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Backwards compatibility is super important.  For Windows Mobile 5.0, we established several new processes and initiatives to improve compatibility issues across the board by identifying issues, fixing as many bugs as possible, and mitigating the ones that can't be changed.  A key item on the list of mitigations is early public documentation detailing the top issues we've found during testing. 

The Windows Mobile Migration FAQ for Developers is that documentation and has been updated with new/revised items addressing Windows Mobile 5.0.  Few apps should need to be modified for 5.0 compatibility but I still strongly recommend that all developers take a few minutes to read over this just to verify that your apps are OK.  For bonus points, install the SDK and test against the emulator.

If you have questions about specific items above, please post them in the comments.


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  1. JD says:

    How about: "What didn’t break with WM5.0"?

    Seriously, *all* eMbedded VB apps broken? ADOCE? ATL & MFC problems? No RAPI?

    Please enumerate what’s left…

  2. Daniel Moth says:

    Blog link of the week 21

  3. eu says:

    i just transferred my contacts from my sim card and phone over to a new phone

    (o2 atom life) which runs on windows mobile 6. After doing so, i accidentally

    deleted all my contacts before i could do any form of back up. can anybody

    help retrieve all my lost contacts? is there any program out there that can

    do it?

  4. Craig Dahlinger says:

    Al the links posted in this article are broken. fyi…i know it is old…

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