New Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Emulator Supports Landscape

Are your applications ready for the next wave of Windows Mobile devices? Did you know that Smartphone devices with landscape screens of 320 by 240 are coming?

The good news is that you can test your applications right now, using the new Landscape Smartphone emulator. This installs into Visual Studio 2005 alongside the existing SDK emulators, and provides you with a virtual Smartphone device for testing and debugging.

Download it here from MSDN.

Comments (16)

  1. Jason says:

    And it includes AKU 2.0.0!!!

    Please update the other emulator images to AKU2 aswell.

    How is the "soon to be relased" stand alone emulator coming? Why is ut taking so long to finish?

  2. Laeeq Ahmad says:

    Is their anyway that Windows Mobile 5 is compatible with Microsoft .NET 3

  3. Jeff says:

    How do you enter numbers on the emulator?  There’s no key to shift to numeric mode.

  4. Jeff says:

    re my last comment, you can enter numbers by using the keyboard.  But the emulator should still provide a way to enter numbers in the emulator and change to numeric mode because one of the things I’m working on (and having problems with) is EM_SETINPUTMODE and it would be nice if the emulator would provide alternate keymap for numeric mode.

  5. tsaylor says:

    This is great news!  One question: I notice that when I deploy an application under this version, I get a message saying that the app might not display properly because it was designed for an earlier version of Windows Mobile.  Any idea how to eliminate this message?  I’ve tried PlatformMax/VersionMax, and BuildMax=E0000000 to no avail.

  6. Mac says:

    Does this mean we could run Pocket Quicken on our Motorola Q’s?

  7. Vikas says:

    Where can I get localized images of Landscape emulator? Installing smartphone localized image didn’t include localized landscape name in device emulator manager.


  8. Nino.Mobile says:

      ..just a few tonight as I get back in the groove. My new project kicked off this week here…

  9. tsaylor says:

    To answer my earlier question: to prevent the "might not display properly" message upon install, the trick is to include a "BuildMax = 0xE0000000" setting in the [CEDevice] section of the .inf file used to create the install CAB.  Also, it seems that the Smartphone 2002 version of CabwizSP.exe does not support this setting, so the 2003 version or later is required.

  10. Eric says:

    Does this version still have the issue described in this KB:

    It says the device driver in CE 4 Emulator will not run on a system with Data Execution Prevention hardware (DEP).

    Any plans to fix this device driver in the CE 4 emulators?

  11. lbendlin says:

    The new Beta 2.0 of the Device Emulator doesn’t work properly with the QVGA landscape smartphone image. The Function keys F1 and F2 do not work…

  12. Can anybody tell me if there is any emulator available for ORange Smartphone M5000?

  13. David Kline says:

    I was talking to Ryan Chapman the other day and he mentioned that he took a couple of photos during my…

  14. could some one please tell me if i can run windows mobile or pocket pc applications on my p910i symbian uiq phone.


  15. MikeCal says:

    Sorry, no.  Symbian is not compatible with Windows Mobile.  We’d be happy to work with them, but, so long as they control the market, don’t count on them being interested in working with us.


  16. khinnenkamp says:

    Is there a version of the Mobile 5.0 emulator that can run on a Vista Home Premium desktop?

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