Introducing Windows Store App Labs for app builders

Today we introduce Windows Store App Labs in more than 30 cities around the world for all app builders – developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Windows Store App Labs are places where you can access the newest Windows 8 devices, get technical help from Windows experts, and receive design guidance from leading edge designers and digital agencies. All for free!

Check out and test the newest Windows 8 devices

The labs are stocked with the latest Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors including Windows RT tablets like Microsoft Surface, Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones, and more. Come in and test your app on a variety of screen sizes, input methods, and architectures.

App Lab image

 The App Labs have Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors for you to try out and test your apps on.

Get technical guidance from Windows 8 experts

Our Windows experts are on hand to review your app and offer you any technical advice you need. They can help you with coding tips, debugging, and prepping your app to submit to the Windows Store.

Get design guidance from leading edge design agencies

You can also meet with designers and digital agencies who can provide design tips that really make your app stand out. Designers are available to review your app mock-ups or your complete app and provide feedback on how you can improve your app’s layout, live tile, navigation, and other UI elements.

Where are the app labs located?

The Windows Store App Labs are located in 30 cities around the world in exciting design and tech hubs like RocketSpace in San Francisco, Modern Jago in London, Dark Side Bakery in Berlin, Launch Academy in Vancouver, and urban Microsoft locations around the world.

Go to to find a lab near you and reserve time with Windows experts and designers. We look forward to seeing you and your apps at the Windows Store App Labs!

--Neil Hutson, Senior Director of Platform Evangelism

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  1. Faiyaz says:

    This is the best support an independent developer can get.  Design guidance (UX) will propel the app to a more professional level.  As a hardcore techie, I would request you to make Design guidance support to be one of most offerings of these labs.

  2. shafeeg says:

    مفتاح تنشيط ويندوز7 طلب مني ولا اعرفه وشركة ميكروسفت ابلغتني بأن الويندوز7 المحمل لجهازي ليس اصلي  ما الحل

  3. Metro App not work says:

    My problem is that after the clean Win8 64bit install on my notebook at the first run I wanted to try some 3rd party METRO based application. All worked fine except the sreen resolution that was on 1024×786 instead of 1280×800 (my native screen res.) After 2-3minutes I heard a short sound, the screen res. went to nativ, everything was sharp…. but after that I can't use so many METRO based application. That means I can start them, I see the starting screen but after that I see just the background and nothig more. It happens if I create a sample project with VS2012 and run it. It is very strange, because the internal apps and ex. Télé7 app work fine, so there could be a configuration mistake, or I don't know.

    I think the problem could also be that after the Win8 install the OS is looking forwad for the drivers. When I heard the short sound the video card driver was updated. I tried to remove the drive to change to the original one, to update for the newes one, but I still cant eliminate the problem.

    My notebook's chipset is Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family

    The integrated videocard is Intel(R) GMA 950

    The driver version:

    Thanks for your any help:)

  4. M Ososky says:

    Why is there more in both Asia & Europe than in US?

  5. Akshay shelke says:

    this is the best……………………………………….!

  6. MVP Ken says:

    Is there any possible lab in Hong Kong?

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