.Net Services: Microsoft’s Key to Cloud Security and Java Interoperability

Last week, Network World featured a “10 Questions” article with Burley Kawasaki, Director of Developer Platform Product Management.  The article, by Julie Bort, focuses on .NET Services and covers themes of interoperability, extension of the .NET Framework, and the tie to the Azure Services Platform.  Julie makes note of the March CTP release and points out the importance of .NET and Java interoperability in a time of heated debate around cloud computing.  Other highlights of the Q&A include a mention of Microsoft partner S3Edge extending an existing .NET app to .NET Services, as well as John Shewchuk’s demo at MIX.


In addition to the Q&A, the article contains a short song about .NET Services which resulted from her challenging us to write lyrics – if she promised to sing it.


Quote Highlights:

"We want Java developers to feel comfortable accessing our technology, without having to learn anything new - they can continue to leverage their existing skills and extend their existing Java apps."

“Most of our customers have a large investment in their on-prem apps that they are trying to leverage and extend. This includes Java, COBOL, .NET, etc. Anything you can imagine can be - and is - being used in the enterprise... So it's an important design principle for us that we have to be able to interoperate with the full heterogeneity of the enterprise.”

        -Burley Kawasaki

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