Windows Installer 4.0 Webcast Now Available for On Demand Viewing!

Missed our webcast on Windows Installer 4.0 last week? No worries! You can view the webcast ON DEMAND by clicking here.

[Author: Tyler Robinson]
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  1. ABHSISH says:


  2. kgarvey says:

    Help me out, here, since I’m new to the blog. I want to view the webcast. I think I don’t need to ‘Register’ to do so. Yet, clicking the link takes me to an information page where the only action I can take is to ‘Register’ for a past event? What am I missing?

  3. kgarvey says:

    Any chance we could download the Notewriter msi and patch msp so better understand implemenation of the various Restart Manager and certificating referenced in the web-cast regarding actual msi db table entries?

  4. Tyler Robinson says:

    Unfortunately, the notewriter demo is not available for download. All the information you need to put together your own package is available in Windows Installer section the latest Windows Vista SDK.

    If you want to view the webcast you will need to register first. Once you do that, you will be given the option to view the previously recorded webcast.

  5. Margaret says:

    I do not know if I need to download this or not and I cannot find anyone to help me.  I have a problem with my Windows Installer.  It will not install or uninstall anything on my computer.  Now I find that in my "System

    Configuration" that along with a few other programs that my "Windows Installer"says

    "stopped" next to it.  Can you tell me why or can you please tell me who to contact.  I am desperate for help.  I thank you very much if you can help.



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