Do somebody tried to extend this driver for processing SiRF protocol also?


  22. Nino.Mobile says:

    Software / Hardware 

    NewsGator Mobile is now in public beta. Check it out.  Thanks to Neil…

  23. Lavanya says:

    Hi all,

    How to detect the gps device if it is connected through PCMCIA slot using .NET serial I/O support??


  24. Jaybo says:

    In the opening comments:

    "Unfortunately, there are two complications.  First, only Pocket PC has this control panel.  Smartphone does not, which makes the GPS Intermediate Driver unusable on Smartphone."

    For Smartphone, I don’t understand why OEMs can’t set up the intermediate driver if they have an internal GPS without waiting for a MSFT control panel solution.  Aren’t the in/out ports fixed registry settings which need to be just set once and then forgotten?

  25. Teemu says:

    Whatif my TomTom shows only Com9, Infrared Port, Com3, Com0, Com2 and serial port as options for my GPS? I have it on a virtual port com8, but that’s not in the options. All the Com’s that TomTom shows me are occupied, so I can’t use those. How to add Com8 in the list?

  26. sheureka says:

    I have finally gotten it to work consistently – though it is a totally nonintuitive workaround. I set it up for COM4 as the serial port and COM8 as the virtual port. I then start a GPS program and direct it to COM4 – and as soon as I have established a solid BT connection I close the program and quickly open another GPS program directed to COM8. I then go back to the first program and direct it to COM8. Now both programs are working (on COM8) and I am able to open other GPS programs, all direct to COM8. I have had as many as 5 GPS programs running at the same time (iGuidance, NavigatorII, AstroNavigator, PocketEarth, and BackCountryNavigator) on my PPC6700 WM5 phone using a GlobalSat BT-338. I suspect that my problem may be with the BT stack, rather than the intermediate driver.

    In any case, once I’ve done all that I can turn off the BT device and as long as one of the programs is running in the background I don’t have to go through this again. Hope this may help someone. – sheureka

  27. Here are a set of interesting URL’s from my news feeds from May and June 2006: Win Mobile .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 Music fans can copy own tracks DoCoMo deal opens i-Mode world to Windows Media .mobi domain opens…

  28. Jaikant says:

    We are using  ambicom bt-gps  to get the current location. We have connected

    the  ambicom bt-gps device to Window mobile 5.0 device Sprint PPC 6700 using

    bluetooth and done above mentioned port setup in the GPS control panel in Settings->System->GPS.

    We have written an application using the "GPS Intermediate Driver Functions

    " provided by Windows Mobile Version 5.0 SDK     ex. GPSOpenDevice,

    GPSGetPosition, GPSCloseDevice.

    These APIs are not opening the device and not getting the location


    Do "GPS Intermediate Driver Functions" works for this kind of device conenction ?

    Also in the  GPSOpenDevice API I could not find a way to specify the COM PORT to connect to ? How does GPSOpenDevice API detect the port ?

    Kindly help me get through this problem



  29. xjoshx says:

    How can I enable the bluetooth serial port profile on the Motorola Q smartphone? I can not pair any bluetooth GPS unit with the Q because it seems the bluetooth serial port has been disabled. Any help would be great

  30. Kevin says:


    Can’t help you with that particular GPS device as far as if it will work.  (And don’t expect any answers from Microsoft on this blog, they seem to be quite absent)

    You don’t specify a COM port with the GPS API’s.  As long as you have the "GPS" control panel configured to use a program and hardware port and have "manage automatically" selected, then it will work.

    If you do have it setup and can get the GPS software that came with your device working on the "Program" port, then the API call should work too.  You might need to play with the "Max Age" value on GPSGetPosition.  (I currently have it set to 30 minutes)

    In my opinion, the implementation is weak and doesn’t seem to work with a lot of GPS devices.  (Actually, from my testing and user testing, most devices so far aren’t working)

  31. James Clarke says:

    Hi.  Any news on the GPS control panel for smartphone?

  32. MSDNMEMBER says:

    In relation to the statement:

    Second, some Pocket PC OEMs hid the GPS control panel.  However, it can be unhidden by going into the registry and deleting any "Redirect" or "Hide" keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEControlPanelGPS Settings.

    Question:Where is and how does one access the GPS control panel to configure the registry?

  33. sheureka says:

    MSDNMEMBER, I hope I’m answering your question! You’ll need a registry editor – there are lots of free ones, including RegEditCe and PHM Registry Editor. Then use that to go into the registry and change the keys. On my PPC6700 I not only had to delete the "Hide" key, but I had to add a "Group" key of "2" to get the program to show up in my program files. Have fun! – sheureka

  34. SolOz says:

    I tried to set up a similar COM port for both the GPS and the Bluetooth connection but on the BT I can only find COMs 6 & 7 but on my Destinator software it only shows COMs 0,1,2,3,4 & 9. Where di the other options go? How can I find what is using the other COMs? Thanks, SolOz

  35. I confirm the same wrong behaviour as described by Bukovansky Richard (he has Dell Axim, I have HTC Wizard).

    When I try to connect to virtual port defined in GPS manager with ONE application, I got an error (OnCommError event in my own GPS application, GPS Dash2 "can’t connect", TomTom says "no gps device").

    But when I run TWO or more apps using the same virtual port, it start to work!

    Are there more confirmations on this problem? Is there a workaround for that?

  36. Roman,

    with the information from sheureka (thank you very much), i started a second thread in my application. this thread opens a second serial connection to the virtual port, reads the nmea strings and throw it away. thats only to simulate two applications connecting to the virtual port.

    hope this helps

    ps: i got the mda vario thats the htc wizard branded by t-mobile

  37. Same Same says:

    Same problem. Most of the applications will not work alone if using the software (program) port.

    If you start 2 applications it will work.  There must be a registry setting to fix this.

    There is always a registry setting to fix everything

  38. SolOz says:

    SAme Same – What 2 applications can I run?? you mean another application that connects to the GPS? any application I can download as freeware (as  second application)?

  39. Vinny says:

    Anybody has gotten arround the lack of 38400 baud rate on the intermediate app??



  40. Mem says:

    Christian Pogea: Thanks for the tip! I’ll try to implement such a workaround

  41. steckert says:

    hi there,

    for those who don’t want to wait anymore for the smartphone solution:



  42. Beto says:

    I was just checking out a Motorola Q w/ WM5 and it looks like there is a setting under Settings/more/more/Phone Settings/Network that reads "GPS: 911 Only" or "GPS: Location On" (only 2 options).  I am new to both Windows Mobile 5 and GPS, but does this mean that there is a built-in GPS reciever that can be used for such products as Windows Live Local, or other map apps to "Find Me"?  



  43. This article and blog really helped, thanks!  I am running with no problem now.  I use one application (a freeware GPS Viewer) with a US Globalsat 338 receiver by directing straight to the COM port and it works great.

    The 338 calls for a baud rate of 38400 but the GPS applet uses 33600.  However, remember this is a maximum speed and you can read at any lower speed.  So, I set the applet to 9600 (my Recon established COM 8 for the GPS reciever; I used COM 4 for the applications).  I went into GPS Viewer and used COM 4 at 9600 and it works fine.

    Hope this helps!  Always go with a lower Baud if you are not sure.  I know the GPS with Panasonic ToughBooks is configured at 4800 but the factory COM setting is for 9600 so they won’t work out of the box…


  44. Great service!  I will check back often.

  45. pollifax says:

    To get around the 33600 baud problem:

    Locate the following registry key on your device:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetGPS Intermediate DriverDriversControl Panel Configured Device

    There will be a few values in this key.  Change the value named "Baud" to the number "38400".

    This advice is from a GeoFrameworks support forum post at:

  46. Sergio Rubio says:

    Damn. It was quite easy to setup the link with a bluetooth gps in WM 2003. You could double click the gps serial connection and get instant feedback if connection to the device was succesful.

    The intermediate driver will be cool I guess, if and only if I can get my gps hardware working.

    Why everybody tries to make the software so "smart and easy"?

