Sending an SMS to yourself in the emulator

At the APAC MDC last week, I had an opportunity to discuss developer tips with the audience in Syndey. One tip in particular that was a surprise to most of the audience but potentially very useful is the fact that you can make phone calls or send SMS messaages to yourself in the emulator (providing you are using a Smartphone or PPC emulator with Virtual Radio support). The phone number for the emulator is “+14250010001“. This is really handy for testing SMS interception or how your apps responds to an incoming phone call, etc. Just send an SMS to +14250010001! Give it a try - let me know if you have any problems.

[Author: PaulaT]

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  1. It’s also a great way to freak your buddy out who’s working on the emulator and doesn’t know about this feature.

    Write a little app that will place a call to the emulator with a time delay before it places the call, deploy it when he’s not looking and start it. Wait your prescribed timeout and watch as he tentatively answers the call from his emulator 🙂

    You should definitely read the disclaimer for this post!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome tip from PaulaT on how to send SMS yourself in the emulator. Hey guys how many more you have hidden in your sleeves? Bring it on!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a really great trick that I didn’t know about. When you’re writing an application working in the emulator, you can send yourself an SMS. This will be really useful for testing applications that intercept text messages. From the emulator, send a message to +14250010001. You have to use the image with the virtual radio, of course. This works for both Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone Edition.

  4. luigi says:

    ok, but on the device??

  5. Robert Levy says:

    See here for how to fake events on the device:

  6. luigi says:

    I have try, on the emulatore it work but on my Qtek I receive an error when I try to send the sms that says not found method… Can you tell me the reason?

  7. Paula says:

    This is all well and good to send an sms but is there any way to actually read the sms message off the emulator? I am trying to do some research on intercepting/reading the messages without much luck!

    Any help would be appreciated greatly.

  8. Jidesh Veeramachaneni says:

    If you have the Windows Mobile 2003 sdks check out the MapiRule samples included in them:

    <systemdrive>Program FilesWindows CE Toolswce420SMARTPHONE 2003SamplesWin32Mapirule

    <systemdrive>Program FilesWindows CE Toolswce420POCKET PC 2003SamplesWin32Mapirule

  9. Thats really useful. I tested sending sms, though I don’t know how to call emulator from emulator. I tried it but call fails probably as we are calling ourself. James can you share that code of yours to freak out your buddy 🙂

  10. de la Barre Christophe says:

    Fine for the SMS interception with the MAPIRule Sample, but how can we intercept an incoming phone call ?

  11. Davo says:

    I too am trying to discover how to intercept an incoming phone call rather than an SMS message.

  12. Problem with SendCallEvents says:

    I start the emulator and SendCallEvents. The program connect with the emulator, all its ok. When I send a sms or make a call all looks ok in SendCallEvents but nothing in the emulator. Anybody knows why?


  13. barrybo says:

    After our talk on the Device Emulator, a number of people asked me about the phone numbers I used in…

  14. vineet gupta says:

    I run the windows mobile 5.0 emulator and the sendcallevents application. when i try to place a voice call on the sendcallevents application to the number +14250010001 I get the error Missing DAta Store file. any ideas?

  15. Nish says:

    Hi this is a great app.. have seen it.. can some one plz give me the code snippet or a link where i can find it..

  16. Jean says:

    Hello everyone..

                   Am developing an executable file for retrieving the sms from the phone..Since this a console based application i can test it in emulator. Cant switch back to menu for opening a new message. Is there any solution for this

  17. Bombi says:

    Hey, you guys are talking about intercepting an sms, I want to know if my messages are being intercepted by someone, either from my phone or theirs. how can I do know that?

  18. sush says:

    its very nice thanq!!!

    can i send sms to other emulator in another pc….

    i will be very thankful if i receive reply form u

  19. Malleswar says:

    I am also expecting the same.

    Is there any option to send SMS from one emulator to another?

    Thanks in advance

  20. Hello says:

    I’m using VS2005Sp1+WinMobileSDK6. I used the Device Emulator Manager to connect to Smartphone 2003 SE Emulator and (in 2nd trial) also Pocket PC 2003 SE Emulator. I then ran the SendCallEvents.exe to send test sms’es. However, I kept getting the error message "Missing Data Store Files". Not surprisingly, the emulators got nothing. I also tried the brand new Windows Mobile 6 SDK Standard/Professional Emulators, but no luck either. What’s the matter?

    "Creating Call Events in an Emulation Environment" at said it was using an emulation environment with virtual radio support. Would the described error imply that none of the VS2005Sp1+WinMobileSDK6 emulators has virtual radio support? Or simply the SendCallEvents.exe program itself is already out-dated?

  21. Parthiv says:

    One question..Please help..Can I connect and get data from webservice while incoming call is in ringing mode only?

  22. CNV says:

    I have tried ( 14250010001 ) this no to simulate incoming call , but it is connecting as a normal call….

    Please tell me how can I simulate incoming call..

  23. sk says:


    I am able to send and intercept sms messages on the emulator.How do i do it on the actual device.

    I have HP iPaq and i tried to do so with no success.

    Do i need to add certificates and how do i obtain this.

    Thanks in adv.

  24. Kiran says:

    Hi ,want to send an sms to emulator itself ,but it gives me error like "Wireless radio must be attcahed to use phone ",So what should i do to solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  25. jack says:

    hi to do this must i write any form of a code

  26. Brad says:

    Can i send an sms to emulator using a peekamo device. Im thinking i have to write a really complex form of code for this if it can even be done.

  27. srikanth says:


    I want to send an sms to other emulator using my emulator..

    so can any one help me in this…

    if u have any information about this plz send to my id

    plz send if u have any idea….

  28. Hazard says:

    Many Thanks Krab, Useful for me very much.

  29. MrPlankton says:

    This does not appear to work in Mobile 6…. ?

  30. shiva prasad says:

    When I was trying to send sms, it always throws exception like error sending sms. Can anyone help me out ??

  31. Doubt about calling ourself in emulator says:

    When i tried to do this it asking for for assembly reference.

    Can i know which references are need for this?

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