The things I do for this team

The aftermath of the Milkshake Challenge, where developers could dump a milkshake on my head if they fixed certain bugs. They were so cold, I was in PAIN.

[Author: Dave]

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  1. Riki says:

    <br>umm you guy do develop code sometimes too, eh? it’s just that there seems to be more posts of team leaders getting stuff done to them for or by their team than posts of cool new features.
    <br>Hmm i have a good idea for a fund raiser at the next eDevCon!
    <br>but seriously it sounds like you guys have your fair share of fun there.

  2. lostgirl says:

    so i was wandering the bloggosphere, when i found a reference to this… must say so funi. bloggers will rule the world! we already got our ads, our fads, and not to mention media attention. here’s a wine class raised to world domination!

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