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  1. Riki says:

    So far eVC 3 and 4 (and the SDK’s) are free downloads, has MS announced, or at least what is the feeling about VS 2k5?

    I suppose worst case we can still develop on eVC, but, as your point out above, when the Smartphone <XMen reference> comes out we won’t be able to deploy/debug direct from eVC.


  2. Riki says:

    umm hang on, Smartphone <XMen reference> is build on CE5, Platform Builder 5’s "Build SDK" command, creates SDK’s for eVC 4 SP 4, so why does the Smartphone <XMen reference> SDK require VS 2k5??


  3. Robert Levy says:

    SDKs, command line tools, and emulators will continue to be free downloads. So while we no longer have a second class IDE being maintained as a free offering, you won’t be locked in to buying VS (though VS 2005 really is shaping up to be a great environment).

    Mobile device support (native and managed) will be included in the Standard, Professional, and Team System editions of VS 2005 (

  4. Neil says:

    Just to point out something in Robert’s comment that’s easy to miss, note that mobile device support is now in the Standard version of VS 2005. In the past you had to buy Professional or higher.

    If you have Beta 1 of VS 2005 already from one of our developer events you can give native development within VS 2005 a spin today, for Pocket PC/SP 2003 devices.


  5. Krishna Kumar says:

    Thanks Robert.

    Couple of questions

    1. SP v.Next will support native C++ programming using VS. Correct?

    2. Neil you mentioned VS Standard. What about the Express edition, will it support Mobile Development. Last I heard it will not. Which is B.A.D?

    SDK, command line tools are good. But the free IDE is what made mobile app development accessible to hobbyists. And not having a stripped down freebie VS version for Mobile Development will affect development. Not to mention on the Smartphone platform, hobbyists have to (recommended) get the apps signed. That is a lot of cost.

    Am I missing somthing?

  6. Neil says:

    1. Correct. You will be able to use Visual Studio 2005 to do native development for any Smartphone from 2003 forward.

    2. There are no plans currently for a mobile version of the Express edition.


  7. Ben says:

    Since VS2005 is obviously the IDE of choice, and the others are being phased out, when will support for .NET 2.0 Compact Framework and VS2005 be available?

    We’ve been using VS2005 beta 1 since it was publicly released. We also have a rather substantial app that was written in .NET 1.1 in VS2003 for PPC2003 that won’t display properly on PPC2003SE. We see that looking to the future, our only choice for the development platform is .NET 2.0 and VS2005, however we are having major problems with porting the application to .NET 2.0 due to some apparent memory leaks with SQL CE 3.0 We’re despirately looking for everywhere for help, and since it looks like we’re being boxed into the platform that we’re using (.NET 2.0 w/ VS2005), when are we going to be able to get some support?

  8. Neil says:

    If you’re finding issues using Beta 1 please please please log them using the MSDN Product Feedback Center at Every bug that gets logged there comes directly into our database and we look at them as if they were logged by our own internal test team.


  9. I think Neil has covered off the the VS 2005, NET CF 2, SQL CE 3.0 questions. These are not released products at this stage so if you’re having problems please let us know.

    You mentioned you’re having problems with your v1 app running on Second Edition. Can you go into a little more detail about why it won’t display properly? Are you referring to the dialog that appears at install time? Or does it actually not display properly?


  10. Derek says:

    When VS 2005 says "mobile device support", does it include native development for standard WinCE devices, or just WM2003/2005? We are not going to be able to switch from eVC 4.0 if we can’t cross compile for WinCE 4.x/5.x.

  11. Neil says:

    Native development support for WindowsCE is included as well.


  12. I have a Viewsonic V37, which I got from the MSDN promo a while ago.

    Now I see that .Net 2.0 will not run on it *and* that VS2005 will not allow me to make native apps for it.

    So I grumble a bit: "I guess I’m going to get the WM2003 upgrade after all". But then I see that Viewsonic doesn’t sell it anymore!

    What am I to do? Are you saying I have to buy a new Pocket PC if I want to use the newest technologies? Do you know where I can find the WM2003 upgrade for the V37?

  13. Robert Levy says:

    Unfortunately we have to make some hard balancing decisions between supporting X generations of Windows Mobile devices and getting powerful new features into the product for people using more powerful versions of the platform.

    As for upgrades for specific devices, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer.

  14. Patrick says:

    Isn’t a column missing for PPC 2000 where it would show a green rectangle for VS 2003 and eVC 3?

  15. Anatolyf says:

    Will Visual Studio .Net allow application development for devices with Windows Mobile/PPC 2003 Phone edition ?

  16. Lance Fisher says:

    I’m in the same boat as Stephane Lajoie, but it doesn’t look like to many people care about this.

  17. LeonardoSalvatore says:

    I love my window mobile 2005 device!!!

    So , I wroted that application…

    what do you think?

  18. … C&amp;#39;est du moins ce que laissent entendre les &amp;eacute;quipes de Redmond (cf. Windows Mobile Development

  19. Cliff says:

    This other blog has links to some updates for the viewsonic V37 and other V3x models to WM2003

    hope this helps someone out there.


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