WiFi Debugging

You've probably read that the wifi/ethernet sync capabilities had to be removed in ActiveSync 4.0 for security reasons.  When decision was made, there was plenty of disappointment internally and a number meetings where smart folks tried to find ways to keep the feature in without risking security and without slipping the schedule commitments we had made.  Unfortunately, that ended up not being possible for AS 4.0.

We think it's pretty common for developers to do debugging over wifi because debugging over USB is slower and less physically convenient.  So, how does the loss of remote sync impact developers?  Fortunately, not very much because we've done two things:

1) Reduce the need to debug over wifi.

  • The new emulator is a real ARM emulator - it runs the same bits that actual devices do so the need to debug on real devices should be reduce all around.

  • ActiveSync 4.0 supports native USB 2.0 which can make debugging over USB much much faster

2) Provide a workaround that enables debugging over wifi

  • The connectivity model is Visual Studio was rewritten to support (among other things) communicating with the device without needing to go through ActiveSync.  Major kudos to the Visual Studio for Devices team for pulling this off.  Their instructions are here.


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  1. Fuzzy says:

    Unless there’s a 3rd party workaround, I gotta say WM5 is one generation of Windows CE whose products I will be avoiding. I use wifi sync everyday for just about everything and don’t even keep the cradle on my desk. Definitely a step backwards.

  2. HCH says:

    I haven’t downloaded the new stuff yet so I have one question: does stepping through code with the emulator still take 5-10 seconds per line?

    That’s the way it has been for years, actually getting worse with each evolution of the tools. I was frankly surprised that anyone would ship something with such shockingly awful performance.

    For device debugging USB 1.0 performance was never the bottleneck and to say that 2.0 is the reason for better performance is disingenuous.

    I know I sound harsh but I (and many others) have had to deal with these very real world problems for years. The message it conveyed to developers wasn’t a good one.

  3. Why not do like a BlackBerry on sync and generate a random private key to secure the TCP connection to the device? This is would be ridiculously trivial to implement, unless RIM has a patent on the idea (which would be a frivolous patent anyhow). In fact, you wouldn’t even need a private/public key setup, a symmetric cipher could do.

    It would require the first sync to be wired, which isn’t an issue. The key could be stored in the registry, which has a security system to hash such info, IIRC.

    This is ridiculous.

  4. Robert Levy says:

    The VS for Devices team loves to demonstrate how debugging against their new emulator is faster than debugging against a desktop app.

  5. Craig Orr says:

    Stuff debugging, what about the vast majority of plain users who demand WiFi sync for day-to-day use? Removing it alienates us.

    If corporate security is such an issue why not make two versions of ActiveSync or make the MSI configurable for corporate use!


  6. John says:

    Well, I guess I must live in a cave because this is the first I’ve heard about disabline WiFi synching. What an incredible disappointment and step backwards.

  7. Magne Roald says:


    WiFi debugging is not the critical issue for me with this change. I have hundreds of customers using ActiveSync and the passtrough option to make a TCP/IP connection to my synchronisation application form the PocketPC. This has been a very convenient way to connect to any ip-adress in the local network from the PocketPC via the docking station. Especially when the machine has no wifi or cf-slot.

    The other good thing with this is that my useres can do activesync sync and my sync at the same time.

    So what do I do now?

    Any suggestions? I need some TCP/IP proxy that can talk to the pocketpc and my synchronisation server.

  8. Lars Black says:

    We use devices from Symbol that contains an embedde barcode reader so we definitly need to debug on the terminal.

    To make things worse, the Symbol devices only comes with a serial cradle, making debugging very hard (at least with current Visual Studio).

    Another thing where we use WiFi activesync a lot, is during product demonstration.

    Hooking the PDA up with WiFi, ActiveSync and ActiveSync Remote Display allow us to show the PDA screen to a large audience using a projector.

  9. JD says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Words fail me, what of remote activesync? over CDMA or GPRS/3G etc?? Currently VPN works, will the same be true if im in a Wifi zone and create a VPN??

    A simple warning to users would suffice (avoid corporate litigation).

