During the //Build conference in April we announced a Microsoft initiative towards investing in simplifying hardware development on Windows platforms. That announcement included a preview of Intel’s Sharks Cove; a Windows compatible hardware development board designed for seamless software and driver development for components that can be incorporated into phones, tablets and other System on Chip (SoC) platforms. After several months of hard work and collaboration with Intel and our ODM, we’re pleased to announce that the board is now available for pre-order at a $299 price point.

Along with the purchase of this board, developers will have free access to step-by-step documentation, software development and debugging tools, as well as a Windows 8.1 image. Microsoft employees will be available on hand to provide support on our MSDN Forum.

For those who missed the session at //Build 2014 about simplifying hardware development for Windows platforms, a link to the event is posted at  Below are a few other content resources we have put together to provide more information on this initiative.

Stay tuned for additional news on our upcoming launch event. A site dedicated to the Sharks Cove board. It has documentation on Technical Specifications, Developer Guide, and a Getting Started manual.

Sharks Cove pre-orders

Hardware Development Boards for Windows Forum: An MSDN discussion and support medium for all matters pertaining to driver development on Windows compatible development boards

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