New eHowTo video tutorials available

The MED User Assistance team has released 3 new video tutorials (a.k.a eHowTo's). These are available on MSDN here:

Here are the new ones you'll find:

  • Designing an Application for a Windows Mobile-based Device (Level 100) - Luke Bayler

  • Using Setup Projects to Deploy Windows Mobile 5.0 Applciations (Level 200) - Drew Batcher

  • Windows Mobile Security Model (Level 100) - Jenny Kays & Mel Sampat

Check out these videos for introductory information on a variety of Windows Mobile development topics. It's more fun than reading white papers and SDK docs.

Comments (4)

  1. najster says:

    Hi, If you can direct me to a better place to get this question answered please let me know.

    Can i setup a proxy server on WM5.0 device while i am configured to connect through ISP? I know i can, if I setup work connection. But, then, it doesn’t go through my ISP setting, right? thanks!

  2. Chua Wen Ching says:

    Can I download these videos instead of streaming?

    I had a very slow internet connections. Any help please?


  3. MelSam says:

    Chua Wen Ching: I’m sorry that we don’t have direct download links on that page. But yes, it’s possible to download the files. But you have to go through a number of steps to get the file.

    First, right click on the link (100k or 300k) that you want to download. Select "Save Target As" and save the ".wvx" file on your desktop. Open the .wvx file using Notepad or other text editor. Copy the URL for the .wmv file. The .wmv file is the one you want to download. But if you enter its URL in Internet Explorer, it will start streaming. So you will probably need to use a 3rd party downloader such as GetRight or Firefox to save the file instead of playing it directly.

    I will suggest to the content team that they provide direct download links to make this easier. Hope this helps.

    -Mel Sampat

  4. Dave says:

    Are they still there?

    Seem to have disappeared. Why?

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