  10. Nino.Mobile says:

    Looky there, Daniel Moth has taken the orange pill – he’ll be coming aboard in early September. My…

  11. Nino.Mobile says:

    Looky there, Daniel Moth has taken the orange pill – he’ll be coming aboard in early September. My…

  12. Nino.Mobile says:

    Looky there, Daniel Moth has taken the orange pill – he’ll be coming aboard in early September. My…

  13. Pablo Abraham says:

    I really do not understand how a functionality like this has been removed. ActiveSync becomes one worse tool with each version.

  14. Howard says:

    That’s a ludicrous idea.

    Rather than take the time to provide any additional layers of security that might be needed you are just pulling the feature??

    We’ve had the most gruesome security exploits available for years on the Windows platform and yet for the little microcosm of PDA users who use WM2005 you’re making such a rash decision?

    Crazy. I’ll be skipping this generation.

  15. Robert says:

    I’ll stick with ActiveSync 3.8 then with wifi syncing.

  16. Frank Gnad says:

    I can not believe that anyone even thinks about disabling the whole debugging functionality via WiFi.

    Our own devices will definitely not have usb only tcpip or wifi. What a mess!!!

  17. Craig says:

    That business about the emulator being better is nonsense. Our app runs great in the emulator and won’t even display text correctly on real devices. This is a typical screw-the-customer decision from Microsoft made by Peter-principle graduates over the objection of the feet-on-the-ground engineers in the trenches who know what customers want. Does Microsoft plan to give up more features in the face of security concerns? How about taking the TCPIP stack out of Windows XP? How about disabling everything but the task list in Outlook? How about discontinuing the Office apps? This is stupid, stupid, stupid.

  18. windowsmobile says:

    Craig, could you use the "Contact" link under "My Links" on the left side of the screen to send me your email address? I’d like to see the code that looks right in the Arm Emulator but doesn’t render correctly on real devices. I know you can’t send me your full source code, but if you could give me a small sample that shows the problem, I’ll try to work with the Emulator people to get it fixed.

    There was a time when the "emulator" didn’t even have the same API set as real devices. In those times, it was worse than useless. But that was long ago. The current Arm Emulator is running a largely unchanged BSP from a real platform. Certainly performance is different, but we’ve never seen text rendering issues. I’d like to work offline with you to investigate how that could happen.


    Mike Calligaro

  19. FooBar says:

    Matt Selnekovic and others: It’s not at all about security of the data over sync. It’s about wide open port on your PC anybody can connect to and do whatever to your PC. Considering AS is a user application and it is to be installed on user’s PCs that’s important to close this hole.

  20. microChasm says:


    What a stupid response. If you designed ActiveSync properly you could plug it into the WinXP firewall. If you were concerned about security of a feature that your developers relied on. Or, you could design it such that 3rd party firewalls could plug-in and close the hole.

    Marginalizing a feature that allows direct access to a PC and device, but bypasses the carrier is probably more likely the key to this "security" decision.

    Yanking that feature was pretty stupid internal political move by the MS Security group pure and simple.

  21. PTB says:

    Had an opportunity to swap my x50 for an x51 today thought it would be nice to check out Mobile 5. I now wish I had kept the x50, how disapointing.

    I hope MS are planning to plug security and bring back this feature.

    I’d just like to say Gee Wiz this sux.

  22. Ahmed says:

    Guys, you have a much bigger problem here than you think. There are lockup issues that are somehow related to WM5 and Active sync. Units are being returned left and right. I am including a link to one HP thread about this problem. Add to this the very disturbing decision to remove sync over WiFi, and you have a product that no body wants. At the very least offer 2 versions of Active sync for WM5. A high security one and a low security one with WiFi sync back in. At least until you figure out how to solve the "security issue". By the way, if there really is a security issue that requires that drastic a change, why are you still offering Active Sync 3.8?


  23. DR yasin says:

    i upgraded to a WM5 device expecting to WIFI sync and transfer files…..i now find out its not possible…..this is a disaster…..probably something your competitors are laughing and happy about

  24. Kun says:

    Its been more than a year now and microsoft have still not come up with a solution.

