How to add a Facebook Data Source in Windows App Studio

Here are the simple steps to add a Facebook Data Source in Windows App Studio: First Click on   and then click on the  Data Source. You will see the screen below. Change the Facebook section name if required. Create a new Facebook key by following the steps below:                 3.  This will take you…


How To Merge Different Source Code Generated by Windows App Studio

Sara Silva comes to us with another amazing app Studio tutorial. This time she is teaching us how to merge the source codes of our various versions of App Studio for faster updating and less manual revision. introduction Windows App Studio is a service that allows any person without programming skills to create applications for Windows Phone and…


(TRAINING VIDEOS IN SPANISH) Integrando Instagram Facebook y Twitter

Microsoft MVP Vicente Guzman published two great training videos in Spanish showing how to integrate Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Integrando Instagram Integrando Facebook y Twitter   AS-Stacked-Cyan.jpg


How To Add Xbox Music to Windows App Studio

  First – Sign in to App Studio and select the project you would like to add an Xbox Music collection to. Second – Add a collection Data Source from the advanced sources by pressing the plus sign on the icon and set up three rows as follows: Choose the Dynamic Resources bubble Add a…


How To Create a Photo Gallery And Connect It To a Live Tile

How to create a picture gallery and live image tiles with Windows App Studio Here are the simple steps to create a picture gallery in Windows App Studio: Click on Collection Enter the name of the picture gallery Select either Static or Dynamic resources.  Static images are hard-coded into the app and your users can…


Windows App Studio Changes in app generation coming December 17th 2014

Hello App Studio Users! As we focus on building universal Windows apps that run on any phone, tablet, or PC running Windows 8.1, we will remove support for Windows Phone 8.0 app generation in App Studio. All the apps you have created can be used to generate universal apps. In addition, all the previous versions…


How to implement the SongKick service to display an artist’s concert calendar

By Andrej Radinger Welcome! This article will be about creating a Universal Windows app that displays artists and concerts of the user’s preference using the Songkick service. This article will show you all required aspects of Universal App creation using App Studio, following these steps: 1. Create the Universal app using App Studio – create all…


Create the Ultimate Fan Universal App using Windows App Studio

Today our post comes from Lori Lalonde as she tells us how to make the ultimate fan app! Let’s face it. We all love music. Some of us love it so much, that we track our favourite musicians waiting for concert dates to be announced and tickets to go on sale. Wouldn’t it be easier…


Windows App Studio + Sound Cloud

Joshua Drew takes us through adding Sound cloud functionality to your Windows App Studio app: “Over the next few weeks I am going to explore adding the SoundCloud services into an app generated by Windows Phone App Studio. If you do not know what Windows Phone App Studio is, you can view the site or…


Integrate Cortana into the App Studio Menu App

One of the interesting features in Windows Phone 8.1 is Cortana. Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant, that will help users in basic tasks like call a friend, schedule an appointment and others minor tasks as well.Cortana is not available in all languages, for this reason some non-English users have changed their devices to support it.  The…