MSDN Windows Mobile Content Requests

Have you ever been searching for a technical article or How To and can’t find it?  Have you ever wondered how to tell Microsoft to get into gear and write an article on a specific topic?  Well, the Windows Mobile team has just published a content request tool so we can understand the areas that…


Standalone Emulator

I’ve seen several people ask this question lately so here ya go… It is possible to run the Pocket PC and Smartphone emulators without going through VS.NET.  Assuming you used the default paths to install VS.NET 2003 and the Pocket PC 2003/Smartphone 2003 SDKs, these command lines will do the trick: Pocket PC 2003: “C:\Program…


Welcome to … The Code Room

Ever wonder what would happen if you put 3 developers in a room for 6 hours and asked them to build you an eCommerce system.  Nope.  Me either however our friends in T.V land had exactly that curiosity and the result is the developer world’s answer to reality TV.  Welcome to The Code Room (….

MSDN Smart Client Developer Center

The revamped Smart Client Developer Center is now live on MSDN with a new look, better organization, and some new content.  One of the new featured articles right now is on migrating eVB user interfaces to VB.NET (written by one of our MVPs, Pete Vickers).  Details and links are on Jono’s blog. [Author: Robert Levy]


TechEd 2005 : Call for papers

It’s that time of year again, that’s right.  It’s conference season.  Of course, for most people reading this blog conference season isn’t for another 4 or 5 months but for everyone here at MSFT preparations for conferences like TechEd are already well underway. And here’s the opportunity for all the Windows Mobile developers out there. …

Updated GDI+ for .NET CF

From Peter Foot: XcrossOne Studio has released a new version of their open source GDI+ implementation for .NET CF which I’ve mentioned previously. In addition to a bunch of neat new features, Peter noticed that they switched to a new license.  Instead of the GPL they now have “shared source” license which allows you to use their library…


Running a scheduled app in unattended mode

This question came up in a webcast: “I have an app that wakes up the device periodically.  I don’t want to waste battery power, so when my app is done doing its thing, I don’t want to wait for the normal three minute timeout.  I’d like the device to go to sleep right away if it…


Programmatically getting the phone number of a device

One question that is often asked is “How do I get the phone number of my device?”  Usually the person asking doesn’t really need the phone number, they just need some number that uniquely identifies the device.  While there does exist an IOCTL to get a unique ID (not the phone number), only apps that…


The things I do for this team

The aftermath of the Milkshake Challenge, where developers could dump a milkshake on my head if they fixed certain bugs. They were so cold, I was in PAIN. [Author: Dave]