    What a terrible disappointment and a major step backward for MS. Laughable actually – you’d think Microsofts developers would be intelligent enough to figure out a secure way to do it after a year.

  25. One year after, has anybody found a workaround to this problem? (for example, a way to run activesync 3.x on Windows Mobile 5)

  26. disappointed says:

    I cant imagine why the remote sync has been removed… requiring some security is a good idea, removing the functionality entirely is a HUGE STEP BACKWARDS (or a ploy to sell more exchange servers).  Please provide a way to remotely sync…

  27. Harry says:

    A rather disappointing solution that version 3.x can not be used to synchornize with a mobile 5 device. The company I am working for does only support Active Sync 3.8 and not Active Synce 4.x. Why are those smart guys at MS can not make a simple solution that can be configured for different type of users?

  28. Josh says:

    Ditto to all the complaints

  29. bummer says:

    I was shopping around for a WM5 device (to replace my Sony Clie).  This decision alone may be one reason I stick with the Palm platform.

    …and you Microsoft guys almost had me.  Shame on you.

  30. Carl Portradge says:

    I just wanted to say, I have just invested a lot of money in a new Windows Mobile 2005 device.

    I am absolutely disgusted that you have removed Activesync over Wifi.  One of the main, most useable attractive features for a simple, home-user like me; to have my outlook appointments and contacts sync up.

    What’s the point in the rest of the World spending billions developing technology like wireless networking if you guys go and render it useless?

    Thanks a bunch for really spoiling my week.  Losers.

  31. EW says:

    still no solution? Why does nobody from Microsoft tell a good solution for debugging over wifi (without ActiveSync)?

    The Document "Debugging on CE5.0 device without Activesync" (link see at the top) is not a good explaination for debugging over wifi, because:

    – "This information ONLY applies to the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 "

    – I want to debug a WM5 device and not CE5.0 device

    -"Step 1. Manually copy the following files down to the device" -> where from?

    could you please write a step-by-step how-to for a WM5 device to debug under VS2005 over wifi.

    (I use a iPAQ hx2410 for an important project  and for WiFi at DesktopPC "Siemens Gigaset 11")

    Please do it soon. Thanks.

  32. K Venter says:

    I cannot describe to you the frustration of finding out that I cannot use active sync on wifi. I believe this is a misrepresentation of your product and should be fixed immediately

  33. suneel says:


    can you suggest me regarding PDA selection.There is any WinCE5.0 Compatible PDA’s available at market with advanced features(Bluetooth,WiFi,IrDA)?Most of the PDA’s i found from net is based on Windows Mobile5.0.  If i will buy PDA based on Windows Mobile5.0 could i port my WinCE5.0 with .NET developement platform applications into that PDA or not?how could i get that PDA’s processor support(Board support Package) for developing my WinCE application,there is any CD’s comes along with PDA devices or not for supporting BSP?

    please send me reply to suneel@ittg.ernet.in

    Thanking you,



  34. gazza says:

    I spent *ALOT* of money on an XDA Exec to find out I cant sync over wifi. I cant begin to express how pissed off i am over this. This *really* *really* sucks. I can’t help but feel the decision was more to do with elevating and pushing the new exchange server than to do with security. this sucks, and microsoft sucks.

  35. How can this be fixed?  IS there still no working wifi sync for WM5?  

    I know how we can make Activesync REALLY secure, remove BT, USB and all other connections as well.  No connection, no security problem!

    This is ridiculous, time to move away from the pocketpc platform for the next round of upgrades I guess.

  36. OMG! says:

    all I have to say is WAY TO LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. You guys HAVE to realise how much this move has angered and frustrated your customer base. OPEN YOUR EYES and EARS Microsoft. Your customers are demanding this feature and you are NOT a supreme being. You will loose money AND market share from just this little inocent move. You move deadlines out all the time. Why couldnt you have moved this one out a bit and solved the issue? I am so close to to migrating to linux and palm. All 5000+ employees of mine…… ALL OF THEM. This is just one more drop of icing on the cake.

