Whither Voice Command Over BTh?

I had a request to do a blog entry explaining why Voice Command doesn't work over Bluetooth (BTh) headsets.  The long story is a sordid tale of love, betrayal, and the number 8. 


The short story is that the current version of Voice Command relies on microphones that sample at 16 kHz, but BTh headsets only do 8kHz.


A sample by any other name...
So, you want the long story, huh?  Okay, first let's talk about how computers collect data from microphones.  Computers do almost everything in discrete chunks.  When you listen to an audio recording, it sounds like a continuous stream of sound.  But it's actually a bunch of small bits of sound played so close together that your ears can't tell the difference.  A microphone is continuous.  It continually outputs a value that represents what it's currently hearing.  But the computer that is hooked up to that microphone is discrete.  The computer generally ignores what the microphone is saying.  Then, every so often, it checks the microphone's current value and writes it down.  Then it goes back to ignoring the microphone again.  When the computer checks the microphone, you could say that it is "taking a sample."  Most people just call this "sampling."


The more often you sample, the more accurate your recording is.  If you took one sample every second and then played it back, it wouldn't sound anything at all like what actually happened.  If you sampled a thousand times a second, you'd end up with something that somewhat resembled the original sound.  Do it 8 thousand times a second, and you'll do a pretty decent job of reproducing simple sounds like speech, but will do a poor job of reproducing more complex sounds like music.  You need to sample 16 thousand times a second (or more) to reproduce music reasonably. 


We talk about this in terms of "kilohertz" or "kHz."  Kilohertz means "a thousand times a second."


The best laid plans
Some software takes a very long time to write, often multiple years.  A problem facing any software developer on a multiyear program is that the world tends to switch out from under us.  Assumptions we make at the start of development might prove to be incorrect by the time we're done.


This is what happened to the Voice Command team.  They set out to make the best voice recognition software they could.  And, their original analysis said that they could do much better recognition if they designed their database around the assumption that audio would be sampled at 16 kHz instead of 8. 


At this point in history, BTh's future was murky.  Although it had strong backers, it wasn't doing very well.  There were people who promised that it would align the planets, create spiritual harmony, and bring about world peace.  There were others who felt that it was a flash in the pan that wouldn't go anywhere.  And there were a million more opinions that covered pretty much everything in between.  Publicly, Microsoft was pretty cold on BTh at the start, though a number of people in the company were strong proponents. 

So the Voice Command team had a tough decision to make.  Should they assume BTh would continue to flounder and write a better recognizer that relied on built in microphones (which can sample at 16 kHz)?  Or should they assume BTh would take off and everyone would want to do Voice Command over BTh headsets?


They decided that BTh would succeed, but that it was going to take a while to do it.  So they chose to go with the better recognizer first.  Then BTh took off more quickly than they expected.  It hasn't aligned the planets yet, but it's clearly going to be around for a long time to come.  So, in the end, they made the wrong choice.  And, as a result, Voice Command doesn't work on BTh headsets today.


Are we learning yet?
Have we learned our lesson and will never fail to foresee the future again?  Nope.  This isn't the first time this has happened to us, and it's not going to be the last time either.  We are constantly put in a position where there are competing technologies on the horizon but we only have the resources to support one of them.  Sometimes we'll pick the right one, and sometimes we won't.  


If our history has shown anything, though, it's that we won't give up.  We'll continue to work on our products and fix our past mistakes.  I can't announce anything with respect to future versions of Voice Command because announcing features is marketing's jurisdiction, and I'm a developer.  But I will say that, yes, we understand that Voice Command over BTh is an important feature.  You'll have to look to our history to figure out where we'll go from there.


Mike Calligaro

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  1. Frank Gilbert says:

    What an excellent article. Concise, interesting and completely understandable. Not a sentence of Microsoftian in it. (perhaps you could start a campaign in microsoft AGAINST their constant need to redefine half the words in the English language so that outsiders cannot understand what they are talking about.)

  2. Mike says:

    Not sure what all the hubbub is about – I use Voice Command over bluetooth on my Samsung i730 every day. Of course it is not a readily supported feature, but fortunately there are enterprising developers out there who make this stuff work for the rest of us poor slobs.

  3. MikeCal says:

    Frank, I’m glad you liked it. Thanks!

    Mike, could you post a URL to the solution you have? I’m sure others will be interested.

    Mike Calligaro

  4. Justin says:

    I like the article. Makes sense now as to why I am having trouble implementing this for a Dr. that wants to dictate into his Bluetooth Headset and have the text show up on the screen.

    Does anyone know if there is a Bluetooth headset that will sample at 16khz as well as a Bluetooth receiver?? or is this not possible?

    I’m using a sony laptop for this application and want to know if this is possible.

    THanks in advance.


  5. Brian says:

    Mike, first, thanks for posting this.

    Second, do you really mean 16Khz sampling rate, and not 16bit sample size? 8Khz is the standard PCM rate, and yields audio up to 4Khz, which I would have thought is more than adequate for something like Voice Command.

  6. PeterV [Nuance] says:

    Since VC is sampling at 16kHz, does that mean the ALL PPC’s support 16kHz sampling? PPC 2003se and also mobile 5?

    This is not clear to me when reading the PPC documentation.

  7. Tom says:

    Thanks for explaining that.  Too many times I wonder why one feature or another isn’t implementated in windows mobile, or why it’s taking so long for windows mobile to catch up.  Your article puts the Voice Command over bluetooth issue to rest for me. Thanks!

  8. Phil says:

    Is this the same reason that Voice Command won’t work on the Cingular 2125?  Is it becoming a trend for the microphones built into handsets to sample at 8kHz?  

    Is there a beta program for any possible upcoming release that supports 8kHz?

    Thanks for the detailed info!

  9. Berthold Dörrich says:

    Good article, makes me understand what happened. What I don’t understand though is that there are solutions out that in fact make VC work with BT headsets (e.g. "Voiceenabler"). Couldn´t Microsoft simply implement one of these solutions to VC, release a quick update and everything is OK? Seems to me that this should not require too many developing ressources, right?

  10. MikeCal says:

    Brian, I really do mean 16 kHz, not 16 bit.  Voice sampled at 16 kHz has information that we can use in our recognizer.  When you sample at 8 kHz, that information is lost.  It’s definitely possible to recognize from 8 kHz samples, but it takes a different acoustic model.  

    PeterV, I believe that, yes, all PPCs can sample at 16 kHz on their built in microphone.  I haven’t personally tried them all, though.

    Phil, I’m sorry, I don’t know the story on the 2125.

    Berthold, the issue with the solutions that make existing VC work on BTh headsets is that the recognition rate goes down.  We would rather do the work to do a full 8 kHz model that meets our quality bar.  If the intermediate solution is working for you, though, that’s great.  


  11. signs says:

    Senhiesr bt headset should do the trick. Should be out first quarter 2006. But, it does not seem to be up on their website yet. Do not know were to buy it either. But, you can find it in their press release i think it was last may.

  12. TheJTiggidy says:

    Please.. take your time.  This could be a slippery slope.  While the current version of Voice Command is amazing and is a must have for a PPC phone… I can see it quickly becoming a nusance with just the slightest change in recognition quality.  I currently have to repeat things a few times already.  If on a bluetooth headset it becomes more of a pain in the rear it will be unacceptable and I will end up not using it.  

    So please.. set the bar for 8khz higher than it currently is πŸ™‚  It will be a happy day when its completed!

  13. It can be done ... says:

    So much for your theory … get cyberon Voice command and use it with MS Voice command and a registry hack … works great …

  14. Brian Haley says:

    the HTC built smartphones like the audiovox 5600 and i’m sure the 2125 sample at 8khz. thats one of the reasons VC was never released for the Smartphone. it was a tough decision

  15. Jeff says:

    What’s the registry hack for Cyberon VoiceCommander with MS Voice Command?

  16. Ron says:

    If you have gotten the BT button to work successfully on a Palm 700w please post instructions.  I currently have a v710 and 700w so it would be nice to retire the v710 once the 700w works with the push of the BT button to make calls while driving.

  17. Dave says:

    I bought Voice Command for my Windows Mobile based device only to find out that it won’t install on smartphones.  I don’t see what the difference would be really.  Now I’m out the $40 for nothing.  πŸ™

  18. Joe Hemmerlein says:

    Well, at least now I know that I can stop searching for a solution. It’s sad that my PPCPE can do less than my cheap piece of crap Nokia 3610i regarding headset-initiated calling; especially as the law of my country does not allow me to touch my mobile phone while driving a car, for what reason ever.

    However, at http://www.modaco.com/Voice_dial_over_bluetooth_headset-t197879-s15.html there is a patch described that makes at least the soft-button on your headset initiate the VC prompt; but it does not (yet?) transmit any audio to VC.