    Qtek S200 + Royaltek RBT 2010

  47. MK says:

    Hi all

    i have a problem with my gps and pda.

    i am using a O2 XDA minis (i-mate k-jam) and a carcomm Bluetooth GPS

    when i pair the 2 togeter, the pda only offers me  com ports that cannot be found by other softwaer ie tomtom, or other s/w

    from what i can see the gps although paired is not connected to the pda

    please help any ideas

    thanks Mike

  48. Chris Angus says:


    After pairing the PDA and BT Receiver together, have you tried going to the COM Ports tab under Settings/Bluetooth/COM Ports  then select "New Outgoing Port" and from there select your GPS receiver, then assign it to a free COM port. (Stay away from COM0).

  49. MK says:

    yes done that i have also enabled the gps pages in the registry, but still com 6 and 7 (the only choices to assign) are not visible in Tomtom

  50. LeonardoSalvatore says:

    It’s ok, it’s work on my asus 636n.

    I writed an application about that.

  51. 700w says:

    TeleNav GPS navigator only took me 10 seconds to set up Bluetooth GPS on my 700w. Looks they also support PPC-6700.

  52. ge says:

    I just got a cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard) and a ABG 108 gps receiver with Sony chipset.  Does anyone know why I cannot get the pda and the gps to pair up.  When I run the new connection wizard in the bluetooth app, it seems like it wants to pair, but as soon as the passkey screen comes up, it looses connectivity.

    Thanks for the help

  53. Flatz says:

    I can only see com 6 & 7 too. How do you change this!!

  54. Mike Pepper says:

    hi all,

    think i have sored most of my problem,

    i have found that you need to make sure that you use an unsed com port for the outgoing program one (dont say anything). i have still found one stumbling block in that i needed to install tomtoms gps driver, 2.08 and launch it before tomtom every time you wont it. i hava also found that when you load tomtom you need to set the gps in its preferences everytime, what a pain that it.

    any ideas please let me know.

    thanks for all the help


  55. Carsten says:

    Hi all together,

    I cannot pair a Globalsat BT-359 GPS; neither with my HTC Prophet (O2 XDA neo) nor with a HTC Wizard (MDA Vario). Both have WM5 with AKU2. The receider is discovered, but shortly after I’ve entered the pairing code, the connection is established for 2 seconds and then the device is disconnected again. Works fine with my Laptop Bluetooth card.

    Any ideas?



  56. Nicolas says:


    I’ve a strange issue with my HTC Universal. Since I’ve upgraded the ROM to 1.30.97 FRE (Radio 1.09.00) I have the following issue:

    I can pair my bluetooth GPS (Navman 4440), setting the outgoing com port. All is OK. But after switching the bluetooth ON/OFF, each time the PDA tries to conect to the GPS receiver it ask me again for the pairing code and if I want to put this GPS receiver in my BT favorites list.

    We also have here a HTC TyTN -> Same issue (with the orignal ROM), a QTek 9100 -> Same issue.

    I can use the Pocket Bluetooth Tools, it solve the problem, but with this soft I’m not able to use active sync via BT anymore …

    Anybody knows what has changed in WM5 ?

    It’s seems that new device has this problem (HTC TyTN and QTek 9600).

    Thanks in advance,

    nicko313 at msn dot com

  57. Mark Yoon says:

    I’m developing a application for WM5 using GPSID.

    When I get the GPS_POSITION data from GPSGetPosition(), ‘flAltitudeWRTEllipsoid’ field contains wrong value.

    MSDN says..

    "flAltitudeWRTEllipsoid : Altitude, in meters, with respect to the WGS84

    ellipsoid. "

    "flAltitudeWRTSeaLevel : Altitude, in meters, with respect to sea level. "

    But when I get this structure, flAltitudeWRTSeaLevel  field has proper

    value. But,

    flAltitudeWRTEllipsoid field has different meaning value.

    As far as I know, GPSID fill these two fields from $GPGGA command of NMEA.

    The 9th field of $GPGGA command is the geoid(sea level) altitude, and 11th

    field is the geoidal separation(difference between geoid and ellipsoid) as

    far as I know.

    Therefore, flAltitudeWRTEllipsoid field should be filled with the sum of 9th

    field and 11th field of $GPGGA as I think. flAltitudeWRTSeaLevel field

    contains 9th field and it’s right. But flAltitudeWRTEllipsoid  field contains

    just 11th field – just geodial separation.

    Did I misunderstand or was it already fixed ?

  58. mark says:

    Im still confused! Tom tom does not see port 6 during the gps setup. How can i force it to see it.

  59. Bob says:

    i just got a PPC6700 and cant for the life of me get my Holux and TomTom 2004 to pair up. i just dont get the "Partnerships" and COM port. WM 2003 on my old iPaq was sooo easy 🙁

  60. Pink Floyd says:


    I have a qtek 9100 running on WM5 with TT5.21 installed.

    I have a TT Bluetooth GPS which will work OK on an A-Z map program on Com 6 so at least the qtek sees the TT BT GPS. Has anyone managed to get the TT5.21 working with a TT GPS? and how? Please…

  61. Igor says:

    I have tried it as well. Sometimes receiver is discovered, after enter the pairing code, the connection is established for 2 seconds and then the device is disconnected again. Most of time 98% I even do not have connection. It doesn’t help changing COM ports either because (i suppose) there is no connection at all!

  62. waz says:


    I’m a lo-tech user trying to connect my i-blue GPS receiver with an ATOM using Destinator.. The blue tooth manager will not allow me to choose the com ports that Destinator can use (2,3,4,9)…. suggestions??

  63. Sasmito Adibowo says:

    The GPS control panel applet only appeared after I install Virtual Earth Mobile in my iPAQ hw6965. Somehow applications that works on the COM7 hardware port, cannot receive any data stream from any of the "program" port I’ve configured (COM0, COM1, COM2, COM8, COM9) through the applet.

    Additionally Virtual Earth Mobile that used to work in my "old" hw6515, which notably is a WM2003 device, but now doesn’t seem to detect my GPS device in hw6965; no matter how the GPS control panel is configured.

    Finally after I uninstalled Virtual Earth Mobile, now I have a useless GPS icon taking up screen space in the control panel.

  64. Jeb Acid says:

    Can one use a bluetooth GPS device with PocketPC emulator, plz?!

    I’ve been trying all night, and can’t get it to work! I’ve set up a virtual serial port that the BT GPS is feeding NMEA sentences to (I checked with a non emulator software that sentences are really comming in), and also I’ve setup the emulator serial port 1 to use the virtual bluetooth serial port I’m feeding NMEA data to. No matter what I do, try reading the data by a source code that reads serial port incoming data, or try to setup the gps control panel as laid out i this article, nothing can still be read on WM5 emulator?!!???

    I’ve found a post by someone on MSDN forums, saying the emulator can’t read USB device(virtual bluetooth dongle made) serial ports?!?  Is that true, how come, PLZ?!?! What’s the difference to the emu between a regular port and a virtual, how can it tell a difference!?!?

  65. David Jones says:

    Using XDAII.

    Can run WM5 apps on my device:

    Have created WM5 apps on VS2005.

    Most work but WM5 HW oriented one fail.

    Trying to get GPS Intermediate driver going but lack teh HW registry settings.  In particular mapping ny BT Virt Ser port to the GPS stream driver port… No control panel applet.

    There is no CP registry entry on my device which is actually a PPC2003 Phone.

    Any ideas?

    Can someone publish their working GPS HW registry entries?


    PS Using a LeadTek BT GPS device.

  66. Eilif Kiland says:

    I hava a HTC TyTn and an Acore Bluetooth GPS antenna.

    My problem is that I pair the devices fine, but my TomTom 5.21 only has Com port 3, 6 an d7 in the GPS setup available, and those 3 ports I can not add as new outgoing Ports in Com settings.  Others I can try, but those do not become available in TomTom. Any ideas?

  67. Richard says:

    Has anyone managed to pair a garmin GPS10 device and a HTC Universal. The Universal discovers the GPS10 but will not pair when I enter the passkey specified by Garmin. THe GPS connects and works with my HTC Blueangle without issue.