  37. Not Sold On Bluetooth says:

    Strange – I remember MS dumped Bluetooth in 2001 before XP was released. After hearing about so many Bluetooth security holes, I’m wondering how MS can really justify keeping Bluetooth in ActiveSync but not WiFi.

    The problem I have is that I have blanket coverage at my university with WiFi a/b/g, and the only reason to sync wirelessly is because I’m not within 10-300 feet of a standard WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) that Bluetooth provides.  Since Bluetooth and 802.11b/g operate in the same frequency range, it is impossible to cover both technologies across our campus and maintain signal quality because of data collisions.

    Improved security? I doubt that.  Bluetooth has never touted itself as a WLAN – it was developed as a means to remove wires from nearby low-bandwidth devices. I believe Bluetooth 2 now hits a whopping theoretical 2Mbps, something our access points can do at 100 yards.

    In the corporate enterprise IT model, Bluetooth transmitters can be the equivalent of rogue wireless routers that employees have plugged into the network. Power Users can install Bluetooth dongles, but that encourages users to unknowingly punch holes in a network that admins will not know about.  Most people think of a Bluetooth dongle as a connector for their cellphone headset gadget or a keyboard/mouse set; they do not think of it as an open, unsecured network access point.  Our 2 enterprise WiFi networks are set up with either mac-address authentication or certificates. If your device’s MAC is not on the ACL or you don’t have a certificate, it doesn’t allow you to connect.  Direct Exchange access seems to be a far less secure method to me.  Our Exchange admin told me that he has denied direct access to any IP on the wireless system, stating that wireless devices cannot be verified to be clean of viruses/worms, and actual users of the devices cannot be verified unless visually sighted.  So much for direct Exchange pulls.

    If I plug a Bluetooth transceiver into my workstation and open a backdoor into the network for activesync, then is it not the same as connecting via WiFi?  The software still controls the game and is responsible for any security holes.  Blame not the transport mechanism – if WiFi is not secure, then neither is Bluetooth.

    If the problem is security on the device end, then why not have the device initiate ALL sync operations and have it ignore PC "start sync" commands?  I’d rather have to hit "sync" every time on my PDA to update my email than have WiFi removed.

    Better yet, why not have ActiveSynce generate a MAC address-based certificate pair for the workstation/pda so they can identify and verify each other?

    Look at your home market – I see thousands of home routers that run some form of 802.11 wireless.  If Bluetooth is so secure and great for short-range networks, then where is the marching storm of Bluetooth-enabled routers?  I know it’s hard to believe, but not every device has Bluetooth, as the extra transceiver costs precious battery life.

    WiFi is a more mature, faster, and more secure transport that was DESIGNED for networking PCs (this is a Pocket *PC* after all), so why not use it?  WiFi is certainly intended to be used by the Terminal Services Client, which I believe is far more of a security threat than activesync, as it caches the IP addresses of my servers……

  38. MikeCal says:

    To "OMG!",

    Do I understand correctly that you’ve got 5000 employees all syncing to their desktops?  Just so we’re clear, we still support WiFi to an Exchange server, but not to a desktop.  I understand that this is a big problem for individual users who don’t have access to exchange servers, but a corporation of 5000 should seriously consider Exchange Active Sync.  It provides a ton of benefits, not the least of which being that Exchange Active Sync is encrypted and Desktop Active Sync isn’t.  

    I know that it sounds heavy handed for us to say, "Don’t have your 5000 employees send their corporate email unencrypted over the internet," but we’re not doing it because we think we’re supreme beings.  We’re doing it because we’ve seen first hand just how dangerous that activity is, and we just can’t enable it in our product.  


  39. Jeff Clark says:

    Another example of Microsoft taking choice away from the consumer to serve their own agenda.  When will they wake up and realize it will be their undoing?  There are far too many parallels between Microsoftism and Communism.

