Microsoft Privileged Certificate Technology Requirements

Application code submitted to a certificate authority to be signed with a privileged certificate shall comply with the following requirements: A.        Application code shall not: Modify the value or function of any security policy, including without limitation, any of the security policies accessible through the Security Policy CSP Modify any keys or name/value pairs in…


Open Source Implementation of GDI+ for .NET CF

XcrossOne Studio has a new open source library the promises to fill the gaps of features not included in the Compact Framework’s version of System.Drawing.  Unfortunately, it’s released under the GPL license which means you probably don’t want to use it in a commercial application but for hobbyist or academic developers this could be worth checking out. [Author: Robert…


Great deal on Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone with AT&T Wireless

Do you want to get this sweet new Smartphone which includes (along with the usual stuff) Windows Media Player 10?  Do you want to make an easy $25?  If so, you won’t want to miss this discussion at Smartphone Thoughts. [Author: Robert Levy]


Patch for Smartphone 2003 SDK Released

If you develop for Windows Mobile based Smartphones you’ll be aware of the SPDPS utility. SPDPS is what you use to configure a Smartphone to allow you to deploy and debug on it. A combination of the work in Windows XP SP2 and eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 SP4 breaks the SPDPS utility in the Smartphone…


Painting problems with a PocketPC Today Screen plugin

The code for the sample Today Screen plugin that ships with the Pocket PC 2003 SDK has a bug in it which a number of people have been hitting.  The code calls DefWindowProc after handling WM_PAINT, which it should not do.  It should simply return zero after doing its painting.  This bug can result in…


Rotating the Second Edition Emulator

I just saw a comment on Pocket PC Thoughts from a developer who couldn’t test how their application responded to changes in device orientation because there is no way to do it in the emulator.  Doh!  Looks like we should have been more clear about this in the documentation… to rotate the screen in the Pocket…


VGA Pocket PC

Here’s a new enthusiast site dedicated to tracking and reviewing the latest breed of Pocket PC devices… those with VGA screens. [Author: Robert Levy]


Adding work exceptions to Connection Manager

Over on the microsoft.public.smartphone.developer newsgroup there was an interesting discussion about connecting to corporate networks using Smartphone devices. One of our customers wanted to VPN back into his corporation to get his mail, but was having trouble since their VPN connections didn’t support name resolutions for corporate servers. I suggested using the direct IP address…