Updated Windows Mobile Tool Support Matrix

A while back, I posted a diagram illustrating how our tools map to versions of the platform.  That generated quite of bit of customer feedback from .NET CF developers who want to use the latest tools while still being able to target users with a wide range of devices.  As a result, things are substantially different in VS 2005 Beta 2.  Here's the updated matrix:

  • Green
    • Apps written using the tool will run on the platform
    • Tool is able to connect to the platform for deployment, debugging, etc
  • Yellow 
    • Apps written using the tool will run on the platform
    • Tool is NOT able to connect to the platform for deployment, debugging, etc
  • White
    • Apps written using the tool will NOT run on the platform

The letter "R" denotes combinations where a runtime library needs to be installed on the device.


Comments (31)

  1. David Yack says:

    Robert – Great Chart – am I reading this correctly that if I have a Smart Phone 2003 device, it will not be capable of running an application developed with VS2005?

  2. Daniel Moth says:

    Any chance of adding two columns for WinCE 4.x and WinCE 5.0 please?

    Otherwise I can do it on my blog if you don’t mind…

  3. James says:

    What does eVC 3, eVC 4, eVB 3 stands for? Thanks.

  4. windowsmobile says:

    Re: Smartphone 2003. The chart shows that you can create a CFv1 project in VS 2005 that targets 2003. For native developers, there is no official way to target SP 2003 from VS 2005 but I bet that with some trial and error, someone will figure out how to get the new tool to use the old compiler/libs.

    Re: WinCE. Good idea – I’ll put that on the todo list but right now I’m pretty slammed with prepping for MEDC so it might be a while 😉

    Re: Acronyms. eVC and eVB refer to the free set of tools we’ve provided in the past. A quick google should point you to detailed info and download links.


  5. Tom King forwarded me this link to a matrix showing Microsoft development tool support (or lack of it) for their multitude of different mobile platforms.  What a mess.  I have dipped my toes in this space over the years and have come to the conclusion tha

  6. Fred Grott says:


    You shoudl know that someon is using your copyrighted coentne without any modificatiions and posting as his won..

    See MSMobiles.com

  7. Kien Bui says:

    Is there any way to access database using ADOCE.NET in C++ code?

    Many thanks,

    -Kien Bui

  8. Mario Chenier says:

    Note Roberts comment are incorrect with respect to VS2005 Native and SP2003. VS2005 does support Native PPC and SP03 development.

    The chart should be updated for that.

  9. Larry Beck says:

    Where can I get the eMbedded Visual C++ Upgrade Wizard add-in for Visual Studio 2005?

  10. stanley says:

    I can use vs2005 on Magneto PPC device to deploy or debug applications. However I am not able to succeed on magneto Smartphone. Will you provide some detail information on "combinations where a runtime library needs to be installed on the device"? How do I develop Native SP application? Will you guide me an article?



  11. MDeevi says:


    We are trying to migrate our CF1.0 project to Visual Studio 2005 Beta2, it is causing a lot of problems with UI – all screens have to be re-drawn with the new controls (the code seems to still work). Please let us know is there any upgrade or converion tools available.

    Kinldy also provide us some information about smooth migrating techniques from older .Net CF applicaitons to .Net 2.0 CF


  12. Demetrius Tsitrelis says:

    What about Platform Builder? Can I connect to PB 5.0 images with VS 2005? How about the other way around – that would be useful for debugging drivers on PPC/SP?

  13. I am trying to find out if CE.net 4.2 devices will be supported. I certainly hope so as I don’t want to be locked into .net CF 1.0 till the end of time.

    Can anyone confirm this?



  14. Cesar Mello says:

    And I’d like to know if native development for CE 4.2 devices will be supported, like it was with standardsdk. Thanks!

  15. vibor says:

    If i have SP 2003, with Win Mobile 4.0. Can I write apps in VS 2005 .net (using Win Mobile 5.0 SDK) for that device? On .NET 2.0 or .NET 1.1?

  16. Hi,

    I’ve just tried to look at the matrix but it seems to be not available – the image does not display at all.

    Does it mean it has been removed?

    Can I put it on my own website to have it archived for future reference?

    I think this matrix is very helpful for new users.


  17. paulthethinker says:

    what is frames

  18. Vinoth Kumar says:

    Hai Everyone,

              Can anyone of you guide me in installing .netcf 2.0 in my wince 4.2 device using the .netcf 2.0 SP1 beta.


  19. Mikel Berger says:

    I have an old Dell Axim Pocket PC 2002 handheld. I ran an app written for the CF 1 using VS 2005 on my device. But when I tried to debug directly on the device from VS, I got an error message that "Error 1 The specified program requires a newer version

  20. Mark says:


    I have an app written in eVB 3.0, and have run it on a PocketPC 2005 device (IPAQ 1950) using the eVB emulator.

  21. Mark says:


    A correction to my previous comment, I am running the eVB application on a PocketPC 2005 (IPAQ 1950) using the eVB runtime that was supplied for the PocketPC 2003.  The app also uses MS CE ADO 3.1.

  22. John says:

    It shows here that eVb 3 will not run on Windows Mobile 5. However I have tested Running eVb code on windows mobile 5 and it works just the same as previously on windows mobile 2003. It does still need the runtime but this can easily be found on the net.

  23. A few weeks ago, I took the dive into Smartphones and bought an unlocked MPX-220. Even though the phone…

  24. Naresh Metla says:

    Hi, I have VS2005 installed on my system and a CE 4.2 Device. I created an SDK using PB 4.2 and installed it on the system. When I try to create an application to run on this device, I couldn’t see the platform in VS2005. Is it possible to deploy a solution developed in VS2005 to a CE.NET device.

  25. Christos Chorattides says:

    The matrix picture is disappeared and I need it badly. Where can I get it?

  26. adnan says:

    is there any way to get an application deveolped in EVC to run in windows mobile 2005?

  27. Mike P says:

    All microsoft links to evc3 are broken. There’s no way to download it anymore?!?!!?

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