A little bit of Stinger history

If you've been hanging out at Channel 9 this week you've probably seen a couple of clips from an interview I did about Smartphone. Here's a screen cap from one of the videos:

We didn't plan it, but the camera angle had a nice side effect: you can see the Stinger bee over my right shoulder in every video.

Stinger was the codename for what became Smartphone 2002, and I picked the bee up at Archie McPhee's early during Stinger's development. He sat happily on top of the printer the PM team shared for the entire release. The printer's path was, appropriately, \\honey\bee.

[Author: Neil Enns]

Comments (4)

  1. How cool! Was that a coincidence or did it just happen that way??

  2. Harold Potter says:

    btw email me at haroldpotter@spymac.com

  3. Neil Enns says:

    Complete conincidence!

  4. Anonymous says:

    A little bit of Stinger history

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