  68. carwashmike says:

    Can anyone tell me how to set tomtom 5.3 or 6 up to use the com6 port on HP6915 or HP6515. There are no source selections shown on the preferences / gps status screens.

  69. kamal says:

    when I started my Dell PDA and started GPS reciver it worked fine. On the next time it does connect to bue tooth and give message thatb your dell reciver is connected via controll panel bue tooth applet. If I recove from the device list and re-pair it works once and on next usage give same message

  70. mohan says:

    how GPS will be connect and working flow of that u know i mean to say from mobile to satellite and like that process…

    clear Diagram…

  71. cowboy says:

    to reconfigure tomtom in hp6965, you need to remove navigator.cfg from the directory where tomtom navigator.exe is installed. restart tomtom you will see configure screen.

  72. subarus says:

    Can I use Smartphone like Dopod S300 (WM5) pair with BT GPSr to run Garmin Que & Gpsproxy to navigate with mapsource maps?

  73. link214 says:

    have a Holux 236 and a ppc6700 with ROM version 1.05.00 WWE…having problems getting the GPS to connect to the ppc 6700…just need a step by step list of how to and the correct settings…have tried to use VEM version 1.64 with NO luck..

  74. chris says:

    You can find the detailed instructions on how to set up Garmin Que and GPSProxy on a PPC at this web site:

  75. Robstar says:

    hey carwashmike, I managed to get TomTom 6 working on the HP6915 by following the original instruction above to edit the registry which then once you reboot the device you get a GPS option in the settings menu (not in TomTom) and then you change the port to COM1 or others for the first screen (I think it is Program port one – basically the one that isn’t set to Com7 – I haven’t got it with me so can’t check) and then on the 3rd Tab you need to untick the box to have the system automatically control the GPS. Then open up TomTom and wait a few seconds and it bursts into life.

  76. YOUNGTY says:

    Please read!!

    I don’t get it. I bought a Motorola Q, dowloanded the 4pda navigation software and hit a bump in the road. I started looking at these blogs and help site and it looks like I need an actual GPS unit for it to work. Is this true. Is there a way at all that I can run a NAV program in my Q as a standalone unit?

    All I am wanting to do is check traffic overlays before I leave work each day.

    Any solution? Thank you.

  77. Wes says:

    How did you go with your problem regarding your leadtek GPS receiver and the fact that you couldn’t find the Control panel registry as i am having exactly the same problem, any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

  78. spal79 says:

    I have GPS (Haicom HI-406BT-C Bluetooth) and pda with Windows mobile 2005(HTC TyTn).I can’t connected…



    Check the “Turn on Bluetooth” checkbox.

    Press the Device tab.

    Press “Add new device…”

    select your GPS device and press Next.

    Check the “Serial Port” checkbox and press Finish.

    Press the COM Ports tab.

    Press “New outgoing port…”

    Select your device and press Next.

    Select a COM port that has been chosen for your GPS. For example, COM0.If i select com 1,3,5,6 or 7 i have error msg “The com port could not be created” and i select com 4

    Press Finish.

    I start GPS app ( Destinator pn)and I want to configure it to use COM4 but “GPS Program Port” is com 1,3,6,7.

    With windows mobile 2003 i don’t have any problem and i think the bt manager is the best.

    Anybody knows what has changed in WM5 ?

    It’s seems that new device has this problem (HTC TyTN ).

    Thanks in advance,


  79. klbj1961 says:

    Hi techies,

    I’m not too technical and new to this mobile computing and GPS tracking so bear with me.

    All I want to do is find an easy way to use my Sprint PPC6700 as a GPS without spending a lot of money or time.


    1) What software do I need to use?

    2) What hardware do I need?

    3) Is there anyway to use the internal GPS that is used for 911 tracking?

    4) if yes to #3 – how do i do this?



  80. klbj1961 says:


    Per your comments, I deleted the "Hide" key in the registry of my PPC6700.  but cannot get the GPS to show up.

    Copied from above…"Second, some Pocket PC OEMs hid the GPS control panel.  However, it can be unhidden by going into the registry and deleting any "Redirect" or "Hide" keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEControlPanelGPS Settings.

    On my PPC6700 I not only had to delete the "Hide" key, but I had to add a "Group" key of "2" to get the program to show up in my program files. Have fun! – sheureka "

    *** How do I add a group key of 2 into my PPC6700 Registry?  

    I am using RegeditCE



  81. Sander says:

    Hahaha, this is hard laughin! My Ipaq 6915 uses this so called intermediate driver… and yes! IT DOES NOT WORK. My Tom can connect to the internal GPS always… even when I change all my settings and I WANT to use an external bluetooth connection. Is this behaviour by design? Well maybe TomTom doesn’t use this so called intermediate driver at all, or???

  82. jochy says:

    Hi, there!

    My friend is using a recon gps cf card on a pocket pc, when he plug it in, an error message appear asking him for the name of the device driver. When i plug my recon gps cf card it work just fine, so im  trying to find the name of my device driver, but dont know where to look!!  If someone well lend me a hand i`ll appreiate it!

  83. Luke says:

    I have an i-mate jasjam and I need to asign outgoing port 6 but it comes up with the error

    the com port could not be created. please check your settings and try again

    any help would be good

  84. Diego says:

    I am planning to develop a location-based service on an HP iPAQ hw6950, and I was planning to use the GPS Intermediate Driver. The hw6950 runs "Windows Mobile 5.0 for PocketPC, Phone Edition". Does that mean I need to use the PocketPC SDK, or the Smartphone SDK? Because if I need to use the Smartphone SDK, the GPS Intermediate Driver is not supported there… 🙁

    Thanks in advance.

  85. Kani says:

    Anyone have Vb SAmple for this GPS?

  86. Keith says:

    I just purchased an Axim x51v and I’m trying to get my old Holux 270 PCMCIA serial device talking.  I could not get the GPS control panel redirection to work in any case.  I can only get it running talking to the port directly.  The device shows up  on com4:.  

    BTW – the program

    actually shows the names associated with the serial ports, which makes it easier to use than ones that just show the comx: notation.  Some others were asking what they could use as a "second" GPS program, if that hack works to keep your session alive.

    I had an older Axim, which only allowed one connection to the com port, so required disconnecting from one application before starting another.  In that case, the GPS had to re-init when starting the new connection.  Now, on the Axim x51v, the GPS activates when inserted, without any application connected.  This happens regardless of the GPS control panel settings.  Once the device is plugged in, I can only connect to it once.  If I disconnect  from the application, it says the serial port is in use if I try to reconnect.  Pulling the card and pushing it back gives me one more connection.

    Tried playing with TomTom, but could never get a connection established.  I suspect they do multiple open/closes, and since I’m only allowed one, it never works.

    Is there an alternate serial driver that might work?  Any ideas on why I only get one open per card insertion?  Is there anyone who actually works at Microsoft reading these forums?  

  87. Keith says:

    Aha – just fixed the problem.  The Axim x51v was running ROM version A06.  Updated to A12 from the Dell site and the GPS mux is working like a charm.

  88. Ely says:

    My Navigation program (IGO) does not recognize COM 6 or 7, the only COM ports my i-mate K-Jam windows mobile 5 allows me to declare as both incoming and outgoinf COM ports, when I paired the Blue tooth GPS with the PDA.

    any body has an idea what can I do?

  89. minetymenace says:

    For info this is what I did with my O2 XDA and Parrot CK3300GPS and Route 66 Navigate 7 software.

    I followed the instructions above.  I had to download registry editor to remove the "Hide" key as described in the article.

    Then opening the GPS Settings icon (now visable) I set the GPS port to COM8, and the GPS hradware port to COM0 (and 9600 baud)

    in the Bluetooth settings I set the Outgoing Port to Parrot CK3300 to COM8

    Hay Presto! O2 XDA Exec, Parrot CK3300 Route66 Navigate 7 all working fine………….at the moment.