  19. Chris Falzon says:

    Just a couple of points to complete the discussion…

    There is now a relatively simple means to get MS Voice Command to use a Bluetooth headset (both the microphone and speaker.) It involves using a PocketPC registry editor (google: PHM  registry editor) to change the key  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREOEMVoiceCommandPath to a new value: ‘Program FilesVoice CommandVoiceCMD.exe’ (without the quotes.)

    Secondly, the above statement about 8Kz limitation may have been the case with the original Bluetooth standard v1.0, but the standard for the last 18-months have been version 1.2 which has a bandwidth of

    1 Mbit/s which equates to 16-bit mono at 62kHz in optimal conditions. Although in reality a radio interference environment of 50% loss would reduce this to 30kHz.

    (Note: The new standard on the horizon is Bluetooth 2.0 with 4 Mbit/s designed for a realistic 16-bit stereo at 48KHz.)

    Source: http://www.wirelessdesignasia.com/article.asp?id=1345

    So the proof from the theory…

    I have a Jabba JX10 headset (BT v1.2) partnered with a XDA Exec (aka HTC Universal) and have the headset working with 95% voice accuracy when the PDA is in my back pocket or in my shoulder-bag, a distance of approx 3 feet(1m.) The audio quality of the playback voice can be a bit crackly at times due to external interference of the surroundings but very audible.

  20. Fred says:

    Hi to all.

    Well, here is my experience

    with Microsoft VC,my MDA Vario,a Plantronics 640 bluetooth set & the above registry hack. I installed MVC & modified the registry.

    Voice Command will work

    BUT" The headset button needs to be depressed twice for a command function to work properly & 3 times after a phone call has been made or received. I also installed the Bluetooth on,off, & toggle utility. You can hear all audio tnru the hdadset until a call is made or receivec. You will hear MVC anounce the caller thru the headset only once. After that you must turn the Bluetooth utiliy on again. I am using both programx,MVC & the OEM name tagging program. If anyone out there has a fix or utility to correct this problem(lETS GO MICROSOFT )

    I would appreciate any info.

    Thanks for your patience with my long note. Fred

  21. Joe says:

    Here’s my experience:

    I have been using a Jabra BT250 and an iPAQ 6315 phone with MS Voice Command for the last 18 months.  No major problems.  Some minor issues: The phone needs to be answered with headset for the best clarity. I have to engage VC twice before it is picked up by the headset.

    The best is it understands my "Philly" accent over the headset.


  22. I got the registry editor and tried to do the " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREOEMVoiceCommandPath to a new value: ‘Program FilesVoice CommandVoiceCMD.exe’ (without the quotes.)

    " fix; however my Microsoft Mobile 5.0 registry has no such entry.



  23. Nigel H. says:

    Brilliant article – kept to the point and refreshingly honest (I think we can all appreciate that).

    If only I could get the answer to my most perplexing BT problem with WM5. Unfortunately we instructed all our customers to upgrade from handhelds running CE4.012 to handhelds running ozone update if they wanted to use the Motorola V710 with Bluetooth. The problem is now that we’ve moved everyone to WM5, we now find that the V710 doesn’t pair correctly. Rather embarassing and frustrating for all involved 8-(.

  24. robr says:

    Unfortunately the reghacks above do not work with WM2003SE devices.  I’d kill to have VC over BT work on my HP 6515 :(.  I too have a Jabra JX10.

  25. Michael Daugherty says:

    Ok…I’ll give you that Bth ISN’T a high enough fidelity for Voice Commands, which, BTW, works VERY WELL from the phone itself, thank you…however…why doesn’t the "initiate" command from a bluetooth headset simply invoke voice command, and let me speak that into the phone?  No, I have to take my hands off the wheel, push a button that I had to assign (got rid of the Windows Media Player button…please, don’t get me started on THAT!), and THEN it connects to the headset?!  Also, why does the phone user guide not include ANYTHING about what commands Voice Command recognized?  Seriously, can’t find the list of commands it recognizes anywhere…if I hadn’t just "tried" a few things…I never would have figured it out!

    Good technology, poorly integrated and executived, is even more frustrating that bad technology poorly executed!

    Big Daddy

  26. Interesting reading the reason behind the lack of official support for MS Voice Command in WM5. However, as others in the thread have noted, many of us have, indeed, gotten good results by using the registry mod that invokes Voice Command when the headset initiates a connection to the phone.

    I’m using a new T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard) with the stock ROM. Purchase and installed Voice Command, and made the registry mod (actually did so via Darryl Burling’s "Voice Enable" utility).

    Result is about what Fred and Joe (above) have reported. After first turning on BT, the first tap of the connect btn on my headset invokes Voice Command properly. However the phone will not respond again after the first call is ended if I just tap once. I have the distinct impression that some channel between the phone and headset has not closed after the call is over, until I tap the connect btn right after the call. So I have gotten used to tapping the button one extra time after the end of a call. Then, when I need to make a new call, I simply tap the button once, and it behaves as expected.

    Re: sampling rates and recognition accuracy – There MUST be something to what Chris Falzon said (above) about BT 1.2 — I’m amazed at the accuracy of Voice Command via my BT headset (Motorola HS850). I have about 200 names in my phone book, and it works exceedingly well. I can also run all sorts of commands such as "what time is it?" "what is the date?", I can have it execute custom shortcuts that I create (.lnk files) — and I use this to great advantage to invoke the 7 different shortcuts I have installed that turn on/off the phone profiles I have defined in PocketZenPhone. Absolutely great combination: Voice Command and PZP, so that I can switch profiles by voice with ease – perfect.

    Hey – if MS can make the next version even better, great. But for now, if they could correct the connect/disconnect behavior, I would be thrilled. It’s not a killer, but it’s a tiny flaw that mars an otherwise outstanding product.

    – Jon

  27. Jay Vergara says:

    Thank You Fred, wherever you are for posting your results using the MVC and MDA.  Cause I have tried everything possible with my MDA, BT H700 and the well-known hack, and after the first call MVC drops off like a ton of bricks! I have to soft reset every time to get it back, and then the only way it works via BT is using the assigned button on the MDA device for MVC. But once it’s working, as long as I don’t get a call, or make a call, I can actually hear sounds from my device, games, notifications, etc on BT. I never had a problem using MVC on my iPaq h6315 over BT. I also never had a problem getting sounds, notifications on my iPaq h6315 over BT. Why for the life of me, were these functions taken out of WM5 is beyond me, and makes me sad! I have tried every possible experiment. If the hack can get MVC, sounds, notifications, to work over BT on my T-Mobile MDA WM5, why for the life of me did Microsoft not support it?

    I can only hope a future ROM update will give this back to the people who now use smart phone ppc’s!  What perplexes me is, I have been on board discussions over MVC and BT, and some owners of the same devices, using other BT headsets have had success with the hack!   Common MS let get with it!   Give the people what they want!

  28. Jay Vergara says:

    Interestinly enough in reference to MVC and T-Mobile MDA, the hack and phone drop off, I have come across two boards with two conversations which brought up the BT HS850 Motorola. Like I said, it seems some BT headsets must work better using the hack then others. My H700 Motorola does not give me sames results on BT connect button. I have to be a magician to get it to work, most of the time, I have to soft reset device. I need to look into an HS850 BT model.

    My other questions is, Can the T-Mobile MDA, or WM5 get sound, notifications over BT without MVC loaded? Because i can get sound, notifications, etc, over BT when MVC is working, but without MVC I only get it via the device itself.

    However, on my iPaq h6315 WM03, I can get sounds and notifications with BT without MVC. There is a feature in the BT manager of the iPaq h6315, hands-free,  which gives me the option to enable or dissable sounds, notifications over BT. Why does WM5 not have this feature?  What heppeded to MS with WM5?

  29. Jay Vergara says:

    Ronald Garand can’t find registry?  

    What device are u using, cause on the WM5, if ur using a regedit, like kilmist Registry Editor, you don’t see a HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder?  And if u do see this folder, you can’t click on the + sign and see sub folders? Which is were you find a Software folder, then open that up to find an OEM folder, then open that up to find a folder named VoiceCommand?

    Weird device brother..

  30. MadDogX007 says:

    I appreciate some of the results people get, but it would be nice to get a link to some of the utilities or software, especially if they work for you,  Fred who said, "I also installed the Bluetooth on,off, & toggle utility" I have no idea what that meant, and had to research it. This is called the BTAudio Toggle Utility, here is the link to more information on this utility: http://www.pdaphonehome.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=54951&perpage=20&pagenumber=1

    Here is the download of the actual btaudio.zip file. This may work for some of us. http://www.pdaphonehome.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=6296&d=1125452100

  31. MadDogX007 says:

    That little utility BT AudioON may have saved my sanity for now. After a call on my t-mobile MDA when MVC drops off, I can click on the BT AudionOn and here comes MVC back again on BT! I still can’t press connect button on BT headset to get MVC, but now if I can figure a way to assign a button to the BT AudioOn utility, I can trigger it after a call when driving, then press the assigned button to initiate MVC again. A two step process, but it’s a better solution then soft reset with the Motorola H700 BT headset! Better yet, I wonder if u can make a batch file and run on a PPC, assign a button to the batch file which would run BT AudionOn, then VoiceCMD.exe. This would solve my immediate problem on one move! Well food for thought

  32. Great article, but a guestimated time frame before this is patched or fixed would be nice.

    The thought of having to hack my registry is a little intimidating, especially on a brand new device XV6700 (that should have come with MSVC in the first place).