  40. Matt says:

    I agree with previous comments. Just bought a new PDA with WM5 and I did not even think to ask if Wi-Fi sync was possible. I took it for granted. Is this to push Exchange Server? What a really, really stupid move. This is another reason people become pro-linux.

  41. Matt says:

    Anyone tried this software to enable Wi-Fi?


    Is it any good?

  42. Matt says:

    Sorry, Did not read the whole description on the Airscanner software. Someone should build a fix though, or maybe a replacement to ActiveSync. One that does not require Exchange server.

  43. Adam Emerson says:

    having spent a lot of time using an older Ipaq pda with WM2003 and Activesync 3.8 i was happy in the knowledge i could come home and sync my device immediately without the need for a cable.

    i had no pda for a year or two and then purchased a WM5.0 device with Activesync 4.2. the device works well enough and the usb activesync has worked fine albeit slow.

    remembering my experience with the older pda i decided to check whether i could sync wirelessly. not being able to find any settings in active sync on either my desktop or handheld i hit google for some answers. here i am a few hours later…..very disappointed and frustrated.

    i, like others here before me, am appalled by the lack of respect for the user base. as a home user i should have the ability to sync wirelessly. i don’t have the money or the time to set up an exchange server for home use, though "surely" it would increase the productivity of my home office of one person….oh and my girlfriend could sync her appointments with me and check my calendar.

    ffs microshaft pull your fingers out and provide windows mobile users with a valid operating system before someone else pulls the rug from under your feet (like Apple’s OSX has already done on the desktop).

    windows mobile is a competent platform but it fails miserably in ease of use for networking, there should be the ability to set up user profiles (refer to IBM/Lenovo’s Thinkvantage Access Connections for a quality home use product). the whole process of setting up a network connection and a wireless connection on a WM5.0 device is trial and error……and now you have removed wifi activesync…..an incredible backward step that needs to be rectified. (have downloaded activesync 4.5 beta and it isn’t in there either).

    wake up and smell the coffee Microsoft because desktop OS’s like OSX and Ubuntu linux are going to take your market share. all it will take is a smart company like Ubuntu to create a mobile platform and i would think every single WM5.0 user will migrate. why wouldn’t they? a free user friendly platform with thousands if not millions of active listening developers…..shame Microsoft shame

  44. gf says:

    just got a htc tytn at great expense.

    cant believe i cant sync over wifi – unbelievable!!!!

  45. Daedalia says:

    I really get quite sick reading these pitiful lame excuse blogs, with the money behind them and they still can’t deliver the basics. It really beggars belief. As previously mentioned what is wrong with copying the RIM approach, with innovation dead at Microsoft this seems your only option.

  46. Marcel says:

    I also want to express how dissapointed I was while searching for a howto activesync through wifi with my iPaq1955 and finding this blog. I cannot believe that the problem with security within a wifi connection can be such a great problem that a MS team of experts cannot fix! I think my cell phone should not have a GSM connection for safety reasons, I should you my home phone all the time instead. Thankfully M$ does not make my cell phone OS.

  47. ex-PPC now Palm says:

    Well, a company I work for has about 300+ PDA’s that used to be Pocket PC… We need to sync databases (as well as files & PIM data) in 35 locations + on job sites. With new refresh, everybody was switched to Palm OS. Lack of WiFi networking support was one of the primary issues. We have many locations and it’s easier to buy Palms than be getting into Exchange. Now our IT dep’t is looking into cheap box Linux solutions – something we’ve dismissed before, because of problems with PPC syncing under Linux. All I can say is – well done, MS.

  48. Richrd says:

    Activesync has been a complete dissapointment since WM5. Between three devices and 4 desktop computers; none of the devices will connect via USB.

    If Microsoft cared about their image at all they would be throwing a LOT of money at this problem. Three HTC’s for sale. Cheeeep

  49. Otaku says:

    Definitely it’s a big step back. Really disappointed about my new phone can’t sync via WiFi, now I’ll have to plug the stupid usb cable on and off everyday. WTF!