    I did notice that when the GPS settings icon apeared and I looked at the default GPS port, it was set to "None".  Maybe just changine this to COM0 would have done the trick (and leave the outgoing port of my Parrot CK3300 at COM0), but it is working now so I’m not playing with it any more……

    Thank you, this is what the internet is all about.

  90. daniel says:

    finally i got a signal to work with tomtom on

    my 700wx

    did as statetd above.

    BT settings:

    discoverable: no

    serial port: unticked  | save

    set bt to COM 0

    under wm5 gps settings:

    gps progam port: com 8

    gps hardware port: (none? or 0)

    baud: 9600

    access:  manage: unticked


    show gps status, configure;

    COM 0

    and it works.. just let it take time to kick in like 2:30 seconds.


  91. jay bee says:

    Hi I have a BT connection problem!

    I have a HTC TyTn and the Leadtek 9559x gps device.

    The Problem is, after I paired the devices they operate without any problems. But If I disconnect them and re-conect the BT conection WM5 want to pair again? And this is happen after turning of the gps device.It is nerved!!!

    I don’t understand that kind of problem. I tried several configurations with "serial connection" without etc.

    It can not be normal to re-configure all the time the gps device and the com ports???

    Can somebody help me???

    THX Jay Bee

  92. protecon says:

    I’m using an O2 XDAII with PPC4.2, Rikaline 6033 Bluetooth GPS receiver and TomTom Navigator 6.

    I found the only way for TomTom to pick up and pair with the receiver was to load another GPS program – in this case Via Virtual Earth ( point it to COM5, where it would start pairing and then exit and start up TomTom.

    Once set to COM5 using the other receiver option, it works every time.

  93. jay bee says:

    Thanks protecon,

    but it doesn’t work.It seems to be a BT connection problem, because it is intependent from the gps tool. The problem is also happen by other gps tools like via virtual earth, tomtom etc. I tried a few tools. So I think it is a problem with the HTC TyTn (Trion). Perhaps a driver or a BT-Stack problem???What ever…

    After switching off the gps receiver I have to pair it again!

    It is a little bit strange, because in the BT pair list the HTC shows me the Leadtek receiver (Leadtek…etc. BUT the little icon in the list is not a gps-symbol but a questionmark (?)!

    So I think, perhaps the Phone HTC doesn’t know that it is a gps device. My BT-headset is shown in the list as a headset und works perfect. So probably WM5 has a driver problem with the new Leadtek LR9559X?! Thats my theory! But at Leadtek homepage I could not find any drivers?!

    Perhaps has somebody the same problem (BT connection HTC TyTn (Trion) with Leadtek LR9559X) and solve it?

    THX Jay Bee

  94. Bob Li says:

    Wating for the Control Panel for Smartphone 🙁

  95. john says:

    i carnt conect my gps to com 3 /6/7/on my smart phone because they are in use and they are the only com ports on tomtom that are avalable

  96. Jay Bee says:

    Hi John,

    I had the same problem. You have to activate the GPS control panel on the Smartphone.Scroll up, somebody has gave the path within the registry.

    After activating the panel you have to set a hardware com port. I done this with the com0 port.Also you can set a software com port. I chose  

    the the com2 port.

    After this settings you can start the TomTom and you will see in the settings of the TomTom you see the com0 port. Choose it and it works.

    My Smartphone works only if the TomTom com prot and the hardware com port are the same!

    Good Luuck 😉

    Jay Bee

  97. Jay Bee says:

    Hello to all,

    my problem with the bluetooth connection still exists. It is independent of the GPS software.

    Everytime after switching off my GPS receiver I have to pair them again.

    Has anybody an idea? One friend of mine told me something with the Bluetooth Stack!To update it??!

    It would be nice if somebody can help me.

    THX Jay Bee

  98. jedinc says:

    I hve a Dell AXIM X51v –

    After trying the above I am getting device.exe errors every few minutes.  I hope that he messages are really going toMicrosoft, and that they are being driven nuts like I am.

  99. DWilbourn says:

    I have a slightly different problem with GPS on WM5. I have a PDA with built -in GPS (Asus A632N). I started using it a month or so ago and all worked fine. But last week it started to play up. I have found that The 1st application to access the GPS COM port after a soft reset gets good NMEA data. However any app that tries to access that same COM port later – even itf the app has been exited just gets (what looks like) garbage. I have tried it with a number of apps ranging from TTY (HyperTerminal equivalent that just shows the data coming in) to TomTom. The results are always the same.

    I have been completely unable to get the Intermediate Driver to work – I can only connect straight to the Hardware port (COM5 in my case). However, as I said that was never a problem in the first month. TomTom always connected when started. I have done a Hard reset today and the problem still exists.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  100. Karen says:

    Ive been trying to incorporate the GPS sample code provided by microsoft but with no luck. So now i am just trying to run this on its own – however i never get a satellite count of more than 0 or a valid latitude or longitude displayed so it is obviously not getting a gps lock. I have tried many code fixes found in various forums with no joy and my reg settings seem to be ok and the device gets gps through tomtom normally using bluetooth.

    Any ideas?

  101. Aali's blog says:

    An old story but new to me: If your device’s manufacturer has decided to hide the built-in GPS control

  102. Lawrence says:

    For anyone with an MDA Vario II and TomTom 5, who is having trouble because there is no COM8 in the Bluetooth devices in the TomTom GPS config… upgrade to TomTom 5.21 and presto, you get a COM8 and it works magic 🙂

  103. William says:

    I’m trying to connect TomTom bluetooth mouse (the old one) to my Orange SPV m5000 (HTC Universal).

    I can get as far as ‘this device wants to pair with the pda (or words to that effect), at which point the light on the GPS goes blue (partnership established).  However, when I enter the pairing code (set by TT as 0000) the connection drops.  I can’t get out of the process without entering a code, though.

    Is there any third party software that’s clever enough to emulate the WM3 version of BT manager, where you just clicked a device, told it to connect, and it reported back when connection established?



  104. Gordon says:

    If anyone is having problems with GPS on a Fujitsu-Siemens Loox N series, then make sure your infra-red port is switched OFF before trying to use the GPS. This has solved my problems.

  105. WMExperts says:

    Available for download tomorrow, Feb 10th, Nokia is offering a free GPS navigation application called smart2go Nokia today announced that it is making its smart2go mapping and navigation platform, available for free download (, enabling

  106. Pete says:

    I have been trying to configure my Orange spv m3100 and my global sat bt-388 gps but with out any succes. I have followed many tip provided and it will not connect to the gps device. I am running the latest ver of tomtom 6.please please please help some one. PS the smarte phone is the same as the HTC i-mate.

    urgent please

    thank you

  107. Pete says:

    After retrying the method for setting up my spv m3100 and my gps receiver it work like a dream thanks everyone for your input on this site. I have even managed to set up another bluetooth receiver in the same way. I brought a new one because I thought there was a problem with the first unit working with the Mobile 5 software but this is not the case, this unit is a leadtek 9537.

    You have to make sure the pair is completed and then follow the instructions on adding the incoming port.


  108. WMExperts says:

    As promised, here’s a quick video walkthough showing you how to set up a Bluetooth GPS "puck" on Windows Mobile. Credit goes to Microsoft, specifically the Windows Mobile Team Blog .

  109. planetjeff says:

    If you have a Cingular 8525 and a Blue Logger gps device, the following instructions got me up and going so both Windows Live Search and Google Maps work now:

    It’s that outgoing port that I didn’t know I had to configure that was stymieing me!

  110. Hal Hadaller says:

    Windows has a problem with the BT USB assignments.  If you plug in a GPS device and the other device you use is NOT plugged in, Windows can use this port and the next time you plug in your GPS, etc, it will not work because Bluetooth is not now set up.  Thus one has to start all over and set up the Windows BT path to your GPS.  Then all will work again.  GPS gate is fine if the Windows has recognized the BT GPS and assigned the same GPS gate input USB port.  One needs a way to freeze the USB ports so they don’t dance around and end up with USB port numbers in the 30’s or higher.  Their is a way to delete these port assignments and start over at com port 2 or thereabouts.

