Running a scheduled app in unattended mode

This question came up in a webcast: “I have an app that wakes up the device periodically.  I don’t want to waste battery power, so when my app is done doing its thing, I don’t want to wait for the normal three minute timeout.  I’d like the device to go to sleep right away if it…


Programmatically getting the phone number of a device

One question that is often asked is “How do I get the phone number of my device?”  Usually the person asking doesn’t really need the phone number, they just need some number that uniquely identifies the device.  While there does exist an IOCTL to get a unique ID (not the phone number), only apps that…


The things I do for this team

The aftermath of the Milkshake Challenge, where developers could dump a milkshake on my head if they fixed certain bugs. They were so cold, I was in PAIN. [Author: Dave]


Signing Smartphone apps with a privileged certificate

The security infrastructure on Smartphone requires that an application be “trusted” in order to write to certain files, write to certain registry keys, or use certain APIs.  How you get “trust” is determined by the OEM or operator selling the device.  For some devices, all apps are trusted.  For others, you get trust after the user agrees…