How To Create a Photo Gallery And Connect It To a Live Tile

How to create a picture gallery and live image tiles with Windows App Studio Here are the simple steps to create a picture gallery in Windows App Studio: Click on Collection Enter the name of the picture gallery Select either Static or Dynamic resources.  Static images are hard-coded into the app and your users can…


How to use the new REST API Data Source

Hi everyone!  As you can probably tell, we’re pretty excited about the REST API data source. If you haven’t seen our post about the release on the Building Apps for Windows blog, you can check it out here. Since this new feature is a bit more complicated than the average data source, we thought it…


Creating a Windows Phone app for your website using Microsoft App Studio

Microsoft aims at making it easier for developers to get started with app development on Windows platform. Our website too has a similar goal and we want more and more developers to start developing apps for this platform. To make life easier Microsoft started a new program, App Studio where less experienced developers can have…


Images in Your Publication Package

Hello, This morning I just want to drop a quick note about a small change that has taken place within Windows App Studio’s Publication packages. Previously (prior to June) Publication required a 150×150 logo only, so we included that within our publication package for you, to make this task a little simpler. After June though,…


How to create your app in less than one morning with AppStudio

Take a look at the video created by Windows Spain about creating your app in one morning with App Studio Disclaimer: This video is in Spanish. 16010_wpm_hires.jpg


18 year old student and designer develops an app for a global manufacturer using App Studio

Mick Brege is more than just your average 18 year old. Full-time student and part-time designer, Brege attends Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI and works for Promess, Inc. – a global leader in sensing systems for manufacturing. Using Windows App Studio Beta, Brege built an app, Promess, Inc, to increase the company’s ability to engage its customers….


Windows App Studio + Sound Cloud

Joshua Drew takes us through adding Sound cloud functionality to your Windows App Studio app: “Over the next few weeks I am going to explore adding the SoundCloud services into an app generated by Windows Phone App Studio. If you do not know what Windows Phone App Studio is, you can view the site or…


Windows App Studio April 2016 Update – Installer companion app

As users of Windows App Studio , you know that it’s an easy-to-use tool for building Windows apps. You also know that the sideloading and installation process has been a bit complex by comparison, since it required running PowerShell scripts and deploying a certificate in a somewhat manual way.  Since you told us that it…


How To Add Xbox Music to Windows App Studio

  First – Sign in to App Studio and select the project you would like to add an Xbox Music collection to. Second – Add a collection Data Source from the advanced sources by pressing the plus sign on the icon and set up three rows as follows: Choose the Dynamic Resources bubble Add a…


Build An App AND Your Biz!

Joshua Drew come at us today with another amazing tutorial. In this tutorial he talks to us about using app Studio to promote your small business. He starts out by saying ” It is easy when you are a large company to employ a technology department or hire an outside consulting firm to build you a…