Required update to Virtual Earth Mobile

If you use Virtual Earth Mobile, you will need to update your app to version 1.50 before February 12.  That's the day that the Virtual Earth servers will switch over completely to their new interface, and old clients will stop working.  The new version is attached to this blog entry.

In addition to supporting the new interface, new features include:

  • driving directions from the MSN Mobile website
  • WiFi locator
  • asynchronous loading of maps
  • stretching map tiles that are already downloaded until new tiles are downloaded
  • finer zoom levels
  • help page
  • support for builtin GPS on the HP iPaq

Thank you.

- Jason Fuller

Comments (43)

  1. Michael O. Schoneman says:

    Is the updated source available?

  2. pcause says:

    Love the app.  I have an XVY6700 from Verizon.  In the phone app I enabled the locaiton services, but when I go to Locate Me/GPS the app says it can not access the GPS.  Does the app need a GPS card or can it work with the phone based capabilities?

  3. FrankN says:

    I have the Sprint PPC6700 and a Bluetooth GPS receiver. I have verified that I have connectivity.  However I can’t get this app to recognize my GPS receiver.


  4. Carey Woods says:


  5. Ryan says:

    Does this app work with the Cingular 2125 WM5.0 Smartphone?

  6. jpf says:

    Works well on my M3000 (QTEK 9100 by Orange)with VisualGPS + Navigator 5.210.

    New GPS icon in WM5/Parameters/System : so BT GPS (Royaltek RBT 2010) on COM6 for the device, and COM8 for programs, automatic control to allow others programs to access GPS data.

    TTN5 : GPS/BT on COM8

    VisualGPS : GPS on SER08

  7. Mxnix says:

    Seems to constantly freeze or not find addresses 10 40 years extant.

  8. rbg08 says:

    I’m having the same problem with an X51v running WM5. Find Address does not work, even when I use the same format in the Help documentation.  The program also crashes a lot when searching for a business.  The previous version did not have these problems on my device.

  9. Jeśli używasz Virtual Earth Mobile będziesz musiał zaktualizować swojego klienta do wersji 1.50 przed…

  10. BillC says:

    Nice on a Palm 700w Jason! What are you trying to do? Google?

  11. David Andrews says:

    I like your Virtual Earth Mobile ver 1.5 with my WM 5 upgrade Axim.  Selecting he "Locate Me" and GPS sub option result in error message

    "Unable to obtain a location from a GPS device".  My Bluetooth GPS Device can be seen on Com8: @4800 baud.  How can I tell you  Virtual Eart Mobile software to find my GPS at

    that location?

  12. Nino.Mobile says:

    TGIF!  (sort of..  I’ll be working through the weekend yet again..*sigh*).   Oh yeah,…

  13. jaxf250 says:

    Very Nice Jason! Great app.

  14. Dragan says:

    Works well on Cingular 8125.  Thanks!!!

  15. I’m using a version with no version number, and it’s still working for me on 2/13.

    By the way, why are the APIs changing?  That’s usually a bad thing.


  16. Zachery Jacobson says:

    When will the updated source be released? This program is great!!! =)

  17. I’d also would really like to see the source to this new version.  I was working with the old QVGA version and I had updated it to VGA and worked on making it perform faster.  This new version comes as VGA aware now but for some reason it is really slow so I want to see if I can improve this one for my device (Dell Axim x51v)

  18. P Cause says:

    I’ve tried several addresses in NY City, Manhattan, and this stuff isn’t finding them.  Google local mobile finds them.  Anyone else notice this?

  19. kashif says:

    I have iPaq hw6510a builtin GPS. can I use your app and navigate through maps? also I tried running your app and I got this error.

    "error reteriving information from user datastore. platform not found"

  20. akheron says:

    the new 1.50 crashes and give me error message when I try to close the application. I’m on Axim X30 high (2003SE/QVGA)

  21. Arthur says:

    What is the diffrence between this version and version available on Virtual Earth Mobile web site: ?

    Seems that this version has extra file: System.Web.Services.dll.

  22. Paul says:

    I have the Pharos GPS-360 w/ Bluetooth dock and can’t get it to work with the WM5 GPS control panel and Virtual Earth Mobile.

    I have Mapopolis and Pocket Streets & Trips working with the GPS receiver, but they don’t use the GPS control panel. They use the COM ports I set up in the Bluetooth COM port setup. I’m using COM6 for incoming and COM7 (4800 baud )for outgoing in the Bluetooth COM port setup.

    I’ve tried every combination of COM6 and COM7 in the GPS control panel with no luck. Can anyone help?

    In the Bluetooth COM port setup, the COM ports are referred to as "incoming" and "outgoing".

    In the WM5 GPS Control Panel, they’re referred to as "program" and "hardware".

    How do they relate? Is the "incoming" port the "program" or the "hardware" port?

    Do I need to set up different ports than the "incoming" and "outgoing" ports for the "program" and "hardware" ports?


  23. I like my Cingular 2125 SmartPhone (see Windows SmartPhone can run my Web Apps).


    I went to Microsoft…

  24. Douglas says:

    How do I set the default location?

