Windows Installer 4.0 video available on Channel 9!

For those of you interested in the great new features we are delivering in Windows Installer 4.0, please check out our video on Channel 9! Comments are appreciated.[Author: Tyler Robinson] This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights. Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at…


Windows Installer Troubleshooting Tips from First Week of November

Question 1 What is the correct way to find whether a certain product (msi based setup) is installed on the machine? Answer 1 Searching for Existing Applications, Files, Registry Entries or .ini File Entries [Windows Installer] lists the built-in detect methods. In this case, the CompLocator Table [Windows Installer] is intended to have the needed…


Windows Installer Troubleshooting Tips From Halloween

Question 1In my lab automation that silently installs Windows Installer packages. This automation is inconsistently getting Error 1618 from its msiexec calls. Please help unblock this scenario as it’s inhibiting our push to ship. Troubleshooting 1First, start with the MSDN Library and run a search for “windows installer” 1618. This query (when I click it) turns…


PSS MSI RFC Triage for Thursday October 27th, 2005

Context:Second installment of general notes from the PSS MSI RFC Triage weekly conference call. For further context, see the first installment. Question 1I’ve got a question in regards to ProductValidateFlags and patching in MSI 3.0. To frame the question, here’s a sample scenario: Let’s say I have a product and patch set RTM, QFE1, QFE2, SP1,…


Instance of Troubleshooting Patch Applicability

Context: While troubleshooting Windows Installer installs can be complex, troubleshooting patch installs adds a couple more layers of complexity (patch transforms and applicability rules). Given the lack of patch troubleshooting documentation (at least that I’ve seen) I figured I’d take a case where Carolyn has provided detailed analysis for a customer inquiry from Product Support….


Authoring to Windows Installer 4.0 Features mentioned at PDC 2005

As Tyler recently mentioned, you can find the Professional Developers Conference 2005 session and presentation of the Windows Installer 4.0. Here’s a preliminary view of how to author to these features. Note: This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change. Restart Manager Support As Tyler presented in the slide titled “Windows Installer 4.0: Fewer…


What are the common reasons for error 1308?

Question Are there common reasons for error 1308? Answer Generally: Bad Driver/Device, Bad Media, Bad Package are the most common sources. The most common path to eliminating the driver/device from the equation, is to copy to the local hard drive like the media copy instructions in this KB: I do not know of general techniques…


Windows Installer Troubleshooting Tips from Last Week of October

Question 1Any tips troubleshooting silent install exiting with error 1618? Answer 1 Start with the Windows Installer SDK. First, search for “windows installer” 1618 which turns up Initialization Errors [Windows Installer] as the sixth hit. When you look at this page you’ll see ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING 1618 An installation is already in progress Second, have a look…


"Stop Installation Idiocy" PCWorld’s Hassle Free PC article

While searching for news with “Windows Installer” in the subject, I recently came across the Hassle Free PC article Hassle-Free PC: Fix Stubborn Windows Install Errors where a reader asked for assistance with the Windows Installer dialogs under the subheading “Stop Installation Idiocy”. I thought I’d offer some deeper context on this scenario. First, if…


How do I get the Escape key to work on a Windows Installer dialog?

Question How do I get the Escape key to work on a Windows Installer dialog? Answer Edit the Dialog table, go to the record that contains the dialog and enter your No/Cancel button’s key (Name field in Control table) into the Control_Cancel field. [Author: Robert Flaming] This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties,…