Windows Azure Connect is now open CTP

Windows Azure Connect CTP is now open to everyone. In the past, you needed to request CTP access and be approved before you could use Connect. Starting today, no approval is needed. You can use Windows Azure Connect as long as you have a Windows Azure subscription. To start using it, go to the Windows…


Windows Azure Connect Endpoint Upgrade also available from Microsoft Update

As part of the Windows Azure Management Portal update, a new release of the Windows Azure Connect (which is in CTP) endpoint software (1.0.0952.2) is available.  In addition to bug fixes, the Connect endpoint is localized into 11 languages, with a language choice selection at the beginning of the interactive client install. For corporate machines…


HPC Pack 2008 R2 SP2 uses Windows Azure Connect for hybrid Cloud

The recent released HPC Pack 2008 R2 SP2 is focused on providing customers with a great experience when expanding their on-premises clusters to Windows Azure. One of new features include a tuned MPI stack for the Windows Azure network, support for Windows Azure VM role (currently in beta), and automatic configuration of the Windows Azure…


Speeding Up SQL Server Connections

We’ve heard from some customers that initial connections to on-premise SQL servers using Windows Azure Connect sometimes takes a long time if the Azure machines are domain-joined. On investigating the issue, we’ve found out that all current versions of SQL Client attempt to connect via IPv4 before IPv6 regardless of system settings (more details here)….


Windows Azure Connect–Certificate Based Endpoint Activation

If you have deployed Windows Azure Connect endpoint before, you know that the endpoint will be required to present an activation token (which you can get from Windows Azure Management Portal) for activation. This activation token can be specified in the .cscfg file for Windows Azure Roles (this can also be done via Visual Studio)….


Choose Relays Close to You

Throughout Windows Azure Connect CTP, many customers have asked for Windows Azure Connect relay presence in geographic locations outside US. Today we are very happy to announce that we have added new relays in Europe and Asia, with the launch of Windows Azure Connect CTP refresh, you can now choose a relay region that is…


Windows Azure SDK 1.4 refresh

We have found an issue with the new Windows Azure SDK 1.4 refresh which causes Windows Azure Connect endpoints to fail to deploy on Windows Azure Roles built using this SDK release. We have since fixed the issue and updated the Web Platform Installer feed. If you downloaded and installed the Windows Azure SDK 1.4…


Easy VPN with Windows Azure Connect

Windows Azure and Windows Azure Connect are like chocolate and peanut butter – awesome together, but pretty good on their own as well. As many blogs (e.g. Maarten’s blog and Adam’s blog) have pointed out, you can use Windows Azure Connect to create a secure network connection between your own machines, regardless of where they…


Options for Deploying Windows Azure Connect Endpoint Software

Installing Windows Azure Connect endpoint software is a one-click process – you get the install link from the Windows Azure portal and launch it to start the install. No questions are asked during installation except accepting the EULA. Pretty simple, right? But what if you have a handful of machines you would like to install…