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  1. Dylan says:

    I use Azure Access Control Service in my website. As I understand it LiveId provides a unique user key based on the application. If I create a metro application, will the user be given a different unique key than they would going through my website? How would I be able to reconcile the two users as being the same?, especially since LiveId through ACS doesn't give you any details about the user (not even the email address)

  2. Dare Obasanjo says:

    Hello Dylan,

     Our recommendation at the current time is that websites that want to enable single sign on across their website and Windows 8 app should use the Live SDK at both ends. This is covered in our documentation at…/hh561433

  3. Dylan says:

    ok, so that seems simple enough except that I can't turn off liveId from ACS. Do I have to manipulate the list of providers that ACS sends me and ignore LiveId from there, and dump in my own implementation?

    How do I let users sign in with Live, Google and Facebook through ACS? It seems to me that I'd have to drop ACS and hand roll the OpenId and Facebook auth just to allow a Metro app on my system. Considering I could have a number of users that have already signed up with Live on the website you've just alienated them totally. Is there some mechanism I'm missing. I'm guessing there is no way to move these existing users across as it could be a trust issue.

  4. Russell Archer says:

    Hi Date

    Many thanks for the sample code and very clear explanation. Thanks to you, I was able to get a basic Metro-style C# app up and running and LiveID-enabled in 10 mins! Good job!


  5. charlie says:

    It would be helpful to have a coherent communication and strategy across product groups. I'm inclined to agree with Dylan.

  6. jamiet says:

    Hello Dare,

    The link to the Live SDK Developer Preview goes to where I am informed "Unfortunately, the program you are trying to join has been closed. We are sorry for this inconvenience."

    From where can I get the Live SDK?



  7. jamiet,

     Sorry for the inconvenience here. While we're working to get that fixed, please use this link to download the Live SDK – to…/details.aspx

  8. mahdi says:

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