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Have you ever been searching for a technical article or How To and can't find it?  Have you ever wondered how to tell Microsoft to get into gear and write an article on a specific topic?  Well, the Windows Mobile team has just published a content request tool so we can understand the areas that you feel you need more content on.  Visit MSDN and submit the form to log your requests.

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  1. Rod Hilton says:

    I need to know how to do everything possible with the Inbox app on windows mobile 2003 as a transport. I need to know asap how to mark an attachment for download. HELP HELP HELP…

    Please respond.

  2. John Rogers says:

    A good how-to on printing would be a good feature on what to document. But you say printing isnt a feature in .Net, my question is why not?

    There are alot of SQL Ce Replication sites that are better explaining than microsoft. I have seen the VS2005 and alot of good ideas have been addressed with SQL Mobile & SQL Sever.

    Always a good feature for a handheld it as a remote X10, infered, wireless. Yes you can use this as a full featured device, but why when you have a PC that has all your favorate programs already installed. Developing an interface between pocket and desktop "without using XML".

    Microsoft Developing HowTo’s for the Pocket Streets, Excell, Money, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Word, network, media player. Where the aplication can interface with the device.

    <rant>If HP can develop a product that prints on CE Devices why can’t Microsoft develop support. Yes the sdk is avalible for the HP product but where does that leave me for developing new drivers.

    The "Standard Features" could be what .Net CF lacks most. We have been told that pockets are limited devices by design; however things that are possible have not yet been explored or totaly ignored.</rant>

    Questons, Comments, Ideas, Concerns?

  3. Hi,

    I’d certainly like to know the relationships between ISV’s, the cellphone operators and Microsoft.

    Particularly where and when patches will be rolled out and by who, where support comes from (there seems to be nothing in the knowledge base which makes it difficult to support our customers and the cellphone operators have no mechanism to support anything other than normal phones and text messenging).

    How can we plan development and deployment if we don’t know what the ultimate platforms are and what problems there are? Even which operators there are and their level of support for each feature.

    Best regards


  4. Rod, Steve, John

    Please post your requests directly into the content request tool (link in the original post). By doing that, you ensure the information hits the right process to make it happen.


    We’ve received many requests for built in printing support over the last year or so. It has been entered as a feature request in the next planning cycle for the Windows Mobile development platform.


    You ask an interesting question. The cell phone industry is certainly complex. Ultimately, at the choice of the mobile operators, the end user relationship is theirs and theirs entirely. The MO is then responsible for rolling out the patches Microsoft provide for our OS platform. This can be frustrating because there is little incentive from a cost perspective for the MO to prolong the life of a handset. In addition, there is usually a device maker/OEM in between Microsoft and the operator adding an additional layer of cost into the process.

    This status quo is something that we’d definitely like to see change but that incorporates a considerable shift in the whole industry so it’s not something that will happen over night or any time soon.

    From a developer perspective, you shouldn’t see patches that affect the development platform. Development platform updates are applied at each major release of the OS. If you’re seeing differences in in market devices causing code to behave differently between different devices running the same OS or between devices running different versions of the OS (e.g. 2003 and 2003 Second Edition) please report them to the alias and we’ll investigate. You can find information about migrating code between devices in <a href="">this</a&gt; MSDN article.

    Hope this is useful.


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