    I just had to buy a "new" version of VC(from July 2005!) and I incorrectly assumed that VC would work via Bluetooth by now, and frankly, I’m shocked that it doesn’t.

    C’mon Microsoft…Get it together!

  33. Joe says:

    Well thanks to Jon’s input I was able to find a headset that worked with my T-mobile MDA and VC…the HS850.  Problem was I didn’t like the fact that I had to hold the button down and wait for the beep to break down the BT connection. This prompted me to try several other devices:

    Motorola H700 – works 1 time and requires a reset to regain VC connection.  

    Plantronics Discovery 640 – works well but, I also have to push/hold the activation button 3 times to hang up a phone call and tear down the BT connection, similar to the HS850.

    But I did find a winner…The Cardo Scala 500.

    1st thing I noticed was that it began working immediately after pairing with my MDA.  I put on the headset, tapped the activation button once and voice command activated.  It only requires 1 taps to tear down the VC channel between VC activations provided that the command was not issued to make a phone call.

    If you do issue a command to make a phone call you have to tap the activation button 3 times to end the call and tear down the BT connection.  But after that it’s back to single tapping;-)

    The key for me was that in all cases it only requires a tapping of the button not a press/hold/wait for the beep scenario.

    Also while the headset doesn’t have true noise cancelling it has something called wind sensing technology or something to that effect.

    I tested this by using the device to place calls from my car with windows open and in my company datacenter which is quite noisy.  While the receiver of my call could her some of the background noise, they each said that the could hear my voice clearly.

    I was also able to initiate voice commands as well with approx 90% or higher recognition.

    As if this wasn’t enough to make me happy already, the device comes with a travel and a car charger, a belt clip (although the clip is so tiny I’m not sure what it’s supposed to clip to) and a neck strap all for $49.95 U.S. at CompUSA.

    It would be nice to have the BT connection after a phone call with a single clip, but after all my testing I’m quite happy with the Scala.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  34. MikeCal says:

    Thanks for all the info, Joe.


  35. robr says:

    Am I correct that this reghack for WM5 only works on devices that come with MVC preinstalled?  Someone recently tested this hack on the new WM5 6915 from HP and it did not work.  Upon further searching I see several people with the same issue on WM5 devices that did not come with MVC preinstalled.

  36. Razzajazz says:

    This registry hack only works for devices that have some sort of voice dialling capability already built in. If your device does not support voice tags, then you cannot use this hack.

  37. MadDogX007 says:

    I am not sure if that statement of you requiring some capability already built it, like voice tags, that MSVC will not work. I used an iPaq h6315, and it DOES not come with voicetags or any type of phone communication, and MSVC works beautifully!  As a matter of fact I wish MSVC worked as nice on my WM5 MDA. But the truth of the matter, MSVC does not support WM5, thus the hack comes in.  If MSVC continues stops communicating with your BT headset, that’s where BT SoundON utiltiey is a blessing in disguise.  The problem is with MSVC and BT, not with WM5 devices and MSVC. For links to SB Sound utilities see previous posts above.  MSVC works nicely for me on the WM5 MDA, after hack, and soft reset, MSVC clearly communicates with BT. The issues have always been with some, that after 1st call MSVC stops communicating.  The only way to get it back, is to click on BT SoundON (freebie) and then click on MSVC, you will hear it again on BT.  My solution, was to assign MSVC to button #4 on MDA, and because botton #4 also serves another purposes, if u hold it will use built in recorder, I assinged the hold feature to BT SoundON. So one button handles both. AFter a call MSVC stops communcition, I press and hold button 4 BT SoundON engages, then release and quick press of 4 again, you hear MSVC again.  That is my luck with the Motorola H700 Headset, cause I know people with the older version BT headset that don’t get this isue. The hack is suppose to allow you to also use the connect button on the BT headset to get MSVC, but it works for some, not for me. My sotuion, thank you, is BT SoundOn. Good Luck

  38. MadDogX007 says:

    P.S. I am not aware of any devices that come preloaded with MSVC? What device are u talking about? I would have loved for MSVC to come loaded with the Wizard/MDA/Qtek9100 and with support for WM5 BT.  That is too good to be true, cause I just hacked my device and loaded the new 2.17 T-Mobile US (custom) ROM upgrade, and still same issue with MSVC and BT. It has a lot to do, I believe with the model of BT headset, and the fact that MSVC does not support BT, yet.

  39. MadDogX007 says:

    Joe…."I’m quite happy with the Scala"  Good to know man, cause my biggest frustration has been the H700 like u tested, but salvation has been BT SoundON assigned to button (hold) 4. I will look into the Scala.

  40. MadDogX007 says:

    Scott Hendison " The thought of having to hack my registry is a little intimidating"

    You should never be intimidated to hack a device bro. I do it all the time and it runs better than any MDA in the mrket.  For example, I just upgraded the ROM to 2.17 version (see xda-developers forums). This is the ultimate hack and it went smoothly!  Yes it is a little concerning when you read about the experience, but get down to it makes ur device faster and better experience.  I’m not going to wait for T-Mobile to come up with some darn ROM upgrade they are already enjoying in Europe.  

    Anyway, here is two ways to hack your delvice with little and no chance of damage.  

    Tweak2k2 has hack cheap utility worth owning. http://www.tweaks2k2.com/ and if u want a Freebie just for the MSVC hack, this one works nice and does not require soft reset…. http://www.burling.co.nz/Default.aspx?tabid=105&def=ErrorMessage

    Good Luck

  41. schu70 says:

    Made the very simple reg change.  MSVC is working like a champ!!  I really don’t mind the second tap of the headset button to end the open communication between the two.  I’m using a Motorola HT500 (Bth ver. 1.2)and have my mic set to 16bit stereo, no issue with voice recognition.

  42. MadDogX007 says:

    schu70 Motorola HT500? I know I can’t be going crazy I have done enouph google searches to fill a planet, but when I cut and paste this model all I get is two way radios from Motorola and no BT headsets.  But life on google is not alwas perfect.  Can u supply a link to this product? Cause I am shopping for a BT headset that will work simless via connect button with MVC.  


  43. Walt Amason says:

    The aforementioned registry hack will only work on devices from certain carriers.  I own an HTC Apache (UTStarcom ppc 6700), and it is completely unlocked, meaning there are no features disabled like Sprint and Verizon do to theirs, and mine does not have the VoiceCommand folder under "OEM", and I have Voice Command 1.5 installed.  But I’ve known Verizon users who have the same device, and theirs has the entry.  I don’t know why this is, as most Smartphones don’t come with voice command anyway.  I think it may have something to do with certain carriers loading a custom dialer/dialing program into the device, which creates the registry entry, allowing you to change it.  

  44. MadDogX007 says:

    by Walt Amason

    The aforementioned registry hack will only work on devices from certain carriers.  I own an HTC Apache (UTStarcom ppc 6700).

    Interesting, looks similar to the MDA, Qtek9100, etc. Good to know sometimes cause, i guess it pays to do some research on these devices before investing. But totally clear on your msg. Your 6700 came bundled with MSVC 1.5? And MSVC works with no issues on you BT Headset?  You device does not come with Voice Speed (voicetags)? And it’s unlocked, but your network is acually Verizon, true?

    The company that seems to make voice speed, dialers for all smartphones, I think, is http://www.cyberon.com.tw/sapiengine.htm . They must have a sweet contract with MS, or MS must secretly own part of it, as well as MSVC, but why Voice Speed over MSVC on smartphones, is a mistery, which may have something to do with BT.

  45. MadDogX007 says:

    Walt Amason on 6700.

    I looked up ur phone 6700. Maybe I should have done more research? 416MHz CPU, wow!  But I do need MSVC.

    My Son in law is looking for this type of HTC style phone, but wants to use Verizon. Where did you get your unlocked version? Do you like Verizon over Sprint? or vise versa?  

  46. ZyDAS says:

    I know that Bluetooth SIG is working on a new thing called Wideband Speech. Wideband will be added to Headset and Hands Free profile.

    Wideband Speech will carry 16KHz voice and it is going to use eSCO as opposed to SCO today.

    eSCO can take advantage of Enhanced Data Rate only available in Bluetooth 2.0.

    Long story short, next year you should see new headsets in the market using BT 2.0 with Wideband Speech.

  47. Gil Motta says:

    I attended the Bluetooth SIG meeting last week.

    I know that Bluetooth SIG is working on a new thing called Wideband Speech. Wideband will be added to Headset and Hands Free profile.

