General availability: Azure cool blob storage in additional regions

Azure Blob storage accounts with hot and cool storage tiers are generally available in six new regions: US East, US West, Germany Central, Germany Northeast, Australia Southeast, and Brazil South. You can find the updated list of available regions on the Azure services by region page. Blob storage accounts are specialized storage accounts for storing your…


(Cross-Post) Announcing Azure Storage Data Movement Library 0.2.0

In the previous announcement post for DMLib 0.1.0, we committed that the newest release of the Data Movement Library would support more advanced features. Great news, those are now available and include the following: Download, upload, and copy directories (local file directories, Azure Blob virtual directories, Azure File directories) Transfer directories in recursive mode Transfer…


How to use Blob Storage from iOS

Please refer to our latest documentation to learn how to use Blob Storage from iOS. Microsoft Azure Storage Team


Introducing the Azure Storage Client Library for iOS (Public Preview)

We are excited to announce the public preview of the Azure Storage Client Library for iOS! Having a client library for iOS is essential to providing a complete mobile story for developers. With this release, developers can now take advantage of Azure Storage on all major mobile platforms: Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Xamarin. Currently,…


AzCopy – Introducing Append Blob, File Storage Asynchronous Copying, File Storage Share SAS, Table Storage data exporting to CSV and more

We are pleased to announce that AzCopy 3.2.0 and AzCopy 4.2.0-preview are now released! These two releases introduce the following new features: Append Blob Append Blob is a new Microsoft Azure Storage blob type which is optimized for fast append operations, making it ideal for scenarios where the data must be added to an existing…


Character Encoding Issues Related to Copy Blob API

This blog applies to the 2011-08-18 storage version or earlier of the Copy Blob API and the Windows Azure Storage Client Library version 1.6. Two separate problems are discussed in this blog: Over REST, the service expects the ‘+’ character appearing as part of the x-ms-copy-source header to be percent encoded. When the ‘+’ is…


Getting the Page Ranges of a Large Page Blob in Segments

One of the blob types supported by Windows Azure Storage is the Page Blob. Page Blobs provide efficient storage of sparse data by physically storing only pages that have been written and not cleared. Each page is 512 bytes in size. The Get Page Ranges REST service call returns a list of all contiguous page…


Windows Azure Storage Client for Java Blob Features

We have released the Storage Client for Java with support for Windows Azure Blobs, Queues, and Tables. Our goal is to continue to improve the development experience when writing cloud applications using Windows Azure Storage. As such, we have incorporated feedback from customers and forums for the current .NET libraries to help create a more…