  50. DavidB says:

    Now, a year and a half since I WiFi debugging was removed and STILL no solution.  I had hoped, when I saw the AS4.5 beta that perhaps Microsoft had listened to the outcry, but no luck.  This has been a HUGE pain!  My only option for debugging my iPAQ-based instrument is to continue to use an older 2003SE PDA and AS3.8 for debugging, and HOPE that release versions will run on the new WM5 models.  Obviously, I can’t use any new CE5.0 features!!!  Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  51. louis france says:

    one of the best stupid thing microsoft has done

    …i was looking for a new pocket pc (loox 420 actually, activesync 3.x :)..i miss you.. )…i think i’m going to look at PalmOs

  52. Supercoder says:

    I found a problem when debuging using WM5.0. If i debug using USB, the wireless connection is automatically closed.When i

    pulged out the USB line, the wireless connection will be working correctly.How can i solve this problem?

  53. Scott Guest says:

    I must also say this I find this immensely disappointing. As a previous user of LAN based syncing over VPN I was really looking forward to getting back to this situation again when my colleagues and I moved to 8525’s, previously we were on Treos and prior to that a few of us were using ppc2003 phones with sonic wall’s global VPN client to ActiveSync over wifi and the internet via VPN. I now find myself in wondering around the internet every week or so searching for a solution in complete disbelieve that this feature has truly gone!

    Our company is planning on upgrading to exchange so there is some light at the end of this sad connectivity tunnel, and I’m sure that MS is very happy about this decision. Unfortunately I can’t help myself believing that and is probably a significant contributing factor to the sustained absence of this once great ActiveSync feature. To be honest were planning on moving to exchange anyway simply because of its own merits but I can’t help thinking this is weak attempt at applying some additional force at the expense of a great feature.

    So, soon we’ll be able to sync again however we will not have a solution that also integrates our homes simply because this feature has been removed even though competing OS’s can still enable it. Specifically I’m talking about VPNing into our homes to sync where intra-home security is simply not an issue! If this feature were still around my wife and I could share and inbox and calendar etc. and life would be good again.

    Yours sadly,


  54. Eric Lee says:

    I find the entire argument for removing wifi sync in wm5 a complete and total JOKE.  

    1) Security Issues – hello, how are the security issues any different when using an Exchange server over the internet?  Localized Wifi with WPA2 is a lot safer than sending data over the wild west of the internet.

    2) "Slipping the Schedule Requirements" – uh, okay, it’s now over 1.5 YEARS since AS4.0 shipped.  What’s your schedule set in?  Decades?

    3) "We’re doing it because we’ve seen first hand just how dangerous that activity is, and we just can’t enable it in our product.   " – that’s an incredibly dumb stance to take.  But, it’s one that a short-sighted engineer with no view of the big picture would take.  (note – I am an engineer myself).   Obviously, MS wants to tout security.  But guess what, some people (myself included) understand the security risks and STILL WANT TO USE THE FRICKIN’ FEATURE!  Just put some text in your license disclaimer (to add to the other thousands of disclaimers already there) and LET THE USER DECIDE!

    Look, you guys do NOT understand how much you are SCREWING YOURSELVES.  This is a MUST HAVE feature for A MAJORITY of your Windows Mobile customers.  

  55. Ben De Wit says:

    Thx Microsoft for screwing your customers over and over. Buying myself a nice looking Loox I found out little too late. For all those considering a pda, forget Mobile 5 cause it just sucks.

  56. Mike says:


    Who is in charge of your department?

    They should fire all of you and then throw themselves into the ocean.

    "At Microsoft, we work to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible."

    Yeah. Right.

  57. Aaron K. says:

    You guys at MS are ridiculous, I’m taking my new IPAQ back, this is complete bs that I have have a cable connected to my IPAQ to share files or do a sync??? WTF is "WiFi" for…..Oh yeah, like I really want to browse the internet on a 3.5 inch screen….you morons need to get your act together, wireless networks are everywhere and the ability for home users like ME to sync wirelessly is absolutely a must.  No WiFi sync…no getting my money…PALM, I’m coming back and you all should to.  That is the only way that MS will treat customers with respect instead of trying to force people to by an exchange server!

