Documented Registry Keys

Believe it or not, our SDK contains quite a bit of information about what Windows Mobile uses certain registry keys for.  To see this list, install the Pocket PC 2003 SDK and look up “Registry Default Metabase Settings” in the index.  There is a link on each item in this list which takes you to a page listing the default security settings for that key (subject to customization by OEMs and mobile operators).

[Author: Robert Levy]

Comments (11)

  1. Adam says:


    what links?

  2. Ron Tanner says:

    This is good information. I however, cannot find anyplace that tells me how to stop the hwandsw.wav clicking when I select something off a menu. I want all keyboard and selections to be silent, and seem to be able to turn off everything but the select from Start menu and other menus.




  3. MikeCal says:

    Ron, are you looking for Start->Settings->Sounds and Notifications?  There is a checkbox there for "Events (warnings, system events)."  If you clear that checkbox, the start menu won’t make sounds anymore.  


  4. Ron Tanner says:

    Thanks! It fixed it fine. What "warnings and system events" will I be missing without the click?



  5. acer_bob says:

    please tell me how to turn off volume limitation in headset??

  6. elastur says:


    How can i select the mode text in the registry of handset?

    At the begining, the text mode is T9 and i want than the handset run in the multipress mode.


  7. MikeCal says:

    On most smartphones, if you press and hold the "*" key (the one to the left of the 0), it will give you a menu to switch between modes.


  8. Manoj says:

    Will u plz let me know how to test this test case,

    When the user uninstalls, the application should clean up any data from files (except for shared data files), and leave as little behind as possible. Any registry keys placed on the device during or after the install must be also removed (except for shared registry keys). Applications writing to the registry must only use a sub key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

  9. Vangelis says:

    Hello Guys i wanted to ask is there a way to remove the settings and the programs from today ?


  10. Vladimir says:

    For whatever reason, since I got my Asus P550 (and before the the HTC) with WM6, activesync over GPRS to my exchange server would freeze after one or two syncs.  I finally figured out how to move the emails and attachments to the SD card, which helps a bit.  However, if I also sync the calender and open an appointment, the activesync freezes again.  Which register key allows me to move the calender data to the SD card?  That may help me also sync my appointments.

  11. gary says:

    I have a HTC Diamond from Rogers Canada.  In Settings -> Personal -> Buttons, the list is empty.  I wonder if there’s a registry setting to populate the list.  Thanks.

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