2-state icons in WM5

We did a great job of adding support for 2-state icons in Windows Mobile 5 so you can have an icon that changes when the user highlights it in the Start menu.  But we did a lousy job of documenting how ISVs can define their own "selected" state icons.  Eddy (a dev on the shell team) shares the secret over in the MSDN forums.


Comments (4)

  1. that’s true, that these icons constitute the progress, but you (i.e. Microsoft) should do these icons not only 2 state, but also ANIMATED. This is what regular phones from Sony Ericsson have and this is a standard. For example: when icon is not highlighted it is static but when selection in on the icon it shoudl be animating itself (animated GIF would do).

    So there’s still room for improvement…

  2. Jason says:

    In some areas Microsoft are ahead of the competition. But in too many areas Microsoft are WAY behind.

    Windows Mobile is a great OS, but somehow I feel that Microsoft is holding it back by totally ignoring the competition.

    My dream phone right now would be a phone with the best features from Windows Mobile 5 and the Sony Ericsson K750i/W800i.

    My Smartphone suddenly felt boring after looking at the W800i…

  3. Tim Toennies says:

    I’m trying to get some more information on the icon’s for WM5.  Specifically a list of the icons, what .dll or .exe contains it & . index number.  For example I know the following: the icon for PocketIE is stored in windowsbrowsres.dll and its index is -6703.  The icon for Task Manager is stored in IA_Task_Manager.exe and its index is -30020.  How can I discover where additional icons are stored?

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