  58. DaveJLowe says:

    Wow, years of disbelief, and nothing done about this.

    And now File Sync appears to be broken in WM5, at least for the TDS Rangers my company’s looking to standardize on.

    Bravo, MS.

  59. What a stupid idea MS did says:

    Think in people!

    Stop thinking ways of just getting money!

    Do your best to give people the best, and the money will come naturally! And more! More than money, people will love you guys, not think you are just stupid people. I would appreciate to say "That guys at MS area amazing! Look that!". Join Apple and Sony for the passion of the best.

    We want: Activesync that works over wi-fi, bluetooth, usb, etc. All plug-and-play and easy.

    We want a great beatiful interface. (hire some great artists please, you guys have the money, ask Apple and Sony where they find theirs if you can’t find by yourself).

    We want liberty! All that DRM, stoping wi-fi or whatever, to force people to do, or to buy, what you want is… I cant find a good word, thing the worst word you can imagine and fill the blanks.

    Test your software before release, ask people about things before removing or adding "features". They will be the guys who will use it or not.

  60. alradk says:

    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone found a solutions for this problem?

    If not I have been thinking about writing my own websync app…

    If you would like to join this then let me kwow!



  61. Karel says:


    I agree with most comments posted here.

    But, I have to say, there is not place for crying or anger – I have to debugg with WiFi anyway.

    So, thx for instructions "Debugging on CE5.0 device without Activesync" (link posted on top). It works.


    PS: Works with VS2005 SP1.

  62. Jon says:

    It’s almost July of 2007 and MS has still not seen the light.  I did a lot of research on deciding which WM5 devices were the best.  I didn’t think about researching ActiveStink.  I now look like an idiot.

  63. CEDeveloper2184 says:

    Well it is good to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this is just plain pathetic stupidity.  MS takes a MAJOR function from AS 3.x and just throws it out as though it was of no importance.  If this wasn’t MS I’d say unbelievable, but then again… it’s MS.

    As for the workarounds…

    The emulator may be a great emulator of a simple boiler plate ARM SBC, but that’s all it is.  Believe it or not… there are many of us in the development world working on ARM based CE products that aren’t PDA’s!!!!  Products like these have many features that your emulator WILL NOT EMULATE.  Therefore it’s usefulness is greatly limited.  You wonderful emulator is useless to many of us.

    Oh and by the way… many of these same products don’t even HAVE USB ports!!!

  64. Jimmy says:

    Okay I’m using windows vista and it REQUIRES me to use windows mobile device center! This is so retarded! The USB port broke off my 8125 so it doesn’t work. It HAS to have me sync by USB FIRST before I can use Bluetooth or IR or anything else. Geez.

  65. Dusty says:

    What is the WiFi connection for? This is very disapointing.

  66. Chris H. says:

    "…and without slipping the schedule commitments we had made"

    I’d rather honor the commitment to my customers of giving them quality software that works the way they expect.

  67. secco says:

    I bought a new Windows Mobile Device with WM6. I couldn’t believe that it is really impossible now to sync over the network. Like this it is completely useless for me! I will give it back. This is really very disappointing and a big step back! I will use my old HTC Wallaby now. Unbelievable!

  68. Garbagechov says:

    Dudes, you screwed up so badly, three years have passed and even 4.5 came wifi short. You suck.

  69. Juan Pedro says:

    I work in the highest company of electricity of Spain. We work with TPO and PDA devices and we use an optic sensor for comunication with electricity meet. Using Wifi for debug and serial or USB port for the optic sensor is absolutely necesary for us!!!.

    I don’t believe it. What’s a shame!!!

  70. joe says:

    OK…now its 2009 and I still cannot get this to work.  Their instructions don’t work — I am going to try downloading power toy (tool?) in order to get a command prompt — really? a command prompt?  This is getting silly….

  71. Bubba says:

    Years later, and this missing features STILL pisses me off.

    The guys who made this decision are the most useless stupid shits in the history of computing.

    I regularly curse MSFT for removing these features from the "newer, better" version of Windows Mobile.

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