    Wideband Speech will carry 16KHz voice and it is going to use eSCO as opposed to SCO today.

    eSCO can take advantage of Enhanced Data Rate only available in Bluetooth 2.0.

    Long story short, next year you should see new headsets in the market using BT 2.0 with Wideband Speech.

  48. Frank says:


    Walt Amason on 6700.

    I looked up ur phone 6700. Maybe I should have done more research? 416MHz CPU, wow!  But I do need MSVC.

    My Son in law is looking for this type of HTC style phone, but wants to use Verizon. Where did you get your unlocked version? Do you like Verizon over Sprint? or vise versa?  

    I have a sprint 6700 and I like sprint because of their plans and willing to work with customers.  sprint offer data plans for unlimited for as little as $15, not so for verizon

  49. Ryan says:

    One has to wonder, this long after Windows Mobile 5 was released, if there really is any work being done on Voice Command anymore.  As many have said, the hardware limitation mentioned in the blog are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Is there really a reason Microsoft can’t release a simple patch that would allow VC to function properly with a Bluetooth headset (barring any hardware limitation with voice recognition)?

  50. MadDogX007 says:

    I hope so! These developers for MS don’t have a clue! They are in a closet, with tunnel vision! Case in question, why does MSVC work so nicely on WM2003, actually my old iPaq 6315. MSVC works without a flaw with BT. Yet they could not keep this feature on WM5????

    Why does it work so nicely with WM5, on my Motorola H700, IF, only IF, I use BT SoundOn utility?

    Why does it work so nicely using my NOW BT H500, which is older then BT H700, with MSVC and the H500 BT connect button?

    There is no excuses!! WM5 could also have included BT Audio streaming to STEREO BT headsets on extended ROM installation. How? Upgrade is available on XDA-Developers forums already.

    These engineers, or software people have no clue!! And where is Mr. Gates?? Sitting in a room like 007 talking to video conference monitors?

    This is a microscopic pimple on Gates rear, and it itches once in a while.

  51. Dave Perri says:

    I have Cingular 8125 and use VC great but again not through my bluetooth. I saw at Comp USA they have a Bluetooth that uses the 16khz would that solve my problem?

  52. Tweakradje says:

    Why not start with making "reading the active window contents with a push of one button" available in the next version. That would help some visual disabled people. ;O)


  53. Melvin Lopez says:

    I have a QTek 9000 (HTC Universal) and I purchased the Jabra JK10 BT headset that Chris Falzon.  I paired it and put the registry hack but how do I get the BT headset to activate MVC?  With the Buttons applet I can set a hard button which works but I would like to use the headset.

  54. Walt Amason says:

    MaddogX007, My carrier is Cellular South, a regional CDMA carrier based in MS.  I’m employed there as a service technician.  Pretty much all of the phones we carry are completely unlocked.  Concerning my 6700, it did not come with VC, and doesn’t have the appropriate registry entries to allow the bTHS to work with VC.  It must be some type of customized option by a carrier that makes it possible.

  55. Shawn says:

    Any one figure out why 6700 users don’t have the OEMVoice Command in the registry?

  56. Jamaal says:

    If you guys are having trouble finding HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES, use total commander registry editor.  The folder will be listed as HKLM under the registry folder.

  57. Walt Amason says:

    The problem is not finding the Local Machines Hive in the registry, the problem is that the on some devices there is no "VoiceCommand" folder under "OEM" in the registry.

  58. In a previous post, there was mention of the Verizon 6700 pda running on WM5 and its ability to be hacked by changing the registry value for voice command. I have this phone and cannot find this registry value. Have any other Verizon users who have 6700s found this registry value or figured out some other way to activate Voice Command with their bluetooth headset?

  59. Joe says:

    I guess since people at Microsoft are under the impression that Voice Command doesn’t work over Bluetooth (which it does) we’ll never see a simple patch fix of closing it’s connection to the bluetooth after it runs because that’s all we need to get it to work with a greater amount of Bluetooth headsets.

    It’s a real shame, I’ve been trying to replace my Motorola HS-850 headset, so far tried a Jabra J10 and a Motorla H700, both seem to have issues after a call where Voice Command didn’t close it’s bluetooth connection.

    VoiceCommand is the best voice dialing software out there, it needs a few fixes to get it working smoothly with today’s devices and definately has a big enough following to warrent a new version with lots of new and useful features for WM5 phones!

  60. Jason Epperson says:

    The reason there is NO reg key for the 6700 is that it does not have Voice Command installed during manufacture.  

    OEM software is the software that is installed by the maker of your PC/device.

    Since HTC did not include VC in their initial software package on the 6700 there is no OEM entry.

  61. Alan says:

    I have a Cingular (wizard) 8125. Did the Reg hack (really very easy, just wrote down the text string I was replacing, just in case, and entered the new string value.) and all is working. I’m using my three year old Motorola HS-810 with almost flawless results. I don’t turn no/off BT during the course of the day which ‘may’ relieve some of the start/stop problems others seem to have. I do use the ‘one push’ start ‘two push’ end, but I had to do that anyway with my old phone (mpx220). Only problems I have so far are; Sound quality of command responses are poor, sometimes hard to discern and my massive contacts folders have some multiple entries for some ppl and MVC gets confused. The only other changes I’ve made to the phone is to add MS .net Framework 2.0 and installed MVC to device memory vs. storage card.

    Now for questions:

    1) If I get a 16khz BT headset, will the phones BT implementation/MVC know to use a 16khz sampling rate?

    2) So far, everthing I want to install on this phone "recommends" installing to device memory NOT card storage. Is this the way of it? If so, the only use I see for storage is for media files, and device ramm is going to dewindle to nada VERY fast.

    BTW, Great thread here everyone; Mature, intelligent, polite. Cudos to all πŸ˜‰

  62. Bryan says:

    Ok, so we all realize that on the 6700, the needed registry key doesn’t exist.  Is there any work around for this?  

    Thanks for the help

  63. Jon says:

    If anyone knows how the get MVC over Bth with the HP 6515 and a Discovery 640 – I’m your new best friend.

  64. robr says:

    sorry, no new best friend for you.  i’ve been looking into the 6515 for ages and followed all threads regarding this on mobility today and other 6515 forums.  while there has been some success at figuring how to open the audio gateway, there has been zero success at actually transferring any audio over that gateway.  the forthcoming 6915 does NOT resolve this problem as far as MVC over blue tooth (though unlike the 6515 it will play standard audio over bluetooth such as GPS directions and music).

  65. Edward says:

    I have been looking to purchase the E-TEN G500 and ended up at this forum trying to find out if it is possible to use voice over bluetooth. Anyone know of a fix specific to the E-TEN G500?


  66. Trent says:

    I have a Verizon branded 6700 but with none of the Verizon software installed (really easy to do) so it’s essentially an unbranded phone.  Mine did not have the controvertial OEM value in the registry either.  I just made it.  I have VC running through my BT headset just fine with the series of registry hacks mentioned in above posts.

    I just wish there was a way to keep the audio gateway open and initiate the VC button with just the headset.  Currently I need to close the audio gateway and then when I turn it back on it initiates VC again.  I just wish there was a simple way to map a short tap button on the headset to open VC.  Anyone know a way to do this?

  67. Trey says:

    In a nutshell….

    My goal is to use this Bth device:


    to connect to my Verizon XV6700, using MS Voice Command.

    By pressing a button on the 5G, I’d like to be able to speak the following commands and get a voice response:

    1. What time is it?

    2. What is mom’s address?

    3. What is my next appointment?

    4. Call Bill at Home

    Is this possible yet?

    I would be very interested in speaking with anyone who has had successes similar to the above.

  68. Eugene says:

    Trent how exactly did you make the missing oem registry entry? If you could relate the exact syntax in creating that entry it would be greatly appreciated.

  69. Chris says:

    I have installed the audio gateway software that forces the audio through the BT connectin, however the headset mic does not seem to be picking up my voice very well. I know this because when i force the Audio to the headset when using SKYPE the person I’m talking to can only just faintly hear me.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this?



  70. Bluetooth Freak says:

    I have been reading this and I find it all very interesting.  I’ve been all about bluetooth since I found out about it 3 years ago(before sprint had a phone to support it and they took their sweet time!)  I switched over to the ppc 6601 and was sad to find it did not make voice prompted calls with bluetooth.  But then the luckiest thing happened to me, it broke.  Sprint didn’t have anymore so they sent me a ppc6700.  I had expected the same disappointment with this phones bluetooth.  Now I’m not one to go hacking around inside my phone.  But I do like to have the latest ROM and software updates.   So I visited the manufacturers website to see about any updates they have.  I was thrilled to find that in their latest update for the ppc 6700 they had included a voice-dialing program.  And lo and behold the damn thing starts when I hit my bluetooth head piece.  I was so happy I wen running around my house(My girlfriend thought I had lost it!).  I’ve been going around entering this on ever forum I can find on the topic!  So if you lucky enough to have this phone please visit http://www.utstar.com/handsets/view_phone_details.aspx?mcode=PPC6700&bID=30&sAct=0  and download the latest ROM and software update.  Your days of frustration are over.  Also check out their updated user manual, it now includes the voice-command functions.  Happiness to all!!!!!

