Fast-track Windows 8.1 certification

You can fast-track the Windows 8 certified devices listed in the table below for Windows 8.1 certification if:

  • The device was previously certified for Windows 8.
  • The device's binaries haven't changed since the submission for Windows 8, and only the INF is updated to reflect the new Windows version.

If the device meets these criteria, here's how you can create a submission:

  1. Use the new Windows HCK for Windows 8.1, create a Windows 8.1 project, and run the Device.DevFund INF test.
  2. Use the Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard to package the results for submission upload.
  3. Include the previous Windows 8 submission ID in the README folder.
  4. Reference errata ID 2657, "Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 driver certification update special," in the README folder.

Submissions are reviewed for these items:

  1. The earlier Windows certification referenced in the README file.
  2. The DevFund INF test passes.
  3. No driver binary changes occurred. (We test this by using WinDiff.)

If the review is successful, the submission is free.

Certified Windows 8 devices and drivers that can be resubmitted for Windows 8.1 using the plan above

Digital Video Camera

Digital Media Renderer

Digital Still Camera

Distribution Scan Management Enabled Device

Enterprise WSD Multifunction Printer

Game Controller

Generic Controller

Graphics Tablet

Hard Drive - HDD, SSD




Multifunction Printer

Near Field Proximity

Optical Drive


Pen Digitizer


Removable Storage



SDIO Controller

Signature Tablet

Smart Card

Smart Card Reader

Storage Array

Storage Controller (Client)

Storage Spaces Adapter (Client)

Storage Spaces Drive

Storage Spaces Enclosure


Touch Monitor


WSD Multifunction

WSD Printer

WSD Scanner

New or changed drivers require testing for Windows 8.1

If you're submitting a new device or driver not listed in the table above (or if you're submitting an updated driver that was previously certified), you need to test for Windows 8. However, you can request a Windows 8 signature without completely retesting with Windows 8. You'll need to prove that the INF is well formed for Windows 8 by following these steps:

  1. Using the new Windows HCK for Windows 8.1, create a Windows 8.1 project, and run the full certification suite of tests.
  2. Using the new Windows HCK for Windows 8.1, create a Windows 8 project and run only the Device.DevFund INF test.
  3. Package the results of the projects for submission uploading by using the Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard packaging tools.
  4. Reference errata ID 2656 "Windows 8.1 to Windows 8 driver certification downgrade special" in the README folder.

A submission is reviewed for these items:

  1. The Windows 8.1 test results.
  2. The DevFund INF test passes for Windows 8.
  3. The same binary is used in both projects.
Comments (18)

  1. Lei Gu says:

    As I remember, "Other" device was also added in the list.

  2. Mark Hughes says:

    The chart has been updated to include the "Other Product type.  

  3. Kiet Ly says:

    A couple of questions on this topics:

    1/ I do not see Filter Driver in the above table. This means that the driver needs to be tested for Windows 8?

    2/ You said:

    •The device's binaries haven't changed since the submission for Windows 8, and only the INF is updated to reflect the new Windows version.

    By "device's binaries", what exactly does this refer to? Does this refer to the firmware on the device, or does it really mean the driver binaries on the host pc where the device is attached to. For example, the USB device is attached to the pc, and the host client USB driver is the one that being certified here.

    Can you help to clarify?


  4. Mark Hughes says:

    1.  If the product type is not listed on the chart above it requires full testing for each OS.  

    2.  Its similar to the Driver Update Acceptable policy.   Allows txt, Hmm, Rft, hlp, inf, etc…    Functionality changes like sys and dll changes require full testing.   Any major changes that change the functionality need to be full retested.  

  5. Paula kuo says:

    Does the "Audio Device" has to do the full testing for each OS?

  6. SimonCCM says:

    if a device using native driver on  Win8 and Win8.1. Does the device need to test on Win8.1?

  7. paul_Reed55 says:

    HI Paula,

    Yes, the audio device does need to be tested on each operating system you are submitting for.

  8. paul_Reed55 says:

    HI Simon,

    If you wish to market the device as being certified for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, then a submission would need to occur.  There may be options for running a reduced set of tests depending upon your product.  If your product type is listed above, then you can take advantage of the option listed.

