Looking for the POOM type library?

One of our MVPs was having some trouble recently with POOM and traced the problem back to our device images. We didn't get the POOM type library into the ROM images in our 2003 release, unfortunately.

If you're doing POOM development and need the type library you can find it in the eVB runtime install for Pocket PC. When you install the eVB runtime it should install and register pimtlb.dll correctly.

[Author: Neil Enns]

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  1. John Cody says:


    I have a problem maybe someone can shed some light on…

    I am using eVB on a Smartphone 2002 device (I know it is not supported, but I got it to work 100% – see my omnisoft.com article).

    There is a file called "pimstore.dll" in the windows directory on the Smartphone. But when my eVB code tries to call any method of this dll, even the "pol.login", it returns the error "Method not supported by this object".

    What confuses me is that that method ("login") does exists in the file because all of the eVC example code in the Smartphone 2002 SDK for the POOM functions use it. So, why is eVC able to call those methods, but eVB is not?

    NOTE: Since I have been successful in using eVB to call every API I could think of, as well as every third-party activex controls I threw at it, I don’t think it’s a matter of eVB inability to call DLL’s or API’s.

    I tried to register the "pimtlb.dll" (from the Pocket PC 2002 eVB runtime cab) mentioned in the top of this thread, but there doesn’t seem to be any "DLLRegisterServer" method or entry point, so it looks like this file doesn’t need to be registered. But, if it does, how would I do so?

    Being able to access the pocket outlook data from eVB on a Smartphone would really open the doors to more useful apps that us eVB developers can do.

    As a last resort, I was thinking about accessing the Pocket Outlook data directly via the CE DB method, but I could not find any documentation on it, probably because it is not supported…..if anyone can point me to some doc on this, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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