Moving From eVB to .NET CF

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that eVB has reached the end of its life.  You have to install a CAB file to get eVB apps to work on Pocket PC 2003 devices and it is likely that eVB apps won't work at all on future versions of Windows Mobile. 

Last August we published a whitepaper on moving from eVB to VB.NET.  

If you are developing or maintaining eVB code, this is a must-read.  After reading it, please send me your feedback.  What areas would you like to have dedicated migration whitepapers on (UI, data access, file I/O, synchronization, networking, ...)?  What can we do to make your migration easier?

Likewise, if you've already gone through this migration and are willing to spend a few minutes talking to us about how that went, I'd love to hear from you.

[Author: Robert Levy]

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