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Hello, and welcome to the Windows 8 app developer blog! I’m Aleš Holeček, Distinguished Engineer on the Windows Development team. With the release today of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, we are launching this blog dedicated to those of you who are designing and developing great apps for Windows 8. As you’ve heard us say many times, Windows 8 is a reimagining of Windows, where apps take center stage. To make this possible, we’ve also reimagined what it means to build apps for Windows.

Throughout this blog, we will share what we’ve learned and engage in a conversation with you as you enter the new world of Windows Metro style app development. It is our goal to complement our Dev Center and community forums, and where it makes sense, we’ll point you to content and samples in the Dev Center that can help you get going. We’ll talk about the experiences we’ve had building the platform and building apps, pitfalls to avoid, tips and tricks, why we made certain choices in the platform, and anything else we can pass along to help you create amazing apps.

The first step for all of you is to head over to the Dev Center and download the Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Express Beta tools.

For those of you joining us for the first time, welcome to the world of Metro style apps, where your apps are the focus of the whole experience. From the beginning, we designed our new platform and tools for you, the developer, so you can build native Windows apps using what you know. Whether that’s web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript or C#, VB, and C++ with XAML, or hardware-accelerated DX, we’ve got you covered.

After you get the Consumer Preview installed, you’ll see we’ve been busy since the Developer Preview released at //build/. We’ve added new features and improved existing ones: Tiles and tile notifications are more powerful and easier to implement; you need less code now for AppBars and navigation in Metro style HTML/JS apps; and for you DirectX developers, we have DirectX support in XAML. We’ll share more details in future posts.

Developers, testers, and program managers from the Windows development team will be posting to this blog regularly from now through to the release of Windows 8. As with Building Windows 8 and the Windows Store for developers blogs, this is a dialog. Commenting is encouraged, and we are looking forward to a lively conversation. Of course, the common sense rules apply, so please keep your comments focused on the blog topic, and be courteous to your fellow developers here. For questions unrelated to blog posts, please make use of our forums.

We’re looking forward to your apps and your participation in the conversation!


Comments (43)

  1. This is a new blog? says:

    It always is too confusing to download.  Why not hide things less?  Why is the standalone sdk a web install?  Why can't I dowlnoad the beta express in iso?  Multiply the wasted time and head shakes by a few thousand and it all adds up to one big drain on world progress.  Way to not go!

  2. SlavoF says:

    Can be also full VS11 Beta used for developing Metro-style apps or we have to use VS11 express?

    — s.

  3. Tim Heuer says:

    @SlavoF – the full VS11 Beta (Ultimate) is also available to download if you'd like.

  4. Jason Barile says:

    @SlavoF – Yes, you can use the full VS11 Beta to build Metro style apps on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

  5. Amit says:

    Pretty cool. Does the new VS11 Express beta also come with refreshed documentation, especially on WinRT and related APIs? While the Dev Preview tool impressed, the docs were slightly lacking.

  6. Andreas M. says:

    The VS 11 beta won't run my Metro unit tests from a network share anymore. Says it can't register the .exe and I need to copy it to the local machine first. Worked fine in the VS 11 Developer Preview. 🙁 Anything I can do about it?

  7. @Amit – our platform documentation team released a significant update today to the Dev Center, check out msdn.microsoft.com/…/apps

  8. Jim Vollmer says:

    Will the Metro and WinRT code samples from Build be updated and distributed?

  9. hemanth says:

    how can i get a free beta tablet that i can test?

  10. B says:

    The updated documentation looks good, but im still missing the C#, C++ version of it. I can only find the Javascript and HTML version.

    "Note If you're looking for C#, C++, or Visual Basic documentation, click VB/C#/C++ and XAML in the language selector near the top of the page. "  — This does not seem to work for me. Any ETA on this?

  11. Ankur Patel says:

    How do you register as an developer and what does registration code mean ?

  12. Terrence says:

    Where are the docs for c# metro.  All I see, as with the DP docs, are docs for javascript.  Please provide a link to some working examples of accessing data from a webservice and using it in a metro app via C#.

  13. Already installed VS 11 beta, it's really cool. Continue to try win8 out 😛

  14. xpclient says:

    Why make it difficult for developers to keep up by introducing yet another blog? Please limit it to just two Windows 8 related official blogs, B8 and the App Store blog. Move this to the App Store blog. You should have a combined blog: Windows Apps Developers and App Store (like we have many blogs consolidated under WindowsTeamBlog.com).

  15. Jeric says:

    Will XNA play any role in development for Win8? I understand that you're taking DX developers into the fold, but does this also encompass XNA? Can I put up my XNA games in the Windows Store alongside the Metro apps?

  16. Seal says:

    Jeric: Theoretically you can upload Metro and other old-style (win32, xna) program on Windos Store.