  111. Axjax says:

    Out of the blue… my Dell Axim X51v stopped talking to my Glaobalsat BT-338 bluetooth GPS last week.  Whether it was brought on by my recent (3-4 weeks ago) upgrading the system ROM in the Axim to A12 is unknown.  But the GPS works, and other than actually getting a GPS signal into the Axim, the PDA works fine too.

    One other issue I seem to have is sometimes AS won’t let me totally access all aspects of the PDA, and this also means getting to the registry to fix problems.  On my home PC, it works fine, but at work… its hit and miss… mostly miss.  But what is weird is that Outlook works just fine in both PCs and the Dell!  Go figure.

    I wish there was a smoother way for the not-so-technical types to "install" a GPS (BT or Wired) to the WM5 PDA.


  112. Raymond says:

    Thanks msdnmember, sheureka and pollifax. I can run the GPS applications now.

  113. Khaled says:

    i have an i-mate jasjam, i can configure my tomtom to recognize the GPS bluetooth, using a com port, but i never get to cofigure it to work with Google Map for Mobile, i think the solution should be in the program > setting > GPS, but the problem is i can never find this option anywhere in the jasjam.

  114. Jason says:

    This was exactly the information I was looking for. I went nuts trying to set this up.

  115. Georges says:

    I have O2 XDA Exec (Jasjar or HTC universal). TomTom 5 (software and receiver) works fine, I paired the receiver to use incoming port 0. On this port TomTom works, fine, GPS sentry works fine, Google mobile works fine (using track location, very useful indeed).

    It looks like Google map communicate only on port 0. when my receiver is configured to used any port than 0 then google maps won’t work.

    I never tried to share programs at the same time. I don’t really see the point so I don’t use Windows mobile gps driver.

    Hope this helps someone else.


  116. khaled says:

    Hey, i got if to work with google maps, when you delete the

    "Hide" keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEControlPanelGPS Settings

    you should change the second key to be REG_LINK, and restart your devise, check the >Star>Systam and make sure you have the GPS icon, now go in this icon and make the Program port to something like COM9 and the Hardware Port to the port you chosen in your bluetooth setting for the gps reciever. now just start the google and it would work

    by the way, i changed the registry using a program named "Task Manager" but i think any other program should work

  117. Destroy89 says:

    Khaled said the only thing that worked so far on this entire thread!

    I have a TMobile (T-Mobile) MDA (aka HTC Wizard) and no matter what I did, I could not enable the GPS control panel applet.  Until I read Khaled’s message here at the bottom of this thread.  

    He said "…got if to work with google maps, when you delete the "Hide" keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEControlPanelGPS Settings

    you should change the second key to be REG_LINK, and restart your devise…"

    Ok.  So I didn’t know what the "second key" was but I made a guess based on the official "solution".  

    In that key area "HKLMControlPanelGPS Settings" I have no "hide" key/value.  But I set "Group" to 2 as a DWORD.  Also, (and here’s the key you’ve been waiting for), I set THE REDIRECT KEY to "REG_LINK"!  

    Repeat, remove the hide key, add the group key with a dword of 2, and set a Redirect string based value to REG_LINK.  Then you restart, and look for the new GPS icon in your start > settings > connections tab.  The group key decides which tab the GPS icon sits in.  You can probably make it 1 to put it in System, or 0 to put it in personal.  

    I’m using an Itrek m5 and tmobile mda with the 2.26 rom.  

  118. hrissan says:

    To windows mobile team: how do you not understand that your approach to software is just broken. You say: "I usually just do a web search on for the model name, "port", and "GPS"."

    Is it a joke? Should I put the intelligent google search into my application?

    You say "Does not work on smartphone".

    Is it a joke? We are small software company and our windows mobile software runs the same .exe file on all platforms since WM 2003 – Smartphone 2003, Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 (both smartphone and pockets). There is no problem at all. Only the problems that you have created for yourself.

    Just hire several guys who know how to create software. You make awful mistakes in software design and then marketing department tries to correct this with false statements about "more security", "faster", "stunning visual interface", "GPS support" and so on.

    I have seen people trying to set up their GPS for hours! Your approach is again for egg-heads like me and you.

    Think different. Think how average grandma will use your software. If she cannot – throw out the design and start over.

  119. Destroy89 says:

    hrissan, that is pretty much true for any microsoft application.  I am pretty tech savvy and it took me at least 3 hours to get my GPS control panel item to show up.  It didn’t help that NO ONE on the internet had said how to do it clearly.  khaled came close a few posts back and I extrapulated what to do from what he said.  The STUPID thing is that I had to do it at all.  It felt more like trying to hack a cheat code for a puzzle game with really bad vague hints.  Anything you should want to be able to do should be discoverable by help files built into the pocketpc.  You shouldn’t need to research it for 4 hours, taking stabs in the dark, not knowing if it’s even compatible.  I understand that the rom was modified by T-Mobile to not show the GPS control panel by default.  I could understand why they did that.  That’s fine.  But both Micrsoft and T-Mobile should have provided a logical and easy way to re-enable it, right on the phone and searchable on the internet as well.  

  120. Kamal Aanand R says:


    I was facinated to find that there is something like the GPS intermediate driver and quickly pounced on the API. It immediately threw some location info and was quite happy.

    But on close examination on the location info, I see some problem.

    I have a Compaq HP Ipaq 6965 phone and am based at Bangalore, India. If I try to locate my position using the GPS Interemediate driver (_gpsDevicePosition.LatitudeInDegreesMinutesSeconds), I get the result as 0d 12′ 57.19555390000001". There is something seriously wrong as I get a 0 degree as the result. I also noticed that the degree has been offset to the minutes and the miutes has been offset to the seconds.

    To counter check, I directly read the content from COM7. The location that I parsed from my $GPRMC (NMEA Sentence) was 12°57.186299"N. This gives me the correct degree as 12 and not 0. I am in a fix!

    Has anybody come across such a situation or do you have any answers for me to try out?? Thanks.

    Kamal Aanand R

  121. Kamal Aanand R says:

    Fixed. It was to do with some erroneous location conversion to Degree,Minute,Seconds format. Thumbs up to GPS Intermediate Driver!

  122. Alistair Campbell says:

    This is an absolutely insane approach to having something available to the general user! I agree with those people saying that whoever this team is should re-evaluate their purpose in life. If they are trying to turn people of Windows, computers, technology, and so on… they are doing a good job. If this isn’t their intention then they are monumental muppets.

    Now, to the main point. How do you access the registry on Windows 5? I take it you people do mean the registry on my HP iPAQ? No on my PC? Grrr! This is amazingly frustrating.

    A. Campbell

    Qld Australia

  123. ch says:

    Anybody know how to make Google Maps work with Dopod D810 with GPS activated.  I have the GPS showed up in the control panel > setting already.  However, whenever I start Google Maps and select Track Location (GPS), Google Maps pops up error messages after a long while of seeking GPS GPS Satellites.

    My device works fine with MapKing GPS software.  Any special setting required for Google Maps?


  124. Billy Hamilton says:

    Stumbled across this by accident (I have a T-Mobile modded ROM) when trying to get Google Maps working and it worked flawlessly.

    I had to do some digging to find this link but once I hacked the reg and bound COM0 to the COM port for my Bluetooth GPS it worked fine.

    My only complained is that the fix is about 100m out but that is likely becuase I am in a large office building at present.

  125. Max says:

    When trying to set up a COM port for tomtom, don’t worry about the ports displayed in the application.

    Instead set your GPS to use a port that isn’t listed on tomtom. When you run tomtom next the port should become available for selection.

    This may be the case for most map programs.

    Appologies if this has already been mentioned but this seems to be the common problem. I had no trouble connecting a GPS to my Orange SPV M600 running TTN 6, without using the intermediate driver or hacking the registry.

  126. Jason says:

    Thanks for the post. Helped out a lot.

  127. James Martin says:

    When editing the registry just change the value for "Hide" to the number 0. You do not need to delete or rename anything.

  128. Tony says:

    I have the Samsung Blackjack. I was wondering if there is any inexpensive GPS software available for it. I have a Bluetooth GPS unit and my phone does detect it. But I cannot find any software that is under $100.00.