  71. Gotta have VC over BT says:

    In response to BT freak.  That’s great for Sprint customers, but it would be nice if UTStarcomm acknowledged those of us with the Verizon flavor of the 6700.  Heck I may just try and flash it any way and see what happens, worst thing is I end up with a dead device, thank god for unlimited replacement warranties.

  72. nmh says:

    In response to Trey…. I own a ppc6700, MVC, and a Bluespoon AX2. Using the phone settings in Tweaks2k2 I was able to activate Microsoft Voice Command with the bluetooth button and listen to the response on the headset, verify the command and have the phone dial the number. In short, with Tweaks2k2 and your listed setup you are good to go.


  73. Rowland says:

    Is there going to be a version of Voice Command made for Pocket PC Verizon XV6700 Smartphone?  Would be nice!

  74. Seraph says:

    I encouter a problem when using bluetooth headset/handfree with Window Mobile 5.0 Device Emulator! Could you help me?

    Test environment:

    The Window Mobile 5.0 OS is running on the Device Emulator. I connected a CSR bluetooth device successfully,

    and this bluetooth device can detecte other bluetooth nearby(a PDA with bluetooth). I even can transfer some

    files between them. But when I use bluetooth headset/handfree, the dialing functon of headset/handfree does not work, I can’t

    use this headset/handfree to receive music from Device Emulator either!

    Try to resolve this problem:

    When this problem ocurred, I find the Megneto Documentation said as follow:

    "To enable Handset and Hands-free profiles on the device, the OEMs must add the

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftBluetoothHandsfreeProfileOn key in the

    registry. This registry key is not added by default because many devices do not

    support Bluetooth."

    So I add the the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftBluetoothHandsfreeProfileOn"

    entry into Device Emulator’s "common.reg" file. But when os running, the remote

    registry editor can’t find this key!

    The registry entry I added is as follow:




      "FriendlyName"="Bluetooth Audio Gateway"








    ; By default AG should not role switch (compatibility)






    Could you please tell me how to enable bluetooth headset/handfree at Windows Mobile 5.0?

  75. Sweet.

    Writing to confirm that yes, the Tweaks2k2 feature for "Enable Voice Dialing Through Voice Command" does enable the my bluetooth headset, a Jabra BT800, to work for all Microsoft Voice Command features on my Sprint PPC 6700, which I also updated to the new ROM version per the above post on UT Starcom’s site.


  76. Marty says:

    Hi, I have an O2 Atom with a GG BT headset. All it managed to do was turn off the loud speaker option during a phone call. I had to reverse the registry hack to have it work again. Must be an easier way to get it to work through WVC???

  77. Brandon says:

    Hi.  Has anyone been able to get the Treo 700w Voice Command to work from a bluetooth headset?  I personally use the Bluespoon AX2 and have tried the tips posted here, but none of them have worked.  Thanks.

  78. Phatbeetz says:

    Hi all,

    I Just wanted to add my voice to the others to show how many people are requesting this feature! I have an atom adn like Marty i cant get the ‘hacks’ to work….

    I’ll contine to live in hope πŸ˜‰

  79. David H says:

    The blogentry at the top seems to very eloquently describes why MSVC would not be able to recognize speech from a bluthooth headset. But I have not experienced any such problem, contrary, commands spoken into my BT headset are recognized just fine.

    The problem is that I can only use the feature once after each reboot of my HTC Wizard in combination with a SonyEricsson HBH-662.

    Why isn’t there an updated version of MSVC or a a patch that will enable continual activation of MSVC from the bluetooth headset?

    Consider this an invitation to anyone with some programming skillz!

  80. Steven says:

    I’ve got a Cingular 8125 and a Jabra BT500… I installed MVC… I tried the registry hack but that doesn’t allow me to use the BTh device with MVC… so I tried installing Voice Enable… that didn’t do it either.

    I’m stumped.

    Any suggestions

  81. FrankD. says:


    I’d like to share my experience and hopefully it’ll be of help. I just got my Verison xv6700. I attempted the firmware update the first time and boom, it killed my PDA and I could not turn it back on. Firtunately I’m withing the first 2 weeks of purchae period and I was able to returned it and get another one. The Verizon tech people suggested that I MUST have the PDA in the cradle AND have the power supply plugged in to the cradle during the firmaware updates. I tried it again with the new PDA and sure enough the update went without a flaw. So now my task was finding a bluetooth headset that works. I tried Motorola H500 and H850, Plantronix BT320R and Jabra BT500. Motorola was the only one that was able to initiate Voice Dial. This is with existing voice dialer in the new firmware, I don’t have Microsoft Voice Command. Between Motorola H500 and H850, the 500 quality beat the hell out of H850! So for me the final winner was Motorola H500. It works great and I can initiate Voice Dial commands. So far my XV6700 with the new firmware has worked wonderfully.

  82. Orby says:

    I also have a O2 Atom and can’t get the hack to work. Has anybody had any success with an Atom. Please help us poor atom users

  83. BJAB says:

    Frank D with the Verizon XV6700…..I need some help with mine.

  84. TA says:

    Good News for Verizon! I just upgraded my telephone and voice over Bluetooth works great! Remember to do a backup first and all your programs and data will be lost unless you save it. It is worth the hassle of reloading all my programs again! Here is the link http://www.utstar.com/pcd/Downloads.aspx

  85. Frank D says:

    To BJAB… What kind of help? For now though I can refer you to the Verizon Tech number specifically called Data Technical Support team: 888-308-5005. These folks are actually pretty knowledgable. Hope this helps for now. Good luck.

  86. Hello to all,

           Most Respectfully I am trying to develop an application on Bluetooth that is Voice going through bluetooth to PC. Is this possible or not? if possible then please send me the solution to the above URL.

  87. Serge says:

    And registry change works just fine with Verizon vx6700 PDA phone, WM5.0, ROM version 2.07.20, MS VoiceCommand and EMATIC BT Headset with BT v.1.2

    If you can not find HKLMSOFTWAREOEMVoiceCommand

    you need to do ROM upgrade and re-install MSVC.

    Once you do the change VC will work fine with just one button click on your BT headset.

    No double/triple clicking and everything works just fine.

    You can use the headset button to answer and cancel calls as usual and use it for VoiceCommand when not in a call. Works great.

  88. James Rudolph says:

    Great article

    I would love Voice Command to work with Blue tooth. in future!!!

    My problem is I cant get it to load on new

    T mobil MDA is there a verson compatible with WM 5.0 or is it comming soon help!!!

    is there a site to help with loading older version?

  89. Serge says:


    I am using it with Windows Mobile 5 on my xv6700 Verizon PDA phone.

    I bought it from Microsoft and installed it following instructions and it works just fine. With my older ROM version it also worked fine the only problem on older ROM was that after you install it in order to see Voice Command under "Settings" a soft reboot would be required. With new ROM version it works out of the box. And as I said it works with BT headset no problem after just registry change.

  90. MaryJo says:

    Thanks to all who posted information here. I knew absolutely nothing when I got my Sprint 6700, but by working my way through all the advice here I was able to get Voice Command working through my bluetooth headphone. However, I do have a few things I can’t figure out.

    Is there a way to hear the Voice Command announcement through the headphone when you get a phone call? I have the Cardo Scala 500 and it just beeps when I get a call, although the phone announces the caller.

    Also, I installed the BTAudioOn/Off utility, and it doesn’t seem to do anything. When I run BTAudioOn, it acts like the button on the headphone. Am I doing something wrong?

    Please forgive me if these topics have already been covered. It has been hard for me to dig through all the information here, and I probably missed a lot. Thanks.

  91. mebarillas says:

    great article, now please give me a solution on how to use voice command with bth

  92. Kent says:

    Anyone figured out how to do it on a Treo 700W?

    Palm says it can be done but they have no plans. It’s not a hardware limitation but in the BT stack.

    Any volunteers for digging into the MS BT stack with the developer tools. The person that gets it working on a T700W has an opportunity for some cash.

  93. Robinio says:

    Great article again!!

    Question for folks at Microsoft: when can we expect version 2? Will this things be fixed? Can anyone tell what else can we expect in next version?



  94. Bassam says:

    I know a perfect way on fixing that, but its only tested on XDA, Imate , and HTC (2003,2003SE and 2005), other brands i dont knw, Please email me at Gex_Tesla@hotmail.com if u need more info.

    I know its wrong to paste me email here coz il be getting thousands, but i wana help. Tell me whats ur phone model and whats the things u need to do

  95. Jim says:

    Not sure if anyone is still checking this thread or not, but in response to everyone’s question about the location of the registry key and not being able to find it -> …OEM will only contain software that was pre-loaded on the device. Since MVC isn’t, you need to look in:


    Not sure how the original poster got his MVC key in the OEM directory, but someone said something about upgrading ROM and re-installing… I have no idea what all that is about.

