Step By Step app design for non-coders

Susan Ibach over on the cdnstudents windows phone blog gives us a hefty walkthrough on how to begin using app studio. Follow the link for the whole scoop! appstudio.png


8 year old builds a Windows Phone app with App Studio

So you were saying you couldn’t build an app? 8 year old Tariq Jaffar Ali from Boston would tell you, you’re wrong about that. He did it, and so can you. Want to read more of this amazing story?  appstudio.png

Lance McCarthy shares his insight on monetizing your App Studio apps with ads.

Lance McCarthy took some time to share with us how to monetize our App Studio apps. If you are looking to make some money with your awesome apps, check out his full tutorial below! zj1c1Dly.png

I made an App Studio Windows Phone app and now I want to publish it

You made your app, Awesome! Now its time to get your masterpiece published so you can share it with the world. Follow along with our video as we walk you through the publishing process   appstudio.png

App Studio enables users to create apps with no coding ability

Want to learn how to make the most of the App Studio suite? Check out the following video and learn from the experts! appstudio.png

Ever wanted to make an app but didn’t know where to start?

App Studio has launched and is enabling users all over the world to publish apps with no real coding ability. If you are looking for a way to make your own apps this is your answer. Check out the video after the jump to get walked through how to make your very own app you can…


App Studio Rolls out big updates!

You can now display Instagram photos by hashtag search, along with the ability to add Microsoft Advertising into your apps to earn money. All you have to do is enter the App ID and Ad Unit ID from the Microsoft pubCenter. Microsoft has also added some tips and suggestions on using the Windows App Certification Kit, so apps…

Russ Fustino demos App Studio at Florida Code Camp

Russ Fustino of Component One demos how to make a Windows Phone app using App Studio at the Florida Code Camp. Read the full article at windows_phone_app_studio.png