  9. rashida_anaya says:

    This erratum is a great time saver for us and would be more time and resource efficient if DevFund INF test can become part of the submission package tool like it used to be in the previous version of the kit or part of the Sysdev Portal Review process.  Since the test is all about syntax check, it should be possible to run this syntax check without actually needing to install the diver on an actual Windows 8 system. Is it be possible to make this check/test part of either the HCK kit or the Sysdev Portal and avoid requiring us to maintain Win8 systems, and avoid the additional overhead required during the submission process for these bundled submission.

    Also, due to this being a manual erratum, it is currently taking significantly longer in review at Sysdev adding additional overhead there. It should really be a checkbox in the submission process similar to legacy OS signature support, to allow us to submit 8.1 results and automatically get 8.0 signature is we chose to.  Also, could it be possible to run DevFund Inf syntax check for Win8 on the submitted Win8.1 driver during the review process if that checkbox were checked for this purpose?

  10. Mark Hughes says:

    Really good feedback Rashida.   This policy was created after the Dashboard site and HCK were designed for Win 8.1 making it difficult to automate with the late notice of this new policy for Fast Track submissions.   With proper planning these suggestions can be discussed internally and possible implemented for future releases.        

  11. Marco Bauer says:


    what is with keyboard devices? Requires it full testing?

  12. Kiet Ly says:

    A few more questions/clarification on this topic:

    1/ My device is a hand held scanner attached to target pc via USB. Its driver implements USB CDC-ACM protocol for exposing a virtual COM port. Does this device belong in the above table? I see that "scanner" is listed there, and I also see that "USB hub" listed, but not sure USB function device is considered in the above table. Please confirm.

    2/ The "fast track" process is for the scenario that either certification has already been obtained for either OS and steps for fast tracking to the other OS (i.e. 8.0 and 8.1).

    What if I have not obtain certification for either Windows 8.0 nor Windows 8.1. Says, my device belongs to the above table.

    Can I just, run the below steps using HCK2.1

    1/ In HCK2.1, create a project for Windows 8.0, and run full testing for Windows 8.0.

    2/ In HCK2.1, create a project for Windows 8.1, and ONLY run the Device.DevFund INF tests. As opposed to running full testing for Windows 8.1

    3/ Submit the above test result via normal submission process

    4/ I DO NOT need to do step the fast track step 3 (previous Windows 8.0 submission ID), and step 4 (i.e. Reference errata ID 2657, "Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 driver certification update special," in the README folder). SINCE BOTH OF THESE STEPS ARE ASSUMING THAT A PREVIOUS 8.0 SUBMISSION ALREADY OCCURED.




  13. Mark Hughes says:

    If your product hasn’t been tested for either Win 8.0 or Win 8.1 it’s acceptable to make a full test run on Win 8.1 and run the DEVFUND INF test only on Win 8.0 and reference manual errata ID 2656 for the missing Win 8.0 test results.  This only applies to the product types that are listed above in the Fast Track policy.  

  14. Boz70 says:

    The fact that the DevFund INF test has to be run for Windows 8.1 if the device was already certified for Windows 8 lets me assume that there have been changes in the test. Is there any documentation available what has changed from Windows 8 to 8.1?

  15. Cymon Kilmer says:

    There is documentation on what has changed in the HCK kit,…/hh998373.aspx.  For individual jobs there was no overall change documentation made. The only place that may contain the information would be the in the test description.

  16. Kumar87 says:


    I have a driver signed for Windows 8. Is this procedure still valid for getting the driver signed for Windows 8.1? I tried to find Errata 2657 on the DTM Filter page but could not find it. I was hoping this process is valid as of today.


  17. Mark Hughes says:

    This procedure is still valid.    The reason errata ID 2657 is not appearing on the DTM filter list is because its a manual errata.  Manual errata that don't contain an actual filter so they don't get published on the DTM errata filter list.  

  18. Do we need to include the  WPTL Touchpad Submission Workbook in the package for Touch and Touch monitor?

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