Additional Data Centers for Windows Azure AppFabric

Window Azure platform AppFabric has now been deployed to more data centers around the world.  Previously, when you provisioned a service namespace, you were asked to select a region from a list that contained only United States (South/Central).  Now, when you provision a service namespace, you have three more regions from which to choose -- United States (North/Central), Europe (North) and Asia (Southeast).  If your firewall configuration restricts outbound traffic, you will need to perform the addition step of opening your outbound TCP port range 9350-9353 to the IP range associated with your selected regional data center.  Those IP ranges are listed at the bottom of this announcement

Note that your existing service namespaces have already been deployed to United States (South/Central) and cannot be relocated to another region.  If you like, you may delete a service namespace, and when recreating it, associate it with another region.  However, if you do so, data associated with your deleted namespace will be lost.

Windows Azure platform AppFabric plans to deploy to more locations in the months ahead.  Further details will be posted as they become available.

IP Ranges (updated as of 6/210/2011). 

United States (South/Central),,,,,,,,,,,,

United States (North/Central),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

United States (North/West),,,,,,

Europe (North),,,,,,,,

Europe (West),,,,,,,,,,,

Asia (Southeast),,,,,,

Asia (East),,,,,,,,


For details on how to interpret above address ranges, click here


The AppFabric Team.

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