Update on KB Articles requested for Windows Installer 4.0 on Windows Vista

Late last year, we posted the article Preview of Upcoming KB Articles: Windows Installer 4.0 on Windows Vista listing four KB articles we'd requested be written based on user feedback.  Two of the initially requested four have been written

Proposed Title: Custom Action code that is not NX compliant will not run on Windows Vista.
Actual KB Title: Windows Installer custom action code must be compatible with Data Execution Prevention in Windows Vista
KB Number: 929710

Proposed Title: Signed Windows Installer (MSI) packages display unsigned UAC dialog during uninstall on Windows Vista.
Actual KB Title: Notification message when you remove or repair a program in Windows Vista: "An unidentified program wants to access your computer"
KB Number: 929467

After receiving some customer feedback from David Hacker of Macrovision, we’ve added another KB request to the queue.

KB Title: ElevationShield will not show during maintenance mode on a Windows Installer native UI PushButton control

Summary: With Vista and Windows Installer 4.0, a setup author could request the User Account Control shield show-up on a Windows Installer native UI PushButton control by authoring the msidbControlAttributesElevationShield attribute in the Control table.  The shield cannot be made to occur on a button during maintenance mode.  This can cause user disorientation as the User Account Control shield will not be present to warn the user that a User Account Control credential dialog box is about to pop up.

More Information: This phenomenon occurs because the control attribute msidbControlAttributesElevationShield is gated on the MsiInstallElevated property.  The MsiInstallElevated property is set during maintenance mode for managed applications.  Per-machine installations are defined to be managed application.


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