  17. ZivB says:

    There's no way to use VS2011 because somehow it force me to create "Microsoft Account" for anything (compiling, debugging, etc) but there's a problem on "Microsoft Account" server which not allow creating account because the e-mail verification features is not working at all. At first it do send me a verification e-mail and I click on the link to accept it and it gave me a message that everything fine but it keep telling me that I didn't verify my e-mail address.

    Microsoft as always releasing something without checking if it's working 🙂

    At last disable the block that don't allow using Visual Studio without creating "Microsoft Account" until that you'll make this MS account to work.

  18. xnaPlusMetro says:

    need to know about xna support. With win phone Microsoft rallied game devs to use xna.

    So I did. Now there is no clear word on its future and support for windows 8 store

  19. Manish Sharma says:


    I have Install the Windows 8 consumer preview. Previously I am using windows 7 ultimate version  and I have protected my 2 drives from bitlocker. Now I am unable to access those 2 drives.

    Can anyone help me out.


  20. mcb says:

    How do I get a "registration code" to set up the store? My competitor received one…

  21. zoukoutap says:

    After I downloaded windows 8 , I don't what really happen to my old windows vista . Can someone tell me how to recover my old window vista.

  22. Microfoft support told me that they are unsure that Windows 8 and OneNote will work and that the problems of loosing your notes in the OneNote folder system will be fixed? any word on that.

    Kevin Maloney,MD   maloneymdesq@yahoo.com

  23. Charlie says:

    It would be helpful to distinguish between windows 8 metro and desktop apps in posts

  24. ARIZONA KID says:


  25. O says:

    I miss a tree view component for metro style apps. For many applications a control to manipulate data in a hierarchical tree structure is required.

    Is it planed to provide a tree view control for metro style apps?

  26. dolly says:

    I download Windows 8 and I can´t enter.It put that my key is not correct. Can somebody help me.Because I can´t do anything in my computer.Thank you


  27. vivek says:

    Hi sir my name is vivek & i want to a little fever to you and your team (microsoft) please add window media center in (windows 8) My email id is vivekpkw786@yahoo.com

  28. Vse7en says:

    I need my new Windows cos i can know all new technology !!!!!

    I want to use your technology…. thank you…! my email: se7endara@ovi.com

  29. Jason Cartwright says:

    It's great to see a new blog dedicated to Win8 app developers. As someone who's building an app, I've subscribed and look forward to new posts as the WinRT framework evolves. Channel 9 videos from Build, paired with the forums at http://dev.windows.com and a pluralsight subscription has been a great way to start learning.

  30. Fırat Esmer says:

    Finally, a blog for Windows 8 Application Developers.

  31. Lance Seidman says:

    I am a bit upset with the fact I can access the source codes to App's that are installed on Windows 8. Do you have an Obfuscate-feature for this, even the HTML5 App's? Why aren't they binaries like when we used to make App's for VB, pre-.NET.


    Lance Seidman

    Twitter: @LanceSeidman

  32. Nkansh Benjamin says:

    In l think these is the best windows from Microsoft up it up and give us more new vision thank you very much.

  33. latpo says:

    Why are people still this this is the best windows. MS making to write this stuff.  Metro is a joke.  MS lost lots of developers. Express versions will not allow to code windows app. Are they serious?

  34. Abdulgany says:

    All the apps don't  work in mini laptop  because the resolution

  35. michael says:

    yeah, was looking forward to getting into the "lively discussion" here, but it seams 99% of posts are unanswered (way not to go MS).

    Since my questions will go unanswered there is no point asking them in the first place 🙁

  36. mohamed gamal says:

    windows 8 it's very N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11CE

  37. djdanny9000 says:

    you know what i think windows 8 should have the metro screen for tablets and tablets only all the desktops and laptops should have windows aero i think that windows 8 should have windows metro for tablets and tablets only

  38. George says:

    Great work i love windows 8 and i love the metro ui its good to see things change for better after so many years of the same thing keep up the great work.

  39. Consumer Preview says:

    When will Windows 8 be discontinued ready for Windows 9. Will it expire the day after it's release pending 30303000 system updates?

  40. Windows 8 User says:

    How do I open a bash prompt. I've tried running Start, Run, /bin/bash and get shed loads of error messages. /bin/tsh also yields the same results.

    Oh well, back to Vic 20 or Commodore 64 BASIC programming.

  41. New Windows 8 Consumer Preview User says:

    Hi, it's nice to try windows 8 consumer preview in the first time, currently i still upgrading into release preview version.

    Several apps stack on my laptop so i must close it before crashed. That's it my opinion

  42. kishore says:

    Hello, team, This is kishore, from india, im eagerly waiting for a team to start up with windows8 app development. I have set up all the development environment. Can anyone join with me  , or invite me to your teams to do some innovative things.

    Cheers 🙂

  43. Mark says:

    Southern CA-based agency looking for Windows 8 mobile dev to develop with RT. Resources have been scarce, hoping someone would like to dive in.

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