How to use the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control service to federate identities in a Windows Azure ASP.NET Application

Alik Levin, from the Access Control service content and documentation team, has written these great step-by-step instructions on how you can use the service for federated authentication using Windows Live ID and Google accounts in your Windows Azure ASP.NET application.

Read the step-by-step instructions, and find a number of great resources related to the Access Control service in these posts:

The capabilities of the Access Control service mentioned in these instructions will be added to the production service soon. In the meanwhile they are available for you to check-out in the Community Technology Preview (CTP) service in our LABS/Previews environment.

In order to use the CTP service just sign up here:

To use the production service you can sign up to our free trial offer, just click on the image below and get started!


Comments (3)

  1. Phillip Marcuson says:

    With all this great documentation coming out, I'm getting really anxious to see the production version of these services.  I see that you mention that the service will be added to production server soon, but I'm curious how soon 'soon' really is.  I've got a good many websites that can utilize this functionality asap, but the clients want to wait for production status and SLAs, etc. Any juicy tidbits to ease their anxiety would be appreciated.

  2. Phillip Marcuson says:


    Thank you for the heads up!  We're almost ready to push our first ACS app.  Thanks to you and the team for a great service.

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