    Obviously MVC is a Microsoft product, so you need to look in the Microsoft directory for it. Someone else said that they just created an MVC key in their OEM directory, which would mean that you now have two MVC keys floating around. Doesn’t sound fun to me.

    After update the registry key, starting MVC using my Jabra BT800 works fine. Haven’t done any testing though to see if I experience the same types of problems mentioned here.

    Have fun.

  96. Lis says:

    OK, I’m a bit of newbie when it comes to modifying my registry.  I have an MDA and just got the bluetooth device (Motorola H700) and am trying to attempt the registry fix.  So far, I can’t get the programs to run to modify the registry.  Is there any patient person who can give me detailed instructions?  Thank you.

  97. Raf says:

    Has anyone been able to find a way to hear Voice Command announcements through the BTheadphone when you get a phone call?

  98. Serge says:


    You need to install special sw to do a registry change. One good program is Total Commander 2.o

    Use link bellow to download it


  99. Lis says:

    Thank you so much — I think I figured it out.  (And if I can do it, anyone can.)

  100. Chuck says:

    Is anyone using Bth on thier Sprint 6700?

  101. Barry Katz says:

    This is a great series of comments. Learnt alot!


  102. Craig says:

    O.K. One more time. ANYBODY with a success story with the IP6515, Bth, and MSVC.

    Besides the unit being temperamental, I’m about to throw the thing in the trash unless I find something (anything) that can give it value.

  103. alex says:

    BT dial works on PPC6700 (very easy registry hack to replace Voice Speed Dial). MS VC rules (just wish they would integrate it with the phone without some extra work around)

  104. Dana says:


    I also have an iPAQ 6515, and I was able to get Voice Commander to work via bluetooth – however, I had to use a Cardo Scala Bluetooth adapter (http://www.cardowireless.com/BTAII.php).  This means that I have to push a button on the phone to activate Voice Commander, but other than that, it works fine!

  105. James says:

    Great thread everyone..

    Has anyone found a way to make any of this work with the sprint Treo 700wx?  The registry hack doesnt work as the OEM entry is not there.  I assume that is because MCVC comes preloaded on the T700wx, but I have found no workaround or hack that will activate over BT at all.  Any success stories would be appreciated.

  106. Jon says:

    (Quote:I currently have a v710 and 700w so it would be nice to retire the v710 once the 700w works with the push of the BT button to make calls while driving. )

    I have also used the Motorola v710 and I now have the treo 700wx, the thing is the Motorola workled so flawlessly with voice commands from Day 1!! I never had to train it and it was always Fast!

    then I got a Blackberry 700i and had to buy a software pack to make my phone use voice commands, and while it would take soem commands from the bluetooth it would have to be initiated from the phones buttons. and this wa s taking 20 to 40 seconds to dial a simple number and then would get it wrong most of the time.

    now the Treo 700wx is a laim as the BB as far as voice commands go and to hear that it can’t be done over the bluetooth due to the sampling rate is just a LOad of CRAP! (sorry but it is BS!) I use the same headset as I was using for the V710 and it was flawless and now it won’t work with the treo ?!?!?!

    not to mention that my treo turns my bluetooth settings off after about 10 to 15 min. for no good reason. (is all this due to improper sampling rate?, NOT!!!)

    ok and now I want ot rant about this 8khz sampling rate thing. What a load of CRAP!! if there is a limitation on it then simply have the phone take in the data and then run it through a filter which would re-sample the data at the correct rate and run with it! this is a no-brainer for anyone who would consider themselves an engineer or programmer. (I re-sample data all the time as a musician who works in an electronic environment, I can take an 8-bit recording and re-sample it to 32-bit in only a few steps. and the quailty does go up somewhat in most situations. )

    no to mention that the motorola v710 seems to do a Fantastic job of Voice dialing ,Voice commands, etc… right out of the box. why is it they can do it with 8-bit sampling through the bluetooth headset???? is it hardware? is it software? whatever it is I think if they come up with a product like the treo I would buy it from them in an instant!!

  107. Dale says:

    Using the registry hack above I can START Voice Command from my BT Headset (H500) but the mic/speaker used by VC is still on the phone (VPA compact with WM 2003SE). Every other suggestion – voice enable setup, btaudio on/off, etc. did not have any effect on getting sound and mic capability transferred to the headset. Is there a real solution for this or do I need to wait for further developments, VC software upgrade???

  108. Dan Sheehan says:

    Voice Command version 1.6 is slated to be released 12-15-2006:


  109. Mike Frazier says:

    I just got an email from Handango that v1.6 is available and includes BlueTooth compatibility!!!

    Downloading it shortly to test this out. πŸ™‚

  110. robert J says:

    I installed the new voice command 1.6 and it works great on my ppc6700. The only thing that does not work is getting announcements over the BT headset. Is there a way to hear the incoming caller id announcements with a ppc6700?

  111. soheil says:

    I got the new v1.6 for WM 5.0 and tried to load it on my iPAQ 6925. It installed on the PC fine, but failed to install on iPAQ. There was a window with progress bar, which stopped short and display an error message: "MVC US SP 1.6 M2M.CAB was unsuccessful." Any ideas how I debug this problem further?


  112. ebadger says:

    You are attempting to install the Smartphone version on a Pocket PC Phone edition device.  There are two distinctly setup programs, one for Smartphone and one for PPC/PPCPE

  113. soheil says:

    Thanks for the comment, iPAQ 6925 is a Smartphone sold by Cingular, runs WM 5.0. Here is a link showing it on the list of Smartphones, http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/smartphone/default.mspx?curPg=All

  114. MikeCal says:

    This is an unfortunately confusing subject that we need to do a better job of explaining.  Currently, the easiest way to tell the difference between a Windows Mobile "Smartphone" and a Windows Mobile "PocketPC" is to check whether or not the device has a touch screen.  If you can interact with the device by touching the screen, it’s a "PocketPC."  If touching the screen has no effect (other than smudging it :-), it’s a "Smartphone."  

    Yes, we’ve had OEMs that make PocketPCs call them "Smartphones."  It’s very confusing to the user.  But that’s the case.

    The 6925 is definitely a PocketPC.  As fro the link you provided, the heading says, "Smartphones and PocketPC Phones."  So the list shows both.


  115. Justin says:

    Seems the Cingular 8525 took VC 1.6 back in time as it no longer works over BT.  Pushing the headset button activates the program, but it only listens and responds using the device hardware, not the headset.

    Any fix forthcoming?

  116. soheil says:

    Thanks for the clarification, sounds like my phone  is not so smart πŸ™‚ I will get the right software.

  117. roffer says:

    I am in the same situation with the Cingular 8525/TyTN HTC. Any idea if this is a VC 1.7 feature, or a 1.6.x fix (ie. what is the time frame for a fix)? I guess the difference in how various phones ‘work’ depends on the Bluetooth stack or is it the Bluetooth device? On second thought I would think the stack abstracts the OS from the Bluetooth hardware, so VC should work on all devices that can send the audio stream to the Bluetooth device?


  118. Rafiq says:

    Please fix the issue with VC 1.6 and the 8525.  It is crazy to have a Microsoft device not work with Microsoft software ……….. or maybe it isn’t.  

  119. namit says:

    I need to use the microphone attached to my desktop to deliver voice commands to an application running on the Windows Mobile emulator. unfortunately this is not working. Can some one help me with this?

  120. taurech says:

    Thanks for the interesting thread.  I have a Cingular 8125 and was having issues with my bluetooth voice dialing.  Based on the 8kz / 16 khz discussion, I went into the microphone settings and changed the sample rate under Settings > Microphone AGC.  Clicked on Adjust Input and changed the voice recording format to 8,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Mono.  Voice Command now seems to be working with the registry hack.

  121. Index says:

    I have a Cing 8525 installed MS-VC 1.5 applied the 8125 MS-VC.  VC worked greated over BT.  Then installed MS-VC 1.6 VC over BT broken as others have talked above.  Removed 1.6 re-installed 1.5 and now 1.5 acts like 1.6 (no VC over BT).  So there much be something in 1.6 that modifies either some dll’s or make other reg. mods that are not removed when you uninstall 1.6 and drop to 1.5.  I made reg back-ups before the change so will take a look and post what I can find.

  122. ebadger says:

    Regarding the Cingular 8125.  Bluetooth initiation should work on this device without any hacks.  If this is not working, try uninstalling and reinstalling.

    1.6 changes the registry setting in HKLMsoftwaremicrosoftbluetoothaudiogatewayBTAGEXTModule.  Changing this registry setting back and soft resetting will cause the behavior to revert.

    We’re working with HTC to find a short and long term solution to the audio routing problem on the 8525

  123. dmitry says:

    Is it safe to presume that the MS/HTC fix will be free for 1.6 customers, or should I wait for 1.7?

