InformationWeek highlights how Windows Azure AppFabric provides great value to NVoicePay

Read this article on InformationWeek to learn how customers are benefitting already today from cloud computing.

More specifically, this article highlights one of our customers, NVoicePay, that makes use of Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus and Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control, as well as SQL Azure, as part of their solution.

Here is a quote from the article on the benefits of using cloud computing:

CTO Shaun McAravey predicts NVoicePay will be handling $250 million in annual invoice payments by the end of this year. To grow, NVoicePay needs to develop payment apps tuned to more industries. Using cloud infrastructure lets McAravey and his team focus on development rather than infrastructure. "I don't want to manage servers," he says. "I want to build a whole class of payment applications [for different vertical markets] and push them out into the cloud."

You can find more details regarding NVoicePay’s solution in this great case study and video [update 1/24/11] and this video which also discusses the specific use of Service Bus and Access Control.

Visit our website to learn more about Windows Azure AppFabric, and sign up for our free trial offer to also start benefitting from the Windows Azure Platform!


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