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A few weeks ago James updated the download page for the eVB runtime to give users the option of first answering a few questions (anonymously) about why they need the runtime.  The data we’re getting back from that simple survey has so far been incredibly helpful.  Combined with other more scientific data we have, this puts us in a better position to target efforts at getting people migrated to .NET before the lack of eVB support in next release of Windows Mobile causes pain to developers and their users.  The other changes to this download page are a few paragraphs at the top explaining the deprecation of eVB and a few links at the bottom to whitepapers that will help in migrating.  I’ve probably mentioned all of those links here before but just in case you haven’t seen them yet, here they are:

Resources for Developers Migrating from eMbedded Visual Basic

In order to assist developers migrate from eMbedded Visual Basic to Visual Basic .NET Microsoft has provided a series of technical articles.

Migrating From the Embedded Visual Basic language to Visual Basic .NET
Learn how to move Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2002 software development from Microsoft eMbedded Visual Basic to the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Basic .NET. The release of the .NET Compact Framework enables mobile application developers to make use of the same tools and languages used in server and desktop application development.

Migrating File Controls
This article provides information to help you port the eMbedded Visual Basic (eVB) file controls (File System and File control) to Visual Basic .NET when migrating your applications from eVB to Visual Basic .NET.

Migrating UI Controls
This article looks at the considerations involved in porting the GUI part of an eMbedded Visual Basic application to .NET Compact Framework, using Visual Basic .NET. The article provides an example of how a simple application is created in each environment and explains the basic differences between eVB and Visual Basic .NET in the developer controls and code you will use

Feedback Address
In addition, Microsoft is providing a feedback address for you to submit additional comments on migrating from eMbedded Visual Basic to Visual Basic .NET. Please note, this is a general feedback address and not a support alias. No technical support will be offered by this address.

[Author: Robert Levy]

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  1. jiglo says:

    what am i diong

  2. jiglo says:

    what am i diong

  3. Gabor says:

    Where can I download eMbedded Visual Basic?

    I can’t find any working links.


  4. bob says:

    this wont work

  5. Terry Davis says:

    Client wants to buy an iPAQ 2410 which was Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, Second Edition. Will the 2410 support the eVB Runtime?

  6. You can download the eMbedded Visual Basic runtime from

    This will install on Windows Mobile 2003 based Pocket PCs like the one you list above. The important thing to realize is that this runtime will not work on the next release of Windows Mobile software so you definitely shouldn’t create any new apps using eVB and ideally, you should migrate existing apps to VB .NET using the resources above.


  7. Mike Edwards says:

    The problem I see with VB.NET is (apart from the cost of the dev tools, vs. free for eVB) is that it is relatively easy to decompile an app to source code, hence rendering my database encoding techniques pointless and opening my protected data to distribution among people who have not licensed my application.

    In addition, I get a 50/50 mix of people who need the evb runtime (because they have wm2003) and those who don’t – if I switch to VB.NET I just reverse the 50/50 split to make the users of older devices require the .NET runtime instead.

    Will the future devices continue to allow development in, say, evc++? This looks like a better bet to me if it’s still possible. I know it’s possible to decompile pretty much any application with the right tools, but the number of people capable of doing so for a native ‘exe’ must be smaller than the number who can download a program off the web and run it.

    Don’t get me wrong – there’s a lot I don’t like about eVB, and I understand that’s what I put up with using free development tools. But the decompilation of makes me nervous, and is the reason we don’t write in java.

    Finally, for a suggestion for the evb runtime page, please consider improving the installation instructions. I know it’s a retired product, but I spend more time instructing my users on how to install the evb runtimes than I do on support my own application. Nine times out of ten, users ‘unzip’ the CAB file because that’s what they think is required.

  8. Robert Levy says:

    Apps written in the old eVC tools will continue to work on future device. However, eVC itself has also been retired and native C++ developers moving forward will be encouraged to use Visual Studio 2005. For the first time, you’ll be able to write native code for mobile devices while taking advantage of the incredible tools that desktop, web, and .NET Compact Framework developers use.

