State & Notification Broker 101

Not sure when it was published, but I just stumbled across this excellent article from Don that explains the new managed State & Notification Broker APIs (my baby) and everything you need to know to start taking advantage of them.


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  1. Chris McKay says:

    I’ve actually found that you can use this in native C++ applications too. It’s quite nice for monitoring the phone’s signal strength.

    Thanks guys/gals!

  2. windowsmobile says:

    Oh yeah – it’s even cooler in native code because we give you all sorts of different ways to get notified. Window message, message queue, call back functions, command line parameters, …


  3. Mike M says:

    Hey Robert,

    I’m been trying to do some testing with this API in the WM5.0 emulator. Specifically with the phoneincomingcall changed event. When I make a call from/to the emulator using the 4250010001 number, the event doesn’t seem to fire…I’ve successfully managed to handle other changed events, such as the call going on and off hold, but not a change in the incoming call status.

    Is this the correct property to be looking at if I want to be notified when there is an incoming call?

    Many thanks

  4. Gary says:

    This feature is awesome when trying to optimize data replication based on the type of network that is available.

  5. gk says:

    Can this be used to detect if there is a WiFi or a Cell data signal present. My application needs to automatically detect a signal or either the WiFi network or a cellular data network and begin transfering data.

    Is there an integration of MSMQ-CE and this API such that my app can write to MSMQ-CE and then forget about it? Whenver there is a connection MSMQ-CE subsystem will take care of the transfer.


  6. City Tours says:

    Can this be used to detect if there is a WiFi or a Cell data signal present.

    -> Absolutely, you can individually be notified of this as well as cradle connections.  Not sure about the answer to MSMQ.

  7. boni says:

    hi robert i m facing a problem with this API…i get notified of system state change only once then i do not get any notification even if my applicatin is running…please help me…

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