What requires trust?

Sometimes it’s not clear when an application requires a privileged certificate or not. Here’s a high level overview of the reasons you would need your application to run privileged: Only privileged processes can: Create, modify, or delete SYSTEM files Create, modify, or delete protected registry keys Create, modify, or delete databases with the SYSTEM flag….


Introducing Scott

Hi, I’m Scott Yost. I’m a SDE/T on Windows Mobile, and I test several of our security features. My areas include code signing, security policies, revocation and certificates. I’ll be doing a few posts to demystify the security architecure of our platform. Send me a mail or comment if there’s any topics you’d like me…


Reminder: Tool Support Matrix

Now that VS 2005 has RTM’d, people are starting to ask what devices it can be used to build killer apps for.  Here’s a link to the tool support matrix I posted a while back which answers that question:  http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/archive/2005/06/02/424382.aspx -Robert


Two state icons in Windows Mobile 5.0

If you’re one of the lucky people who already have a Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone you might have noticed several of the standard Microsoft program’s icons are now different when selected versus not selected. Eddy Escardo-Raffo shares how this is done. [Author : JamesPr]


Virtual Earth Mobile

When MSN’s Virtual Earth website came online a few months ago, naturally the first thing I did was try it on a Windows Mobile device.  But the website is pretty advanced; it pushes the envelope of what you can do with a pure browser-based app using DHTML, JavaScript, and AJAX.  And, unfortunately, IE Mobile couldn’t…


Then Why Do You Get To Upgrade?

In the recent Why Can’t I Upgrade? entry, I described the economics behind why you usually don’t see upgrades from one major Windows Mobile version to the next.  But if you go searching around on the net, you’re likely to find a few “unofficial” WM5 builds for earlier devices.  What are these, where did they…



Don’s latest article on developer.com gives a tour of the Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook namespace and includes some demos showing how easy it now is to access PIM information from .NET CF. -Robert


News Flash: System.Threading is … threaded

AKA: “Why you shouldn’t trust a driver guy to teach you how to write code in C#” A while ago I wrote this cute little text game in C# for my Smartphone.  I used it for a long time with no difficulty.  But, when I recently moved it to a new device, it would occasionally…


Windows Mobile Wiki

After coming back from vacation I found an eMail referring to a new Windows Mobile Wiki. This is great! It is nice to have an ever dynamic structured location to add information regarding Windows Mobile. The Wiki is pretty fresh, it has a nice table of contents and is waiting for you to share your…



Anil Dhawan has written a managed Bluetooth library for Windows Mobile that makes it painfully easy to write Bluetooth apps.  Even better, the source code is available under a shared source license.   I used it as the basis for a two-player Spacewar game for WM5.0 that runs over Bluetooth. – Jason Fuller