    "if I switch to VB.NET I just reverse the 50/50 split to make the users of older devices require the .NET runtime instead"

    As time goes on, you’ll obviously find that this situation changes in favor of .NET. New devices will continue to ship with .NET and future devices will be without eVB compatibility.

    As for decompilation, there are a number of obfuscation tools compatible with .NET CF. A quick Google should point you to those.

    Also, I’d be hesitant to think of eVB source code as being safer… eVB is a scripting-based language and your .vb files are really just your source code put into a slightly different scripting format and interpreted at run time. With the use of a good obfuscator, .NET code will be far more protected than any eVB code.

  9. The eVB download page does not seem to work form my iPAQ 2210 Windows Mobile 2003.

    Send me to some Microsoft link for docuemnts on the topic. The download works fine from my PC though?????

    Please adise

  10. ryan says:

    how do i install evb onto my pda?

  11. Darkbob says:


  12. stingraze says:

    "how do i install evb to my pda?"

    You can’t . 🙂 you can install evb runtime…

  13. Bubba says:

    So I have downloaded the evb runtime file: msvbppc.armv4. How do I install it on my pda?

  14. Ryan says:

    Need it to run a wireless keyboard

  15. Prati says:

    To install a cab file in pda, copy it to a folder in PDA first, then use File Explorer to run the cab file. It should install by itself.

  16. I’m not sure if this topic is even still valid, but for what it’s worth, true .NET apps are easy to decompile, but there is a line of products called Ofuscators (spelling?). Anyway, these things basically scramble the resulting compiled component so that it still works, but can’t be decompiled, or at least when it is, it’s just garbage and not your real code.

  17. a says:

    needed for use of some older games for ppc

  18. Pero says:

    I have already installed runtime msvbppc.armv4 but i still cannot run my app form visual embedded 3.0 on my pda!

  19. carl says:

    I was recently running an eVB app using the runtime and suddenly after trying to register a legacy control from elsewhere it stopped working. I’ve been developing this app for a few years and will be porting it to .NET but it is for teachers who necessarily use older technology.

    Can someone let me know exactly what the CAB installs on the pocket pc so I can see what is now missing.Reinstalling the runtime does not overcome the problem for some reason. I’d rather not reinstall everything on my pocket pc if I can help it.

    Cheers and thanks for running this blog.


  20. Steve says:

    I can’t find the eVB download page.  Do you have a link to it?

    I’m just bought a program on Handango.  When I installed it, the program says it needs the eVBruntime.


  21. hilzer says:

    Just type "evb pocket pc" to google search field. Its the first link in the list.

  22. Simon Driscoll says:

    I’ve downloaded it but cannot install it on my PDA. I’m running Windows CE 5.0 but it tells me that "Microsoft VB Runtimes for PPC" cannot be installed.

    I am attempting to use the PocketPC Expense program that I downloaded via the microsoft site and it won’t run without this.

  23. pech says:

    Can someone tell me please, how can i install eMbedded Visual Basic runtime To my pocjet PC??? There is no install icon or something like that… Can you please help me??? Can you write me an answer to ?? please please please…. 🙂

  24. Paul McCaul says:

    Download the eVB to your PC. Now this is where the confusion starts. It may show as a Winzip file and everyone is extracting it on the PC and then trying to install the files. Nnnnnnoooooooooo!

    Just copy the Winzip file in its original state to your PPC and when you open it in the PPC it will automatically load.

    Easy when you know hey!



  25. streakfreak says:

    Simon’ll need to install the "" file to your WM5.0…you can find it on the search should leads to microsoft link(where it all start).

  26. pino says:

    I have e htc TyTN with

    Windows Mobile 6 Professional

    Sistema Operativo CE 5.2.1437.

    I have downloaded the evb runtime file: and I installed him but my application in EVB 3.0 don’t run (Msg: Application Error –> An error was encountered whilw running this program). You can help me?

    Note: With Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 the application run correctly.

  27. Mario says:

    Does Microsoft let eVB download anymore? I need to modify a project wrote in eVB but I can’t download it…

  28. aeolus says:

    I tried the copy to PDA prior to unzip after downloading as paul suggests and I still get the same error when I try to run my app. It shows in the explorer on my PDA.

