Countdown to MEDC – Webcast Series

As part of the countdown to MEDC 2006, we have completed a 4-part webcast series. For those who are new to Windows Mobile development, this is a great preparation for the more advanced sessions that will be delivered in Las Vegas. The final webcast in the series will be live from MEDC.

Check out the Countdown to MEDC: Taking Your Mobile Apps to the Next Level webcast series today. Even if you're not attending MEDC, this is an excellent introduction to developing great apps for Windows Mobile.

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  1. Matthew says:

    The system through which these videos are downloaded is the stupidest, most annoying and most incompetent I have ever had the displeasure of using.

    Starting from the page of events, I must: 1) Say I want to register for an event, 2) login with a passport ID, 3) fill out a page of personal info, including email, even though I just gave a passport ID that, in theory, should provide all this, 4) go login to hotmail and click the link to verify I own the email address I gave despite having just done the passport login with the very same address, 5) give a name for the live meeting even though its weeks past, 6) select to download the record, 7) fill in an email address and company name, because the email verification after the passport login wasted already enough, 9) finally click the link to actually download the file. Repeat 4 times (minus verification of the email address)

    Systems requiring registration for free material is bad enough. Failing to use the passport ID info, instead requiring completion of a form, looks like utter incompetence. Passport was hyped as a universal login for all sites, yet even within Microsoft it can’t convey something as basic as the email address. This sort of absurd crap is drives people away.

    During all that bullshit, the ever reoccuring offer to take a Microsoft web survey popped up. I ignore those by habit, but was tempted to hit yes so I could express my dislike of this heap of rubbish, but then I came to my senses and realized step 1 of said survey would most likely be filling out a huge page of personal info despite being logged in with a passport ID.

    I know this is totally off-topic for a developers blog, but when a company pisses off everyone it interacts with, including the developers that support it, then the end result is good for nobody. There’s at least a chance that when I put my thoughts here somebody who cares and has some power just might notice them, but I’m not counting on it.

  2. MSDNArchive says:


    I understand your frustration with MSDN Webcasts. I’ve personally experienced the inconvenience you mention, and wish it was easier to view webcasts. I always thought I was doing something wrong or I have browser/cookie issues – but apparently others (like you) are feeling the pain as well.

    I’ve brought this post to the attention of several people inside the audience marketing team at Microsoft. We’ve informed the MSDN web casts folks as well. I can’t promise any dates but improvements will certainly be made.

    I appreciate you bringing this up. We are listening and will do what we can to make things better. We (MS employees) are consumers of MS services too, and usually face the same issues you do.

    Please email me at melsam [at] if you want to track status of this issue or discuss anything else offline.


    -Mel Sampat

    Program Manager

    Windows Mobile

  3. Matthew says:

    MelSam: Thank you for taking notice as well and starting proper internal procedures to improve the experience.

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