Web Chat Today 3pm PST

I've finally caved in to Roberts constant pressure to post on the Windows Mobile blog.

At 3pm today you have the pleasure of an hour of me talking ... well typing ... about Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.  I'll be focussing primarily on developer features and developer information but I'll open with a few end user features too.  The chat is open to everyone.

For more information visit : http://msdn.microsoft.com/chats/.  It's the Mobile Devices Developer chat.

See you there.

[Author: James]

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  1. Mark Sztainbok says:

    Just a note to remind you to check what the legal reasons for people outside the US, Canada and UK being unable to enter the Mobile2Market competition are.

    I live in Australia and I have a few ideas for applications that could be really useful but, based on the current rules, would be unable to enter them in the competition.

  2. Olle says:

    The different orientations, resolutions, operating systems seem like something that will haunt us in our sleep in the comming years. What are you doing to prevent this? Microsoft being so large seems like the company to set standards (even if that means stepping on a couple of toes).

    Would be nice if we could prevent some of the mistakes made with the HTML standards.

  3. Larry Bank says:

    The current ARM compiler is pretty bad at producing fast code. Is the ARM compiler improving in eVC4 SP3?

    The current ARM compiler has 2 major flaws and 1 minor flaw:

    1) The REGISTER keyword is ignored. This is critical to producing fast code because the compiler does not always choose the right variables to keep in register.

    2) The favor Fast vs. Small code options don’t seem to work. I set it for fastest code and it adds extra branches everywhere to make the code smaller (and slower)

    3) There is no way to specify CPU – specific optimizations (e.g. OMAP, StrongARM, Thumb, XScale).


    Larry B.

  4. Thanks Larry. I’ve forwarded your questions to someone on the compiler team. I’ll post back when I get a response.



  5. Larry: the current ARM compiler in eVC4 supports some CPU specific optimizations. They are just not available from the dialogs in the IDE. But you can set them manually.

    /QRarch4 ARM4 Architecture

    /QRarch5 ARM5 Architecture

    /QRarch4T ARM4T Architecture

    /QRarch5T ARM5T Architecture

    /QRinterwork-return ARM<–>Thumb calls

    /QRfpe use floating point emulation

    /QRdsp enable ARM5E DSP instructions

    /QRxscale optimize for XScale

    /QRxscalesched XScale scheduling

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