Meet the MEDC 2006 content team (video podcast)

Mike Hall's Embedded blog has a video podcast featuring the content crew for MEDC 2006.

Direct link to WMV

Watch it to find out what you will see (or miss) in Las Vegas next month. There's still time to register for MEDC if you haven't already. Hope to see you there!

Comments (2)

  1. Greg Smith says:

    It would have been great to include this video as an enclosure in the Windows Mobile Team Blog itself. Then, FeederReader could download it direct to my Pocket PC.

    Greg Smith

    Author, FeederReader – Pocket PC *direct* RSS text, audio, video, podcasts – Download on the Road

  2. Nino.Mobile says:

      Here’s TMM 138 – TMM back in all its glory.. :) 

    Software / Hardware…

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