  25. Novinski says:

    Respected Sir,

    Is there any even remote chance you could make the source code to version 1.50 of VEMobile available to us, please, preety please!? 🙁

    A couple of my friends and I were working on a non-commercial mobile application that was based on your previous version of your application for a school project.

    We added a class pushpin to draw puspins on top of VE map tiles, and it was almost working fine, even after that feb 12th (cause that one "tiles3" tile server was still functioning even after feb 12th).

    But today as we were checking the app once again, we found out that EVEN that one tile server is now off!!! :'(

    We don’t have the strength to integrate v2 tile serving by the time when the app is due to be turned in, so is there any chance you could help us please at least by publish that part of the code that does tile requests work (previously MapTiles.cs file) – we’ve started looking at AtlasUIMap.js but doubt will understand it in time… One thing more about VEMobile 1.50 (I see 1.50 should work with GPS on non-WM5 Poctket PCs, which is a big plus because then we won’t have to work exclusively just on the WM5 emulator anymore, since we don’t own a WM5 GPS capable device), could you give some directions on how you did that (was that part written in native code, would you mind sharing that too, please)?!?

    Please, please, please… It goes without saying that in the about box, our app will have/has already "based on VEMobile by Jason Fuller"?!? And if you wish, we could even once our project’s done share our source code with you (and everyone else if you don’t mind). Considering it’s a uni project that won’t be anything that spectacular, I’ll admit that, but it will draw pushpins on top of your map to locations a db holds?

    My email if you read this and have mercy on us 😀 or the time to contact me is novinski[at] ([at] is obviously @ sign)…TIA

  26. luis says:

    is good

  27. ZachAJ says:

    Hey folks – it looks like Mr. Fuller made his code available to this web site. I am a student who was using this for a project, and you can use the code contained at this site to fix the tile downloading functionality. I used the standalone code, it just requires some tweaks to the geturl and X/Y to long/lat and long/lat to X/Y functions.

    Good luck!

  28. Yipyap says:

    Awesome! I have an HP iPaq rx3115. I can punch in my coordinates off my GPS and see where i am. Now if i only i could choose to download certain parts of the map to a storage card for veiwing offline later… But this is already pretty pimpin!

  29. Dylan Greene says:

    GPS does not work with Smartphones because Smartphones do not have the GPS Control Panel.  

    Are you going to add the ability to configure or autodetect GPS devices for Smartphones?  

    If you are not, can you release the latest source so somebody else can.

  30. Tom Happ says:

    This doesn’t work on my T-mobile MDA – it only shows a small square of map in the center with white all around, and does not seem to load in map tiles as I scroll.

  31. Michael A. Krehan says:

    It RULES. The only problem is that it does not pick the correct storage card to save the tile cache to. After I unlocked the extended ROM of my XV6700, the program crashes on startup. Here’s the callstack:













    Looks like it’s trying to get the storage path (which is probably incorrectly returned as /Extended_ROM when it should be "/Storage Card", and creates a directory there, which is not allowed on the EROM’s file system.

  32. Alberto Pujia says:

    Is the updated source available?

  33. mark says:

    wifi locater doesn’t work for me.. gives the error message ‘the wifi information was not in the expected format: SetAutoLocateViewport(3779463196, -122.4214631, 15, true, "");

  34. Matthieu says:

    On my K-JAM I’ve a format exception every time I try to find a place by address. Source code is available ?

  35. Is it working still, or did the service change?

  36. windowsmobile says:

    Yes, changed their server, which broke a few features of Virtual Earth mobile, such as Business Search and WiFi location.  At you can find version 1.64 which fixes these problems.


    Jason Fuller

  37. Henry Habermacher says:

    A nice tool. Just a view things I don’t like:

    – If I install VEM on my storagecard it will not find the help files. The path seems to be hardcoded and not relative to the installation path.

    – If I zoom in further than where tiles are available the tile (no map available) is loaded and is overwriting the zoomed tile. This doesn’t make sense.

    – I would like to have the cache on my smartcard (which has a size of 1GByte) instead of the main memory (that’s very limited). So I could cache more or less the whole world even in the highest resolution arial and road view.

  38. LeonardoSalvatore says:

    A very nice application!!!

    I developed that.

    We could merge it as a single great application 😉

  39. Great program.  I have the Pharos BTGPS and the program can not see my GPS.  I have it on COM7 via Bluetooth setup and I have WM05 on Samsung I730 where I set GPS hardware port to COM7 via the WM05 GPS Settings.

    Thanks for the great program. Using v1.5.  For whatever reason 1.64 could no install on my I730

  40. vatovani says:

    Is the updated source available? I would like to know, how to make directions an route planning on ppc.

    thx sandi

  41. Anna says:

    How I can use the virtual earth map in to my project.

    Waht all changes need  my project

    Help me please

  42. éric20 says:

    Is there any way to augment the WiFi location database by entering the AP at home and at work?

    (in the same line as skyhook is currently doing)

    NB: works great on Samsung SGH-i600 with BT GPS

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