Any tips on troubleshooting Error 2259: Database: foo.msi Table(s) Update failed


Any tips on troubleshooting Error 2259: Database: foo.msi Table(s) Update failed?

What column in the update is causing the update to fail?

UPDATE ControlCondition SET ControlCondition.Condition = '1' WHERE ControlCondition.Dialog_='FolderForm' AND ControlCondition.Control_='AllUsersRadioGroup' AND ControlCondition.Action='Hide'

Based on orca, and reading the ms.chm, this command should work but instead

Msi API Error 80004005: Execute,Params

1: 2259 2: foo.msi 3: 4:


You're trying to update a primary key column. You can't do that with an update. You have to delete the existing row and then add a new row.

See SQL syntax Windows Installer MSDN topic:

Modify existing records in a table UPDATE {table-list} SET {column}= {constant} [, {column}= {constant}][, ...] [WHERE {operation-list}]

UPDATE queries only work on nonprimary key columns.

See ControlCondition Table Windows Installer MSDN topic:

The ControlCondition table has the following columns.

Column Type Key Nullable
Dialog_ Identifier Y N
Control_ Identifier Y N
Action Text Y N
Condition Condition Y N

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Comments (2)

  1. RB says:

    I will delete the row and insert again. This is ok for normal case.

    I have one problem on inserting this data to condition column.’REMOVE=""’

    I use wnrunsql.vbs for inserting. my problem is – "" (double quotes is not show in orca).

    How can I solve this problem?

  2. Viswanath says:

    i was not able to update the Display Column (it is not a primary key) of the feature table from vb script and it gave me the same 2259 error

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