Windows Mobile SDK now included in MSDN Product Feedback Center

Exciting news!  As of this morning, Windows Mobile SDK is now included as a category for bugs/suggestions in the MSDN Product Feedback Center.  For the past several months, people have been submitting great feedback to our partner teams line .NET Compact Framework and Visual Studio for Devices.  Now, you can send stuff to us as well.   
I'm really excited about this feedback mechanism.  You get to see what others have written, add you vote to something, add repro steps or workarounds, track status, and rest assured that what you send in is actually going straight to our internal bug tracking database where it will be reviewed by the development team.
Is there an API missing from Pocket PC or Smartphone that you'd like to see?  Maybe there's an API we have which doesn't work as expected?  Or maybe there's something that works but seemed more difficult that necessary to use?  Head on over and let us know.  Just pick "Smart Devices" as the technology and then when you get to the point of adding a new bug/suggestion, pick "Windows Mobile SDK" as the category.
For now, this is only for developer-related feedback.  If you have end-user feedback, please continue to use the newsgroups or MSWish.

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  1. Great news! Congrats!

    However would it be possible to add such feedback mechanism also for end users for smartphone/pocket pc platforms? (I mean: not just for developers)

  2. Sorry, my end user feedback needs to be more direct…

    Especially as every PM I’ve talked to who works at Microsoft currently tells me that MSWish is a blackhole that no-one ever really takes anything of use from.

    So here’s some feedback right here:

    Contacts list filtering.

    Needs to be sticky.

    If it’s not sticky, it’s nearly useless.

    Find a way to make it sticky, or a way I can hack it to be sticky too.



    The sad thing about the Smartphone (bought one today) is that it’s a lot of wasted potential. Ringtones that you can’t just select an MP3 from the SD card to use (has to be PCM, Midi or GSM). Ringtones which won’t preview when you’re assigning custom ones to people.

    The motorola bluetooth headset is supposed to allow me to voice dial – and voice dialing is built into my MPX220 – so why doesn’t it work?

    MRU functionality for the contacts would be useful for use as a real phonebook.

    Taking photos in hires mode – 1280×960 – causes the photo to come out entirely misaligned – someone didn’t get the stride of the bitmap correct, and as such the entire thing tears its way down the screen. Did you guys ever test that stuff? Oddly, it only happens if you don’t reboot before taking photos after changing the setting.

    No predictive typing ability when you’re using a numpad is kind of lame. Does Smartphone support alternative input types? If so, I might write one.

    Come on guys. My Pocket PC doesn’t crash. It’s well thought out. It doesn’t have broken functionality. This, on the other hand? What the hell went wrong with it?

  3. mpf_guy says:


    I want to extend the smart device project for visual studio.

    or atleast please tell me the design of these sdks so that any third party can come up with new sdks.

  4. I’ve been looking for record-and-playback test automation tools for smartphones for a while.  I actually thought that Redmond had some for distribution, but I guess not.  For years Mercury Interactive has "partnered" with Microsoft.  So, it seemed logical to send an eMail to Jonathan Rende, Vice President at Mercury Interactive, suggesting that Mercury develop and market some record-and-playback test automation tools for smartphones.   It sure would be helpful to have a tool for smartphone testing that is as powerful as QuickTest Pro.

  5. anonymous says:

    Is there any way to track the keyevents and mouse events in windows mobile globally?

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