  124. Justin says:

    FYI, a developer at xda-developers has a hack to get BT working on the 8525.  Check here:


    It has it’s issues, such as a long delay between pushing the button on the BTh and VC activating, but sound IS routed to the headset now.

  125. Mike S says:

    I have an HP6925 with Voice Command working fine via my Nokia BH-900 blue tooth headset. The exception is that I cannot activate Voice Command from the headset, I have to push the button on the 6925. Once I do that I can run Voice Command from the headset without a problem.

    Shouldn’t I be able to activate it from the headset though? Suggestions on getting this to work?

    Thanks, Mike

  126. Johnny says:

    Hi all…

    I’m using Jabra JX10 with UTStarcom 6700 (PDA/Phone) and it works wonderfully!! I simply press my BT’s button and VC activates itself thru my headset. I give it the command and voila! πŸ™‚


  127. Carl Das Goat says:

    Ok, I read everything for the year. I am using a Treo 700W with VC 1.5 on Alltel. Does anyone have this phone? Should I wait for VC 1.7 (when is the release?) or should VC 1.6 work? Is there an upgrade path, or do i un-install VC 1.5 then install VC 1.6? Should Alltel be upgrading my software for free? Everything works except intitiating a call via the BT and VC, and I am loath to monkey up my new phone trying to make it work with registry hacks. Who has some good information for me PLEASE?

  128. M says:

    I installed MS-VC 1.6 on my TYTN/8525.  As discussed ad nausea, it didn’t work as expected.  I removed it and now I can no longer initiate calls over bluetooth w/ the OEM voice program.  How do I fix this???

  129. Rickw says:

    As Johhny says, UTStarcom 6700 seems to handle VC over my cheapo Motorola H300 headset. I press the talk button, the headset beeps to acknowledge, then VC beeps to indicate it’s listeneng. I can issue commands from the headset mic with about 60% recognition.

    Problem: once I installed VC, button-5 short press always starts Voice Recording, same as a long-press. Change the app to be started by a long press, and it starts instantly with a short press even though short press is setup fo something else.

    Any ideas?

  130. slkotr says:

    Would it be possible to write a program to emulate 8khz from 16khz and add it to vc 1.6?Windows XP has has a feature to emulate different Window OS.

  131. Andy says:

    Hi There !

    Does anybody nows if the VC 1.6 is working with a Qtek 9000 ? Ind if it does ? Witch Headset shut i use ?

    Greetings Andy

  132. Andy says:

    ….oh please send me the answer to akclou1@swissonline.ch many thanks !

  133. Keith says:

    I just installed VC 1.6 on a brand new XV6700 with a Motorola H500 headset.  The XV6700 came with the latest firmware installed.  Everything seems to be working perfectly except… all announcements from VC are coming over the speaker even through I’m using/commanding VC from the headset.  I even went out of my way to make sure VC couldn’t hear me from the XV6700’s mic just to make sure it was listening to the headset.  Everything VC says back comes across the speaker.  In-coming call announcements, answer-backs to commands I give it, etc, etc.  Other than that little quirk, everything appears to be working fine.  I tried applying the registry setting mentioned in this thread, even though the thread didn’t really say it was for this problem.  The setting doesn’t appear to influence operation one way or another.

    Since the new firmware comes with Cyberon Voice Speed Dial pre-installed, I’m wondering if there is any possibility of that influencing things.  Is there some setting that might give the Cyberon software claim over the Bluetooth feedback when VC is trying to respond, so VC is defaulting to the speaker?  The Cyberon software is not otherwise responding to me at all, or otherwise giving any indication that it is getting in the way of VC.

    Anyone with any suggestions?  I do Windows Mobile development and have the VS2005 development environment, so I’m well equipped to make any tweaks.  I was using Remote Registry Editor to make the registry hack.



  134. Brian Farrugia says:

    Hi Guys. I have an Ipaq hx6915 with WM5 and MVC 1.6.

    It works great with both my Razor wire motoral Headset and My Nokia HS-3W headset. The only problem is that i cannot initiate MVC via the headset, like many others here. I tried the reg hack but i couldn;t find the path under OEM. Aded under microsoft but still failed.

    I noticed that the last call dial feature works from my headset. i.e on the nokia if i press the answer button 2 times the ipaq will dial the last number I dialed. It did this even on my Nokia 6230 phone. Anyway, is there a way to map that shortcut to the MVC instead of the last number dial feature.



  135. Joe says:

    I’ve been using VoiceCommand 1.5 every since I got my HTC Wizard and loved it. My only wish was bluetooth support, after waiting what seemed like an eternity for Microsoft to update VoiceCommand, the finally came out with bluetooth support in 1.6 and I upgraded the second it was available. It was awesome and it was much more accurate and added voice notification on sms/email subjects to boot!

    Now I upgraded my Wizard to an HTC P3600 (Trinity) and find that it doesn’t work properly πŸ™ I really hope it won’t be another waiting for what seems like an eternity for Microsoft to release an update to add support for the TyTn/Trinity and other newer phones.

    Actually it surprises me that Microsoft hasn’t put more priorty in VoiceCommand. Very few phones support voice recognition and none that I know of can do what VoiceCommand can do. This is the future of mobile communication! It should be integrated in the OS and hardware specs and further enhanced. Imagine being able to schedule an appointment through voice commands, sorting through emails and voice messages with the control of your voice, even sending of an SMS or email by dictating it and saying repeat it back to me, ok send it!

    IPhone or any other gimmiky phone couldn’t touch such a truley useful and amazing feature like this, I’ve sold more PPC phones just by sitting in front of someone and saying dial whomever at home, or knowing about an incoming email during a meeting without ever looking at my phone.

    Ah well, I hope Microsoft is at least working on a fix to get VoiceCommand working with the phones they list as not working as they are capable, just not supported πŸ™

    Please release a patch soon so I can go back to using VoiceCommand on my HTC Trinity, once you use it, you can’t live without it!

  136. Jay Libove says:

    I purchased Voice Command 1.6 for Smartphone yesterday from Handango. I have tested it little, but it does seem to work.

    Of course, I have the same challenge many others have – how to make the button on my Motorola BlueTooth headset activate Voice Command, instead of the built-in Voice Tag recognition on my T-Mobile SDA device.

    I have tried the Bluetooth-Voice-Command-0.9c.CAB from the XDA forum. That didn’t seem to help.

    I messed with Registry settings under HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftBluetoothAudioGateway – BTAGPBModule, changing its Value to the same as the value under BTAGExtModule, thinking that the Ext module (which has Value "Storage CardProgram FilesVoice Commandvcbthag.dll") might launch Voice Command, and that the PB Module, for Phone Book, might be what was launching the built-in Voice Tag recognition, but no luck there either.

    So, how do I make the button on my Bluetooth headset launch Voice Command instead of Voice Tag recognition on my T-Mobile SDA?



  137. Rath Lightfield says:

    I had Voice Command 1.5 on my O2 XDA Mini S. After hacking the registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREOEMVoiceCommandPath" to change the value from "WindowsSDDialer.exe" to "Program FilesVoice CommandVoiceCMD.exe" I could use the button on my headset to initiate Voice Command (hereinafter VC). All was fine.

    This week I got my new XDA Orbit – SATNAV is great, camera is much better than the Mini S, form factor is great with no silly slide-out keyboard that I never used. In fact most things about it are great. Except …..

    I got VC 1.6 today and discovered the spoken notifications don’t work! The VC website says my build of WM5 is too old!!

    Also, though I can start VC from pressing the button on the headset, the dialling DTMF dial tones are not heard through the headset but go through the Orbit speaker – no use in a noisy car with the phone in the glovebox! As a result you wait for ages in silence to find out if your call has even been dialled out! Only when you get some form of answer on the line do I hear anything through the headset.

    Does anyone have any registry hacks to resolve these hassles please?

    I see on the MS WM website they are now offering WM5 updates but a few minutes ago, the ling for the latest WM5 version for the Mini S gave the dreaded 404 error!

    All comments welcome ….



  138. Eric Badger says:


    Voice Command 1.6 should work fine on your SDA.  To reset your registry, uninstall 1.6, reinstall 1.6 and then perform a nice soft reset (don’t pull the battery).   Also, you must install to main memory for the bluetooth functionality to work on some devices.


    1) Install to main memory

    2) Soft reset (nicely) after you install

  139. Rath Lightfield says:

    At http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/voicecommand/default.mspx it says "Older Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices:  Incoming caller ID announcements will be spoken via the phone speaker on devices with a Windows Mobile build prior to 15097.3.0.0." My device, although less than 2 weeks old is  15096.3.0.0.

    Anyway, not one to give up easily I trawled the wed for any possible hacks and was mystified as to why I got no announcements of incoming calls at all – not through the BT headset or even through the device speaker.

    Eventually I came across a site which clearly described how you have to set the Options for EACH of the different settings in VC et Voila! Under Phone Settings I find "Announce incoming calls"! Now the abnnouncement works and comes through the BT headset too.