  29. garlic says:

    Download the eVB to your PC. Now this is where the confusion starts. It may show as a Winzip file and everyone is extracting it on the PC and then trying to install the files. Nnnnnnoooooooooo!

    <I did the same thing>

    Just copy the Winzip file in its original state to your PPC and when you open it in the PPC it will automatically load.

    <Where is PPC? , can you explain more explicitly

  30. CrazyHedgehog says:

    To garlic:

    PPC is the Pocket Personal Computer, also known as PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

    So, you copy the file (it looks like a Zip file) into your PPC/PDA.  Once there, use it’s own Explorer to run it.

  31. Darkness says:

    Sucks that older third-party apps that have not been ported require a runtime that is vaporware. WM6Pro has an "I’m missing the file" placeholder instead of simply having the needed files?!? And the placeholder instructs you to follow a link and get the file ( and it is nowhere to be found! (removed presumably…)

    I can understand not supporting the evb going forward, but if stuff still needs the file and your not going to support it, just put the runtime into the os image! What’s up with putting in a placeholder file for it instead of simply having the files or the cab file there?!?

    So as it stands, there are tons of third party apps that don’t include the runtime (guess they were not allowed?), haven’t been ported, and MS doesn’t have the needed runtime files any more either (not supported anymore, and thus not available)…

    It’s a crap situation that MS does this abandonment thing, leaving users of an MS product or technology high and dry once MS decides to abandon said product or technology. Why not instead opensource it, absorb runtimes into the os structure for backwards compatibility or even just keep the runtimes as installable compatibility hotfixes so that they can be added piecemeal as needed if the os integration thing is too much to consider…

    All I ask is that you stop abandoning users (me) and use better exit plans for your products so that users can still use their kit and MS can move on to better things without abandoning users…Voice Command, Strategic Commander, ring any bells! I still use the VC and would love to develop some apps for it, but oh wait…no info on how it works, no sdk, no opensource info, nothing. Reverse Engineering isn’t good for IP reasons right?! Well, in cases like this what else is there?

    This should still be available as you have current product (WM6Pro) that points the user here to get it! Heck, just give us an update via the update system to install the thing if the user wants and be done with it! I have never gotten and update with WM6 and I check every so often, but nothing…another wasted technology?!?

    Colour me disappointed in this abandonment trend MS is on.

    End of line.

  32. François Léger says:

    The download page for the evb runtime does not work= any alternate solution?


    (this is for an old application the provider has not updated yet)

  33. Annoyed VB user says:

    Please stop moving pages, it has not been a pleasant experience hunting through broken links. Please just leave a download button on the first page

  34. Unky Willy says:

    I need it for reason’s I cannot divulge unto mankind

  35. EVB Developer says:

    Too bad your sticking it to yourself by dropping EVB.

    I guess it’s time for Linux and open source and another PDA hardware genre.

    I used EVB for quite a while and I agree with the above comment about exit strategy. EVB had none. Just simpoly dropped by Microsoft. Leaving us out in the cold. .NET is just you guys’ Java. But ain’t cross platform like you wanted it to be, just cross device.

    Like I said too bad.

    The more you push me away the further you push me away!

    .NET may be fine if you got alot of money for the development enviroment and hardware to test on.

    Way too many screens formats to support.

    Plus alot of other odd ball hardware implemented by the vendors themselves.

    Too bad Bill lost his original vision, the same one I have always had…. "It’s just a box, without software"

    But if you can’t write software… it’s just a box.

    Looks like they’re heading in the same direction on the Xbox too.

    Free (minus $50, plus … minus the price of the xbox) for now, and let smaller developers develop, but one day Microsft will murk that up too.

    Keep pushing me away Microsoft…. Just keep pushing me away.

  36. JJ Crider says:

    I need this for functionality in a freeware program I downloaded for a piece of software I feel is very basic and should be included in the OS.

  37. R KOBY says:


  38. Alejandro says:



  39. Karl says:

    needed to run Viking Saga game, which does not run on the newer system. Seems to me that if the .net compact framework is so good it should be backwards compatible too.

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