  129. Peter says:

    I can’t connect my gps-device(HI-406BT) with my pocket pc(spv M3100).I made like said but when i start my gps programm(SiRF) it doesen’t find my COM(COM8), i mean the gps device is not connected, but it seems like it is.

    PS:to connect to my gps device i need to tape in a code:0000 and then it should normaly connect, but it doesn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please help!!

  130. Dave says:

    Does anyone know how to edit the registry on the Mobiles 5.0 T-Mobile MDA? I haven’t found out how to find a command window so I can type regedit like do on the normal windows platforms. I had Google maps working just fine, but uplaoded the new code from T-mobile and I am trying to get everything back. This is very frustrating to have to edit the registry!!!

  131. Sunni says:

    Dave, go get a regeditor, like phmregedit.

    Thanks guys for all the posts. I have my MDA running gmaps connected to Earthmate BT-20!! Awesome.

  132. DAve says:

    Hi Sunni, I downloaded the program and ran it just fine. I now have the GPS program availble . However, I have some conflicting data bewteen Google Maps and T-Mobile setting up access. I’m still working through this. But thanks once again for helping with the registry problem.

  133. Brian W. says:

    I am trying to pair my Palm Treo 700w to my BT-309 Dell GPS Receiver.  I have followed the instruction given above to connect a receiver to a Pocket PC.  When my device recognized the receiver to pair, it shows "?" next to the ID.  It appears that I successfully pair the devices, but when I attempt to use an application for GPS, the connection is lost and I have repaired these devices so many times afterwards.  Anyone with suggestions?

  134. JanS says:

    Setting up GPS on my iPaq hw6915

    GPS hardware port:

    internal GPS is COM7, baudrate 57600

    external GPS is COM1, baudrate 4800

    (I use an external GPS in my car)

    GPS Program port is COM2

    This works perfect with all GPS programs I tried like OziExplorerCE, BeeLineGPS, Google Maps, NoniGPSPlot and others. I can use these applications at the same time. Using TomTom you need to change the following registry setting:


    Here you find a key called COMPortNumber which is default set to 7 (the internal GPS Hardware port). Change this value to the GPS Program port, in my case: 2. Make a soft-reset of the device after the change and it will work for TomTom like all other GPS programs.

  135. JohnH says:

    Come on Microsoft, you can do better than this!

    1. Would a simple status indicator on the control panel be too much to ask? Then we could see when we’d succeeded without continually having to switch to a GPS app and wonder if it’s the app settings that are wrong?

    2. I guess 99% of people will be using Bluetooth and baffled by the com port and baud rate settings. Surely this data could be automatically recovered from the BT settings?

    3. GPS data streams are easily recognisable – surely it would be possible to probe the ports and rate settings automatically?

    4. If I read this right, the internal port is only needed by legacy apps which are unaware of this control panel – so why put it on the first tab were it is bound to be confused with the external port. Surely this should be an "advanced" setting (and it could be auto-allocated)?

    5. Is it a good idea to allow suppliers to vandalise this and force users to hack the registry to get it back? How many non-technical users are going to be able to do this sucessfully?

    2 out of 10 for effort on this one guys!

  136. kcreel1 says:

    Thanks for this info.  I was almost ready to return my new GPS receiver (BT-15N) thinking it was defective.  After using your instructions I have Google Maps and VisualGPSce running very nicely on WM5 (os 5.1.478(build 15706.3.5.2)) on Cingular/Att/HTC 8525

  137. Erik says:

    I’ve tried to get my qtek 9100 (wizard) with tomtom6 working with a Holux bluetooth GPS. It was working if I started two or more programs using the intermediate driver, but this solution was not tolerable by me. I finnally got it working using the following steps:

    -Pairing the PDA and the GPS.

    -Uncheck "serial port"

    -Set the GPS com port to com7

    In the GPS intermediate driver:  

    -program port: com6

    -hardware port: com7 (speed 4800)

    -check "manage automatic"

    Start a second program wich uses the GPS, and set it to use com6 (I use wififofum)

    Start TomTom, select "other cabled GPS", and com6.

    Now TomTom should be working with the GPS, but I didn’t want to have to start WiFiFoFum every time I’m using TomTom, so the following is a workaroud for that:

    -Close TomTom

    -Close "other GPS-program" (wififofum)

    In the intermediate driver setup:

    -set both program port and hardware port to "none"

    In the bluetooth setup:

    -set GPS port to com6

    -Soft reset the device

    -Start TomTom

    Now TomTom starts, and if you wait about 10 seconds, the GPS will connect and you’re up and running.

  138. Keith says:

    well that was a complete waste of time 🙁

    is this working right for WM 6?

  139. Martig says:

    I have HP HW6515, Windows Mobile 2003SE.

    I install TomTom 6.02 from SD and it works with internal gps antenna but is a lot of disconnections and it loose signal.

    I buy a Global BT338 Bluetooth antenna and i have same problems with it like with internal antenna.

    Please somebody who have info how to install BT338 on HW6515, help me to configure HP, i hope i have this problems becouse internal antenna block extérnal BT338.

    Internal antenna is availebale on a lot of ports, but when i use it i use it on tom tom other nmea on internal agps  and bluetooth BT338 on other bluetooth port 5.

    Please help me with this, i have tried everything but didnt work properly…


  140. kauve says:

    Hi.  I’m not a techie – just a poor slob trying to muddle through life with good technology.  I previously had a Treo 650 and used TOmtom navigator 5 or 6 software and bluetooth gps.  I just bought a Cingular 8525 and can’t tell from any website whether I can use my TOMtom with the 8525.

    If someone would have mercy on me and tell me, I would appreciate it.  Also, if youcan give step by step instructions on how to load the software and the gps, I would be eternally grateful.

    Thanks in advance.


  141. sanjeevsharma says:

    Hi all,

    I have recently purchased a Fujitsu siemens Pocket LOOX and would like to install the GPS software. can anyone tell me the best application to be installed. I am from UK and keep going to the US atleast 1 in a month.



  142. DrSASI says:


    I tried the steps above but I could not success?

    Then I add one step befor it which is:

    Activate the Beam so the i-mate started to accept the beam .

    so steps for Pocket PC are:


    Check the "Turn on Bluetooth" checkbox

    go back to Connections/beam

    Check the box "receive all incomming beams"


    Press the Device tab.

    Press "Add new partnership device…"

    select your GPS device and press Next.

    paskey 0000

    Check the "Serial Port" checkbox and press Finish.

    Press the COM Ports tab.

    Press "New outgoing port…"

    Select your device and press Next.

    You will see a COM port that has been chosen for your GPS.  For example, COM0.

    Press Finish.

    turn on mappoint

    configur gps to com0 (same as you choose befor)

    enjoy 🙂

  143. I have Destinator 7 + Route 66 installed in my Palm Treo 750 with windows mobile 5 and Palm GPS bluetooth edition III. after reading the post I was able to configure both the softwares to detect the antenna, however Destinator only works with a 240×320 screen resolution and the treo 750 is 240×240, does anyone have this problem also or knows the solution please email me back thank you very much!

  144. Tim says:

    Top guide, from this I managed to get my Ortange SPV M3100 working with my BT GPS and Tom Tom 5.

    Thanks again.

  145. Moello says:

    Thanks a lot to all authors here !

    I have a QTEK9100 with WM5,a Keomo BT GPS mouse and TT6. Finally Erik’s great instructions helped me to configure successfully the GPS device in TomTom6.

    I thing it will be helpfull to list here again my "success story":

    1.Registry Hack to enable GPS settings icon in Control Panel

    HKEY_LOCAL_MASCHINEControlPanelGPS Settings

    – Delete the DWORD marked "hide" and/or “reconnect”

    – Add a DWORD called "Group" and give it the value of "2" (dec)

    – make a soft reset

    2.Registry Settings GPS

    – add the dword HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetGPS Intermediate DriverIsEnabled=1

    3.Pairing the PDA and the GPS.

