Live from PDC 2005! No power, no problem ;^)

Rob and I had an uneventful Alaska Air flight from SeaTac to LAX.  We've picked up car from Avis (well, a minivan) and then were off to the Biltmore.  Dropped our bags, walked a dozen L.A. blocks to the Conference Center and grabbed a quick lunch. 

As we were finishing up, pow, the lights went out.  Inside the conference center, first there was cheering and clapping.  Yep, we're geeks.  The emergency lights came on and the room had a nice soothing ambiance.  With the ceiling decorations featuring Office 12 branding it kind of felt like a Microsoft prom (a geek prom).  A couple of hours of darkness and there was light.  Then we come to find out that it as a blockout for a good part of L.A.

We're now hanging out at the Lounge now.  Wireless is miserable (but better than teched 05) so we're using the hard lines. 

Got to go make sure our hands on lab works.  Will checkin a bit later.


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