HLK Compatibility Program Playlist Update for January 27, 2016

The Windows Hardware Compatibility Program uses an official playlist to determine which devices meet the requirements for compatibility with Windows 10.

The latest playlist can be downloaded here.

This playlist is optional for the next 90 days, after which it will be required, and the previous playlist will no longer be acceptable.

A published playlist can be used for submissions to the Hardware Developer Portal (sysdev) until 90 days after the next playlist update.


We have updated the playlist by removing the following tests:

Audio Engine Core Test (UMACoreTest)
Audio Engine Core Test (UMACoreTest, System)
iSCSI Target iSNS Test (LOGO)
USB Generic HID Test


Comments (2)

  1. RobReno says:

    I am just trying to find out where there is a list of barcode scanners that are compatible with Windows 10 so I can develop a POS line of business application. But alas, there seems to be no list or source available anywhere. Does such exist, and if so, where. (robreno@hotmail.com)

  2. Cymon Kilmer says:


    Products that have past the compatibility testing for Windows 10 can be listed here:


    The HLK kit, which is used to validate products does not have a product type for barcode scanners so should one pass the compatibility testing it would be listed under other devices.


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