    – discover and select BT GPS device

    – in requested type the password “0000”

    – Uncheck "serial port"

    – add an outbound serial port to the GPS device on com7

    4.Configure GPS intermediate driver  

    -open settings –>connections ->GPS

    -set program port: com6

    -set hardware port: com7 (speed 4800)

    -check "manage automatic"

    5.Start 2 GPS applications in parallel

    – Start a second program wich uses the GPS, and set it to use com6 (I used wififofum)

    – Start TomTom, select "other cabled GPS", and com6.

    6.Final step

    -Close TomTom

    -Close "other GPS-program" (wififofum)

    In the intermediate driver setup:

    -set both program port and hardware port to "none"

    In the bluetooth setup:

    -set GPS port to com6

    -Soft reset the device

    -Start TomTom

    Enjoy your working navigation system 😉



  146. JohnB says:

    Help – please

    I’ve read through every mail in the thread but still cannot get my Ipaq 6965 to recognise the internal GPS receiver, =using TomTom 6. I bought the 6965 in Singapore, loaded the TomTom app. but absolutley no joy whatsoever.

    Managed to change the registry to allow the GPS icon to be seen in "settings" but no matter what combination of software and hardware ports, still no GPS connectivity.

    What a pain ……… it’s what I bought it for in the first palce

  147. bebe says:

    hi everybody,

    I cannot connect my gps Parrot CK3300 with tomtom navigator5 running on WM6 on my new phone HTC Touch. Can anybody help? the hands free kit connects but the gps doesn’t. i cannot find the right settings – i tried a lot of the combinations above.

    thanks for help.

  148. Andrew says:

    I just upgraded my Dopod D810 (HTC Trinity) to windows mobile 6 and i stil have to run two gps apps for it to connect otherwise i have to use the hardware port … you would of thought that they would of found the problem by now..

    is there are a registry hack for this problem? anything would be good atm

  149. woojja says:

    How Can I use a GPS module?

    that is not a bluetooth device.

    So, I can’t use that? –‘

    Do i have to use Bluetooth Device only with WM5 smartphone SDK?

    I have a Samsung M620 (Black Jack-windowsMobile 5 smartphone) and FGPMMOPA2 GPS Module.

  150. Howard says:

    Ok, so my  phone provider has hidden the gps setting button on wm5. I see the registry entry above, but how do I access the registry

  151. primbcadman says:

    I have a HP6945 and its not working. I have looked at asset viewer and it says GPS "disabled". I have already been into the HK/machine/ and fixed it so that gps shows on the settings. How do I "Enable" the GPS. Looked in HK/currentcontrolset/system/GPSintermediate and IsEnabled valute set to "0". Is the where you would enable it and if so what should the value be?

  152. iOANNIS pAPAIACOVOI says:

    just got a Holux m1000 bluetooth GPS receiver for my phone. My brother has the same phone and receiver and has no problem. When I go to new outgoing port I have 2 choice. com6 and 7. When I choose any of these two I get a message"THE COM PORT COULD NOT BE CREATED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SETTINGS AND TRY AGAIN"

    Please help because I have no idea what to do

  153. Jan says:


    I have a PocketPC, WM6, with an internal GPS-Receiver (Hardware Port COM5, Program Port COM7).

    We have problems with configuring TomTom 6:

    Selecting COM7 I have the same problems as described in this blog, a second application must access COM7 🙁

    And even this solution doesn’t work reliably. Did anyone experience the same? How to solve this?

    Other chance:

    Enable TomTom 6 to connect to COM5. COM5 is not selectable. How can I achieve this?



  154. cARLOS says:

    LOL, So simple, I spent the better part of last night (3:00 am) trying to set up Axim X51V with Holux M100 with TomTom Navigator6. Now it works geart!

  155. Carlos says:

    Forgot, I deleted all partnerships and reseted everything to fact spec (no hard reset) and followed the instructions as thay are written. Holux M1000

  156. zuhaib says:

    plz help to get gps on my mobile

  157. Alex says:

    Did someone configure i-GO 2006 Plus  to use software COM port (via intermediate driver) on ASUS 639?

    I tried COM5 as h/w and others (including COM9) as s/w port, but i-GO works only COM5 in it’s settings.

  158. Ash says:

    I dont see Start/Settings/System/GPS in my windows mobile 5 pocket pc phone. I tried to use that hack But I dont know how to edit the registry on the phone. Can please someone tell me how to do tht?



  159. Lara says:

    I have the pharos 600 internal gps unit.  GPS Ostia software works fine, but I have not been able to work MS Live Search!  Tried differnt ports and the intermediate driver.  Any suggestions?

  160. Sasho says:

    How to pair i-mate sp5m (qtek 8300) with HI-406bt? Thanks.

  161. htc4350 says:

    Recently upgraded my htc 4350 to WM6. I have Asus BT100 external GPS. Under WM5 all worked fine, but now under WM6 the GPS simply refuses to pair. The message is: "the access code is incorrect". But… BT100 does not have any code! It is a simple device, the only control is on-off switch. Dope anybody have any experience configuring WM6 on htc4350 to undersand you bluetooth GPS?

  162. Shipanski says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Dopod 838pro running WM5 and Destinator PN v5.1.80. I have the patch 2577 which I installed the same time I installed Destinator. I have downloaded the PHM registry file and ‘unhidden’ the GPS icon for my system setting. I have set both the Destinator ports and the ports on my GPS setting on the phone to the same. ie Com8 NMEA baud 57600. I have selected the GPS hardware port to com4  baud 57600 same as my outgoing port on my BT settings. When I run Destinator it keeps saying "GPS not found" no matter what port I use. It did say there for one instance though that ‘signal was too low’ but then said immeadiatly after that ‘GPS was not found again’

    I have been reading previous forums and found them to be helpful with regards to the registry hack but still cannot get my program to regognise the GPS reciever. Would love some helpful tips



  163. MisterE says:

    I Want to install Tom tom software on the GARMIN Que Pocket PC.

    Could you give exact step  by step instructions?


  164. EddieAZ says:

    Hello Guys,

    How do I acces the registry on my Pocket PC.

    How do I open the registry? where is it located?



  165. My Fujitsu Siemens pooket loox hand computer cannot stop the GPS locator aplication. So i cannot lauch tomtom or arcpad (the packages that i want use to manage the GPS). After a period wen all the threee aplications worked, gps locator hinder other aplications to receive the signal from the gps.

    I try to stop it but it never leaves the memory. I try do choose the deactivate the option "manage gps automatically and now i can’t even acess these options because the hand computer stop to work…

    Any sugestion?


  166. sam says:

    i am trying to pair t mobile MDA with BT-328 GPS reciver

    and this is what i have done so far

    1 turned Bluetooth on (MODE)

    2 set new partnership with BT-GPS-335AF6(Devices)

    3 set new outgoing port com7 (tried with both check uncheck serial)(COM ports)

    4 set new incoming port com6 (COM ports)

    but still no luck the tom tom always displays "trying to connect to gps"  and the BT-328 was suppose to blink(blue) fast but it is not happening what am i suppose to do

    please help

  167. NL says:

    THanks so much for the tutorial – I hadnt been able to find the problem but I had only to pair my device again to make it work. Thx!!

  168. Mitch says:

    First time attempt with some trouble. Deleted outgoing com port settings for GlobalSat GPS.  Now there is know outgoing com port in the bluetooth set up. How do I get this back?

  169. aaron says:

    does anyone know what the cf com port is on a hp hx2495 pda?

  170. OG says:

    I just got the new HTC Advantage 7501 with internal GPS. I’m trying to usit with Google maps but it keeps giving me a message "relocating…" and doesn’t position the map to my location. I tried to follow some of the instructions in this blog but they seem to not apply to my phone. Anyone with experience on this?  Thanks!

  171. John says:

    I am trying to pair my Samsung Blackjack with my Dell BT-309. The Blackjack reconizes the BT-309 but will not connect. I am entering the passcode provided by Dell. Help.

  172. AL.Cabrera says:

    hi I sent up the gps managed driver on a HTC 8525 with mobile 5.

    The driver work with my app.