    Not sure now why the MS site told me it wouldn’t work with my rev of WM5?

    Only remaining issue is that when I make calls the call progress tones come from the device speaker, not through the BT headset so in a noisy environment I cannot tell if the call has actually been dialled other than by waiting until I might have expected an answer.

    Hope this is useful to others.



  140. W. Grayson says:

    Thank you all for informative posts regarding Voice Command compatibility with certain phones and BTdevices.  I have been shopping and will purchase the Cingular (HTC) 8525, and had read on Cingular blog boards issues with properly activating voice recognition through BT headsets.  

    So, I’m reading all this stuff, and it’s February 2007, and I’m still a little confused.

    1.  Are there any BT headsets/earpieces that work with Voice Command 1.6, Cingular 8525 without sending audio through the speakerphone THAT DON’T REQUIRE ANY HACKS, TWEAKS, OR THIRD PARTY DOWNLOADS?

    2.  Will Bluetooth 2.0 enabled headsets/earpieces that "sample" at that 16 KHz range work with Voice Command and the 8525 PPC?

    3.  Hey, will MS have any patches or updates in the next month or so that will make my above two questions irrelevant because everything will work smoothly?

    Thanks in advance,


  141. mghazai@hotmail.com says:

    I was asing around some folks about this issue and here’s the latest;

    VC 1.6 doesn’t work with Cingular 8525 and its variants for BT routing because of its different way of implementing BT Stack. I heard a fix is coming from HTC but it’s been months since then with no fix available!!!

  142. wgrayson says:


    Thanks for update on VC 1.6 and cingular 8525.  Quite possibly, VC 1.5 may be more compatible with 8525.

    I’ll troll the HTC site and be a pain to them for awhile to see if / when a fix is forthcoming.  


  143. epatterson says:

    Thanks to Rath for the tip on settings for each service. I had the same problem with notifications. Now at least I get notifications over the phone speaker.  Still do not get them over BT headset though.

    I have an XV6700 with the AKU3.3 upgrade. Which brings the build to 15671.3.5.0. Headset is a Plantronics Discovery 645. Has anyone been able to get notifications to work over the BT headset on an XV6700 or PPC6700 with the AKU3.3 upgrade?


  144. wgrayson says:

    See below.  Recent feedback from HTC regarding 8525 / bluetooth Compatibility.


    "Thank you for your email.

    The MS forums are current, the MS Voice Command does not currently work with the Cingular 8525. There is an upcoming ROM update for this model but it is not yet clear if it has a β€œfix” for MS Voice Command."


    Subject: Regarding Voice Commander 1.6 Compatibility with Bluetooth headsets for CIngular 8525

    "I’m considering the purchase of an Cingular (HTC) 8525.  Both Microsoft Developer forums and Cingular forums site bugs and incompatibility problems with bluetooth / Voice Commander 1.6 functionality.  A few of the posts have stated that the problem may be with a "stack" or other software-related problem with the HTC device, and not necessarily the Microsoft Voice Commander 1.6 software or the Windows Media Edition.

    Are there any fixes, updates, or patches coming out from HTC for the 8525 that will address this issue?  Thanks in advance."

  145. Norm says:

    I have a "new" Treo 700wx, that I find is a few builds out of date that was supplied by Bell Mobility in Canada.  It has all the same shortcomings as has been mentioned in the prior postings here for other devices.

    Also, the Registry fix noted; the Treo 700 wx does not have the same path as noted earlier so couldn’t use that either.  Wish I have more to offer than what I do, however, my experience, after now 2 months of searching, cajoling, begging and pleading has been to be ingnored by Handango, Palm, Microsoft and Bell Mobility.  Asking and connecting through various forums has simply indicated…it ain’t gonna work  πŸ™‚

    Have a great day all and let’s hope the providers listen to us before they try to sell us their "new and improved" versions  πŸ™‚

  146. RIM Pearl says:

    Even with all the hacks and registry editiing you can never get the 8525 to work 100% properly with Blue Tooth.

    You will get a huge delay between pressing the button and also you will get no announcments over a bluetooth headset.

    <b>Stay far far away! Do not buy, this is totally inexcusable.</b>

    You should not have to perform registry changes or use hacks to get a

    $40 program to work on an expensive top of the line phone.

    Remember this is Microsoft Voice Command on Microsoft Mobile OS.

    Completely inexcusable, hopefully a company will clean up this mess and profit from it.

  147. laughinjohnny1 says:

    ok, i have a tmobile mda vario and a jabra jx10 bluetooth device.  how do i get microsoft v.c 1.6 to run correctly. 8,ve read

  148. laughinjohnny1 says:

    sorry about that.  as i was saying, I’ve read just about  everything out there but have found anything that works, someone help!


  149. Hanzie says:

    I have a MDA Vario (wizard) and a nokia BH200 bluetooth headset. Cyberon voicedailer (also programs t call) works ok. But when i put off bluetooth and then on again it doesn’t word anymore, then i have to reset. After that it works again!

    Strange he!

    any solutions?!

  150. Rob A. says:

    I have a Cingular 8525 and VoiceCommand 1.6 just doesn’t run properly. Even with the hacks everyone has shared. Is this going to be addressed? I just bought 1.5 and then had to upgrade to 1.6 to find it was useless. Not cool.

  151. John says:

    HTC released an updated Rom for the HTC Trinity, didn’t give much details but said Bluetooth enhancements were part of the fix. Tried it and audio still coming out of the device speaker even though now my OS is newer than what is listed on Microsofts site.

    So is this a problem with HTC or Microsoft. Why can’t these two companies work together to get something working for such a great but now useless applicaton!

  152. Minucci says:

    I have an HTC Hermes with WM 6. Voice command does not announce incoming calls at all. My phone just rings normally. The registry on mine is hkey_current_user/controlpanel/sound categories/voice command1. I changed Attenuationcategory to 0x1(1)and have intvol at 0x5(5) also tried it at 0x40(40) but no matter what my phone just rings and it does not announce the contact? Any help at all?

  153. Joe says:

    Whither the Microsoft Voice Command Support!

  154. Eric Deagle says:

    Hello, I have downloaded total commander (reg edit) and I have been able to locate the file< HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREOEMVoiceCommandPath

    when I click on it I get the following items




    how and where do i change the path to

    Program FilesVoice CommandVoiceCMD.exe

    thanks in advance for your help

  155. LargoPlazo says:

    OK, I understand there’s a technical obstacle to Voice Command recognizing commands spoken over Bluetooth. But while I can speak loud enough for the Treo’s microphone to pick up my voice, on a busy street or in my car with road noise all around I can’t usually hear what the Treo is saying in response all the way by my hip. It would actually be useful to have at least the response portion of Voice Command function through Bluetooth.

  156. David Ross says:

    Hey guys, the fix for the registry doesn’t exist for the Windows 5.0 version there is no HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREOEMVoiceCommand all that I see is either LaunchAPenable or VoiceCmdEnable what now? Need some help, please

  157. Richard Doyle says:

    I took a look at making the registry fix on WM6 on HTC Universal. But there is no VoiceCommand folder in Program Files, but it is currently pointing to the VoiceCMDBt.lnk under the windows folder.

    It would be great to get this working to take voice commands from my bluetooth as I’m very impressed with Voice Command.

    It’s a real shame that Microsoft are not putting more effort into getting Windows Mobile working well. I’ve wanted to convert to Windows Mobile as my primary phone, but the software is just not seamless enough, and I keep swapping back to Nokia.

    The functionality under Windows Mobile is great (and as a MS developer great for my own apps), but if it requires days of fiddling to get things working (and then only just) I would prefer to go back to something that works out of the box!

    It will be interesting to see how Windows Mobile fares when the Apple phone comes out.

  158. RKA says:

    I tried the registry hack in my 8525 by adding a new "path" string to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREOEMVoiceCommand" and set it to point to Program FilesVoice CommandVoiceCMD.exe. Removed the SDDialer from the "StartUp" list.

    Now, when I press the button in my JX10 bluetooth, I hear the VoiceComand beeping to take a new command in my 8525. When I said "call xyz at mobile", VoiceCommand picked my command (not sure if it picked my command thru’ bluetooth or 8525 built-in mic) and asked for confirmation to dial thru’ 8525 built-in speaker and dialed the number for me.

    But interesting thing is:

     During my call conversation, I received another call. This time, I heard "caller announcement" thru’ bluetooth (for the first time). I thought, it is impossible to get the VS announcement to work thru’ bluetooth. If that is the case, I am not sure how I got that announcment thru’ bluetooth

    How is it possible?


  159. mark says:

    I just installed 1.6 on my 8525 and I am not able to get this funky little piece of software to read me my text messages.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.  Peace.

  160. MikeCal says:

    <sighs>  The spammers found this thread.  It’s now getting 20 spam comments a day.  I’m going to have to lock the thread, which really sucks because people are still carrying on a good conversation here.  I may give it a week and try unlocking again to see if they’ve found some other place to pollute.

    Sorry folks,


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