18 year old student and designer develops an app for a global manufacturer using App Studio

Mick Brege is more than just your average 18 year old. Full-time student and part-time designer, Brege attends Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI and works for Promess, Inc. – a global leader in sensing systems for manufacturing. Using Windows App Studio Beta, Brege built an app, Promess, Inc, to increase the company’s ability to engage its customers….


Using Fuzed RSS feeds in Windows App Studio

Check out this post from JHealy about fuzed RSS feeds in App Studio. I’m teaching a class this fall where students are required to publish an app using App Studio.  One student has a great idea for an app, but her solution requires quite a number of feeds to be represented.  App Studio only allows…


DVLUP Challenge! Make an App Showing Off Where you Live

If you’re anything like me, you love where you live. We moved to the town that we live in more than 10 years ago, and I have no plans to leave – ever. I am always happy to tell people about my little town and all of its great features – everything from amazing outdoor hiking…


Add Push Notifications to your App Studio App

Sara Silva Takes on the process of adding Push Notifications to an App Studio App. Introduction Push notifications have become an integral part of any modern application, as they increase user engagement for consumer apps and the utility of enterprise apps.      For add support to push notification The MyMenuApp Azure Mobile Service will send the…


Images in Your Publication Package

Hello, This morning I just want to drop a quick note about a small change that has taken place within Windows App Studio’s Publication packages. Previously (prior to June) Publication required a 150×150 logo only, so we included that within our publication package for you, to make this task a little simpler. After June though,…


Sara Silva Shows Us How to Connect a Menu App to Azure Mobile Services

Sara Silva guides us through the process of connecting a Windows App Studio Menu app to Azure mobile services so you can manage your dynamic data that is displayed to your users, on the fly, without having to re-upload to Windows Store Check out the entire guide on her website by clicking HERE To learn more…


REST APIs in App Studio

In this series, I am going to talk about how to add support for REST APIs with projects built in App Studio.  If you have never used App Studio before, I would recommend taking a quick look at some of the documentation and videos.  You can check out the “How to” page, the “Sample Apps Page”, or just…


Build An App AND Your Biz!

Joshua Drew come at us today with another amazing tutorial. In this tutorial he talks to us about using app Studio to promote your small business. He starts out by saying ” It is easy when you are a large company to employ a technology department or hire an outside consulting firm to build you a…


Adding YouTube videos to a Windows App Studio app

  This short 7-minute video describes how to add YouTube videos to a Windows App Studio app.  You will learn how to: – Add a single video – Add a playlist of videos you choose – Add all the videos from an existing playlist – Add all the videos from one user – Add all the…


Image generation tutorial for app creation & publication

In this tutorial I will describe all of the images required to create an app with Windows App Studio and publish it using Dev Center.     Whats up everyone, Jon from the Windows App Studio Team here to try and simplify Images for app creation and publication. Lets jump in! First let’s look at…