    I receive the data for lat and long from the receiver but when try to get new location data I get the same data.

    AS I walk through the app I can see the new data but I am not getting it.

    unless I return off the app and restart I can get the new data.

  173. Tostis says:

    i haven’t managed to close gps in my c# application. everytime i close gps from api Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Samples.Location.dll freeze the whole device.

    any advice?

  174. fasola says:

    thanks for all…you’re the best…my pocket pc is work with bluetooth gps…thank’s for all

  175. James L says:

    Hey everyone, i have a verizon palm treo 700wx.  I am having alot of trouble trying to set this up and i was wondering if you guys could be of some assistance.  I need help from the very beginning and if you could break it down barney style that would be awesome.  Thanks

  176. Ernest says:

    Hi all my bluetooth cant find built in gps receiver!!! any ideas why?(bluetooth is on and visible on device)

  177. Steve B says:

    Ernest – if you have a built-in GPS receiver, you don’t need to use Bluetooth to connect to it – Bluetooth is for external devices; your GPS is built-in.

    See if you can find an option to connect Google Maps to the internal GPS somewhere…

  178. Ernest says:

    OK. But my tom tom navigation cant find gps device(no gps device)then, and other navigation programs aswel!!!!any ideas why?

  179. Dani says:

    Hi… I know I’m off topic but I’m trying to get some help.

    Have somebody tried fakegps tools that come with new windows mobile 6 sdk refresh?

    I’m trying to use it to test some navigator apps but they don’t get any gps data.

  180. jerry says:

    How to develop a simple GPS application program that can start, stop, check the status of, and read position data from the GPS device. as in, it will display the GPS location on the screen of HP-IPAQ.

    im using visual studio 2005, windows mobile 5 pocket pc sdk

  181. – Introducing GPS Intermediate Driver   Scenario: jogging in a park with a friend. You wouldn’t

  182. Neville says:


    my mobile phone have buit-in GPS, how i configure??

    i don’t known hardware com port.

  183. EMinEL says:

    when i run the program the GPS open connection , but it doesnt let me to know the latitude and longtitude.

  184. Anton says:

    Hi all, if you go to you can download wmgpsshow, an utility that unhides gps icon from configuration panel.

    For those who asked for a simple gps utility, there’s also a tool called wmminigps that shows gps position and exports in kml/gpx formats.

    Regards, Anton

  185. Anton says:

    Ah, I forgot to say that in the forum of the website ( I found a tutorial on how to set a bluetooth gps connection.

    Hope it can be useful


  186. Duygu says:


    i want to ask a question to you. I made a program which is about scientific calculator for WM 5. But while im coding it on visual studio 2005 C#,i realized that i couldnt run it because of .net framework version which i use. im using .net framework 2.0 but PDA has 2003 second edition. i ran an emulator of second edition pocket pc on my pc but everything worked right.after i took it to PDA,it didnt want to run 😛 can you help me what i should do? i think i have two choices: one is deploying on vs. 2003(but i dont have enough time for it) and second one is PDA’s upgrade. but if i upgrade,where should i begin?


  187. remu says:

    plz help me how to connect my imate jama GPRS connection idea

  188. Shivpal says:


    I went through and tried to setup my VW (UT Starcom) XV6700 with a GlobalTop G66 Bluetooth GPS Receiver.  I am able to create a partnership but there is no communication.  After the selection of "Serial Port" phase, the communication stops and the GPS device shuts down to save power.  That indicates the two aren’t communicating.  

    I’ve tried all the suggestions but the problem has persisted.  My guessing is that somehow the Serial Port is disabled or something else.  

    Please help!!  Thanks.  

  189. Thomas says:

    The COM port could not be created. Please check your settings and try again – Solution:

  190. Maxsteel says:

    I was finally able to successfully pair my keychain 2000 with my Moto Q within WM5. The issue is to make sure in connection settings the usb to pc is set to ‘enhanced connectivity’ option. You may need to soft reset the Q and go back into whatever nav program’s settings your using. On TomTom, selecting other bluetooth gps will bring up bluetooth serial port 1. Select and you’re good to go. I’ve got it working with google maps, live search and TomTom 6.

  191. Biunno says:

    I have set my GPS connection as described but Windows mobile developer SDK sample GPS  application is not working

    it only show "on,StartingUp"

    and then total application stop.

    It seems that I have to configure the Application for com port cause my 14 days VITO trial application work  fine when I configure the com port section.

    So can any one give me some suggestion how the GPS sample project (of SDK 5) will run on my system



  192. Sergio says:

    The GPS sample from the "Windows Mobile 6 SDK" has some really serious thread issues. First they are "lock(this)" which imo is totally incorrect. Also it seems even after you Close() the gps session it still send data to the event handlers. I managed to fix the freeze problem when calling Close() by unattaching my event handlers for location and position changes. But I’m not sure that is the real solution for this problem.

  193. juan says:

    Hi everyone.

    A few days ago, I was surfing the web and I found out a project that works over most mobile phones which lets you know where your friends are in real time and update your status in twitter. It´s called Dimdix.

    On their website they say you don´t need a GPS system to detect your location. Does anyone know how this works?

    I´m using a Motorola L7 and amazingly it detected my location.

    I cannot stop thinking of all the things I could do with it.

    If anyone wants to take a look you can go




  194. Kabs says:

    Hi Everyone ,

    am tring to set up a pharos external gps on a Motorola symbol mc35 which has internal gps. The external one doesnt work but the internal one does.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks ,



  195. Alon says:


    I hope nobody asked it before me… it is way too long to read all comments…

    in Mobile 6 – what is the time for the OS to close the GPS? i mean lets say i have an application that use the GPS  one time every X min – after how much time the GPS will do a cold start?


  196. Nitin Singh says:


        I am using PDA having OS Windoes Mobile 5.0,i want to on bluetooth at startup of this PDA/Windows Mobile 5.0.Is there any exe? How can i do it?



  197. jacob says:


    friend i have been using a gps rental  from last few days there is site which provides a rental gps system this all are hand held system .

    Rent GPS CTguide and let it guide you to your destination with Satellite Navigation.

    Now you have the power and security to make any trip an effortless one whether you’re working, sightseeing or a little of both… You will never get lost again thanks to our GPS CTguide and rental services.

    Save time and money whenever traveling by having the information you want at your fingertips – whenever you need it.  Rent a GPS CTguide – it is your ultimate travel companion. Use our GPS rental service to get your device any time, any where.

    With multilingual turn-by-turn visual guidance, voice prompt navigation and easy to read graphics, traveling from place to place has never been easier and so visitor-friendly…  Just enjoy your trip!

  198. william says:

    hello, anybody know how to setup GPS on Windows Mobile 6.1?

  199. Dan C says:

    I have a question base on how I can let me computer reconize the movile device serial com port. current on my mobile device there is a gps enable on com1, but I wants to connect that to one of that application on my computer, and that application require a gps port. However it is not reconize it the gps port in mobile deive. Do you guys know have any idea how I can make teh computer reconize? thank you

  200. Michael says:

    I have a moto Q the FIRST one and dosent work for me! It has blue tooth but not in the settings folder

  201. Den says:

    Hi all,  Thanks fior the comments.  I am trying to set up Ambicom  BT GPS and having trouble.  I want to use it with Google maps.  I have the CAB from BlueGPS.  Neither the BlueGPS or the HTC 8125 can connect with the Ambicom.  I’m not super computer literate but can do some things.  How do I get into the registry to unhide the GPS?  Thanks

  202. Griff says:


    I have an O2 xda miniS (wm5) which i wish to use with a external GPS unit. I can pair the unit via blutooth no problem and i have tried to access the registry to unhide the gps driver but there are no values set just a folder icon labeled GPS.

    There is no External GPS icon in my system settings folder on my pda. What do i do next?


  203. Sol says:

    Hello I just received a pda for hx4750 ipaq It came with a 270 Holux Gm-270 ultra  It was meant for WM2003 but I have WM6 atm it is supposed to pair on bluetooth but it is not finding it. is there a new driver or will i not be able to use it?

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