Workaround for LAP: Windows Mobile 5.0

Here's an issue for LAP writers, and the associated workaround.

When a 3rd-party LAP is installed on WM5.0, WM5.0 AKU 0.x, WM5.0 AKU1, or WM5.0 AKU1.x, the system will continually force the SIP down when the device is locked. Users will not be able to easily authenticate with LAPs that require the SIP (e.g., password LAPs).

Set the REG_BINARY registry value: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Owner [PowrPass]" to a single byte with the value 3. If this is not set or set to any value other than 3, the system will force the SIP down continually.


Comments (3)

  1. John says:

    Is this fixed in AKU2?

  2. Mustafa Arif says:

    Is there a publicly viewable changelog for each AKU?

  3. John Wang says:

    Where can i find sample example for creating a custom LAP in Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC as well as Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phone?

    The Sample i got from Marcus Perryman’s WebLog does not seem to work on my HP hx6960 WM5 Smart Phone which is using AKU2 (MSFP) OS build of WM5.

    I wanted the LAP to load everytime i power on / off the PDA, it works for my Pocket PC which is using an older OS build of WM5, however when it comes to Smart Phone it fails to load.

    I wonder if the cause is due to the different OS builds or due to the differences in Pocket PC and Smart Phone platform.

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